The Break Room's Football Friday Recap with Mike Danger and Gene Bataglia

Friday, November 10th

Mike Danger and Gene Bataglia from The Sports Bar gave their preview for Sunday's match up!


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Pretty exactly frenetic I've said it ESPN there's Joseph the sports box three to six every Monday through Friday. I Tommy is across from me is Jacqueline hide on the bills all season when it fits him there his bills for the entertainment. More to that later he's given you bit the comedian together with but. Major should they be Tommy's bills on Sunday are they not going to be Tommy's Beatles on Sunday. I I would be shocked if they're not Tommy's bills on Sunday based on how they played last Thursday night if you see them play that way two weeks in a row. That would be a surprise new given everything that we know about this head coach in this new system in this new culture that he's still G talk. About this earlier this week like it was bill's team over the last couple years. The talent this year red let's do it's much less but the preparation factor. Is unbelievable lead better right so can't prepare for the game Thursday night you're gonna get beat but they had not easy way to escape that helps. I Sean McDermott from Carolina knows game playing against breeze out AGCO. However if I had answered the question not Tommy's bills it's going to be. Due to give you Google's changed. Good chance but honestly this is good the game where you you you got by. Halting quarterback it's and you derelict in Indian from halt for error. Fun fact because I'll follow what an idea got his paternal love. Cullen the odd stack. They're all above about I don't know I don't know when they got around us. You guys talk about as easily template an iron in but. The reason never thrown a touchdown pass in buffalo believe in four career games is that correct he's never thrown a touchdown pass that says something right this guy grew up he played an adult and say it. Nor is he played in San Diego nice weather I mean it's a guy can play cold weather that something right I don't. All I feel like we make too much of where people play these gaming you know or how much time you have going into Thursday night game at media day go out their next cute and any he's had some bad games in buffalo. Over the course of his long career you know OK but you know. I would say yes see you know when you look at the numbers in new limit it'll motion he is a better quarterback at home but most cornerbacks are better at home and they are. Last time they want. Yeah but they matter what running all over the ruling is me and tell me netstat. And it does anyone know what it was eight years ago. Years ago you gave to be that was argument backstop but he and yes limited facts and. Well I think it's scary I think about this game less about Drew Brees more about the saints running game is these two guys Mark Ingram and Alvin Camara have been running crazy this year and if the bills. Are able to wrap up Matt Forte or blob Powell a New York last Thursday it was say warning able to do I'm nervous about what the seats might be able to do running the ball into. And to get that stupid threat of mentally battle you don't wooded tools ready and it's more than one. I had my age you detect if the sports fire station that it had seven ESP enjoyed let's you guys keep up to Thursday night at its last memory we have of the bills that apparently went well you'll took it into extra patent. And he has noticed how much would flip flopping on the bills all season long. All week I knew I'd ever consistent act as an infection actually went in on one specific player this will be involved as he shut his mouth after that there's they keep Richie got beat you guys at this audio he talked about your show yeah. Out and said how angry he was the NFL makes the late Thursday night games and they are all about profit over people it's true and if you live. Rigid ideas that you never IK donated a little. October's priority except when we have Richie can needle on the show or in misery. Sure. It was a respectful young man whose militia can be copied you know he sits down when an international war warning broadcaster like myself in the vicinity of hourly my word a couple of I can be caught this and she put a new but it would be calling this. My bills not idle I'd sit back and enjoy Tommy's in my bills idols. Buffalo bills' offensive lineman Richie cuddly and men and number one yet. He meant stupid stuff on the Marshall dollars. Who's due mostly just cares about money says a millionaire Abdul. Soledad if needed to have that job he would be a millionaire. Yeah we'll line up across from him no. That's what Rex wants a bully you might get the biggest bully either to stay. Can't believe that you went to go play Little League to play Richie to me no wouldn't. You get his baby quite wealthy only cares about but added if you did lead job but his Ferrari go home your favorite things. Thanks yeah that's why so you don't McCoy get that. Oh my god I gotta work two days and we did some Republicans we salute. These hooligans them. Our customers to relinquish it. That's it that's a lot of signature pitch out of state. Same danger GE U presidency and this all week to hear that from your listeners calling it a lot of people would jump up this bill's bandwagon. She of them are you guys you're not a whole lot of. People are bigger nervous I don't know that they jumped up but they're definitely nervous about what the outcome Sunday could be and again I think the thing to watch is the effort if you see kind of effort that you saw last Thursday night that I below bit nervous about prospects of the rest of the season. But they're able to turn around and put forth the kind of effort that they have been putting forth at home of the got a chance. Stuffy we've been here before lol wait Ivan to start. Oh allowed in. When he 115 and you start no playoffs. Let's stick to hear GB tightly icu medical's federal to cover this team forever this is traditionally where. The wheels fall right this game is wheels fall off and talk this morning. The bulls play in the states are they play cardinal and ticket matters for the team is on Sunday night we play the browns play the patriots you would still have this uneasy feeling right. Their point of interest rates can store up at the book. The hesitant to do it Drew Brees I think it has everything to do with we've seen this movie before we think we'd all it's gonna. Were were tortured children. Media. Making modest staff to Tom what is she should. Two and a dual threat but don't always done well earn sports. Show narrative that okay. Six game win streak saints pick it apart top picking apart Jeanne the six game win streak oh yeah. OK so they. A moderate bears team sucks they beat a Green Bay team without Aaron Rodgers. It's not all that impressed. Good teams they beat Georgia team the bills actually from beating them. I surrogate team but there feast of spam score to 38 points for Detroit Lions six litre what does the president to means that do. House. And helping the tees are supposed to pay. Aren't they lost a Hillary. Can you just that double the six games the wine these are teams that were beatable and they handle them early correct and be crushed if remarkably yes the less opponent they. Really crushed them. They be Buccaneers thirty to ten. I guess that would be crushing on. Did you look I don't know if you're just so but when the bills play teams is supposed to beat delayed huge day on national television which. Basic cause Donald Trump to go to Japan and apologized for that he globally. And and I was going to be this morning generally a jerk and I have the sports Barnett of activity SP at the Emmy this morning is at this point normally when the bills have been fighting to whatever. The losses they had. They have laid thus far was the jets that's promising right. Yeah I think so. But but again if they come out and show that kind of effort again they get rolled over again this Sunday two weeks in a row the animal bit nervous that I believe you have the right to feel nervous about the rest of the season whether or not this team can get. On that play after that said. It's all Dawes has a win this week you know what's after this week. Go to Los Angeles is okay Wesco is they and only wants a lot of holes to go out and all fall out or go their core element. In Kansas city New England ripped I mean really had they don't win two with three those those next games. Well you need this. Being said both you guys have to go out and we need this win to set us up for these horrible bosses that are coming close week. You I. It's beat the it is it's a danger do you feel. User 88 invigorated energy beastie is actually three states we should be the people would this would be the. Only time they goal six in three in the nine playoffs seventeen years of Buffalo Bills football that you been enduring. By the way Duffy Jean is prepared. Jingle and shortly wood and all I am under we've got we've got actual stats actual figures not a motion but actual statistics actual statistics I have a way to tell what happened detail that goes six and three what's the percentage is 72%. Statistically they won't make the post season Duffy if they win this game. Okay cheat. There was this is the most heartbreaking season my life it's the season the bills all the had to do was beat the steel some corporate and things occur record stats at a destroy. Slightly yeah and youthful and. He got into his favor. Yeah I think you'll hit the old man you miss that is that is kids. What it's like crumpled but while. It's not even like a fresh sheet of paper inside of a folder. Susan. And this is only drifters explains what they're doing on the railroad tracks and a couple of he's. Fascism blood won't do each month territory. Right they'd be to take the sport by an adamant that he has been at the statistics that's fine but. Heartbreaking game all of my life for the last eighteen years that Steelers game Drew Bledsoe got beat their backups you wind and the senate is winning that game it was like 88% to meet the playoffs and they blew it statistics package it does and it's fifty. PG and all its karma that switchers yes. Bills are playing karma on Sunday to play caller Matt every game for the rest of the season. If you don't believe that danger Jeanne army doesn't like for now. Jacket and Erica are you aren't confident Sunday and it doesn't do this that I think they're gonna be better prepared team is Greta prepared Becker put her. They played that processor and goes in little coach Carter says. Well you bring up coach harness. There is something that's a little bit trite or lose this would say they do wrong whichever. Is it possible. Jeanne danger that Sean it German. Was too good for his own good when he showed up here in buffalo because it's the bills lose the next four which is a possibility. It. That honeymoon period he had everybody loving him respecting us as it up the wit. Listen I mean there's been two instances so far this season where that outcome is different for the Buffalo Bills were having a different Sean McDermott conversation at the end of the first half. Against camp but he was able to get the team out there for a field goal in a winning that game so we forget about that in Atlanta. You know it Matt Ryan's driving and on fourth down play with the game on the line the bills have ten men on the field on defense if they win that game if Atlanta wins that game were having a very different summit to conversations so you know. You would have a complete crumpled up piece of paper does this explain. We should not make him on how I dress that I communicate doing it. Aren't sure. Whether it was pathetic group Cohen never receive. Aren't sure about the shift in Orange Julius that that's okay. You say of negligent job virtually. It I don't even remember I was gonna talk about the process that just talking point and that's all this is because when the season ends the Buffalo Bills are not in the playoffs. McDermott can just reference while it's part of the process you're getting better and then kick the can down the road. Speech at a later we gotta get your second inning guys everybody except atomic your completed get 800 GB tightly as sports part of the exhibit is PM. We weren't supposed to be good to those exposed to do the seas were supposed to win three games out for children but it's supposed to be but. Does Lugar think. Would you give people hope yeah and rip away from them. It's almost worse than us coming out winning three games rights yet to deal with with standings and people do radio shows asking what I did. That he'll be able to deal with an end and you know that's the hard thing remembers it in there wasn't a single. Analyst or expert that predicted this this team win more than six games is your resume is its intent six intent and here they are. The midway point of the season of five and three they're gonna be a better than six in ten team so I would say yes it is great media we are ahead of where you thought there would be at this point. That they don't make the playoffs it's gonna suck it this quick as they have given us a little bit of hope. But the bigger picture if you have a little perspective. Then they are ahead of where they should be. Yeah with salary cap is cleaned up its young teen. Got a lot of draft picks next year so I wouldn't be too down this doesn't end up in the playoffs in. The best bush. How sports are dangerous attack. Our sister station ninety types and ESP Eddie Lewis into the every weekday from three to six check out this afternoon what are you guys are going on this afternoon. We're going to be actually live at the penfield pour house from 36 this afternoon broadcasting live to our show live from there to support or in a sport that's right Europe. That's like jeans wearing his fancy or church and a all there all it's a PO UR pour house yes. Is that would have ex publisher. Yeah he's a port and eventually. And everything to get a check of three does things every week that the sport artist's estate agent at about city has yet.