Hijacking A Family Announcement PT2

Thursday, November 9th

People make all sorts of announcement during family parties, you just better make sure you aren't hijacking someone else's big news!


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The big Israeli announcement and on holiday didn't answer whether it's Christmas or Thanksgiving it starts with QBs family. To the arguing why he's getting engaged in money is pregnant and they're pissed at each other picture per Fiona under you got it and it comes down to get the initial reaction we talked about eight tranche in Britain because that might be a big one this year. The biggest what is the biggest of big B your break 965 to BC MF what's been divorced low. It's been done why doe but this comes Alley hey you know in the Boris pool. That's what's cancer yes. Yeah. His kids he competes. No I mean divorces terminal I understand can't the divorced and it kicked it really updated discussion because there's no it happened like. As you start making plans for the upcoming holidays or Europe that all they knew Michael well there are all the breaks on that. Not sure what we're doing for Christmas as of AC. BU one of these people that you'd be divorced really it's a good. It's it's too classy to two via if you can't bit. There was a sense but it does come out. Is that the little ones I let's say your little one year's race and money that is split not good business of the breaks its plan which is your last marriage with the little one. Tommy said about here is Becker and hits a two weeks ago. Vehicles due to do 6000 what happened at the about what you are at Ali didn't knock you up is committed to get it is it is at the BC metric. Had it on XX Oakland law they keep thanks epics DB for kicking his crystal meth habit. Keep it disappeared for six hours to hire a crystal and. Guy yes Huckabee going get me lose my job. Nardelli not what Osama that I see you know those obviously the press can't speak of the things that you think TB the announcement are good at other people are not that I got sober. I bends over let's don't like your math. This is at the what that six out of my head of the when it's always the most shocking to parents and aunts and uncles and is beat this is my new girlfriend. 45 minutes later you are proposing to the girlfriend the first BLE engagement at a has not been Horry also bring home this kinky girlfriend. Disguised ball boy what right does not announcement hello I put my ladies day trading yet never met the guy before like it's a mystery date okay. We don't know who showed up at the door I know some leg drunk so I remember right now my Brothers. Bother mob frank he. Late life he was in his eighties started date meticulous 35 eighths soul. Frank shows up to Thanksgiving of liberalism Florida that he was around a quarter it becomes and his new girlfriend right. And tend she's gay six pack of beer she's wearing a halter tops or five Asia's black guy. Oh what's like match she got to the Bharatiya. Society for T tick ever so so she gets slugged out at a bar and people are gonna say expect she decides that's the gift she's bringing to Thanksgiving dinner my Brothers this is an Connecticut Greece expect and by the way that's your eighty year old father in law. And all he can't see in as a whole time got to see her to be cute. And it's fun they have and it's but it says that because of forget that's his wife's father double that to get Google that structure. And though Lou baton. Something like Thanksgiving dinner is the place where a lot of people are meeting which is nice girlfriend for the first time I think it at that kind of kicks up Oliver yeah they're pretty common is that you haven't seen area everybody's is probably at the best last Easter. So hold much time has passed all kind of problems and blesses could show up that you're gonna announced that aren't. Yeah obviously lets his company he could always get us at the BC MF or the break from FaceBook page can't. Hands down the worst in an Italian family is the non married girl announcing she's pregnant the younger ones excited the older ones always vocalize how disappointed they are watched it happen twice in my family. We were 25 years never guarantees. Yeah we got a dish again that initial stakes the initial noisy initial reaction to try to even though I don't have a husband the. Other religious vinyl business heavier green collar area. This issue in infamy drink tells of dirty jokes watch a couple of games dating to scare the hell out of here. On failure problems and all your lessons IE the Tibet. To that. Point the non announcement can almost be more disappointing and embarrassed and I think that some people looking for are waiting for proposal alike are those people. I I mean every. If you heavy defeat death if you've been dating for some somebody for a long time and you still get. Mary what do you too adamant here's another one what are you two gonna make Greinke is how to I just pushed the table back and others are commoner right here for a you could you could hold my set make sure extremely good to you like what are these people here I've heard. But this is what they don't like what do you do get a laugh to my Gilbert is still bag just. Paralyzed miserable for miserable kids is of me I got to Betty I just realized I did it's I don't forget where you paying now all me. At the dinner at Tampa beat holiday uncomfortable holiday announcement because US black no idea to go in. Yes I announce she's black in the middle of dinner. Lahood and now when. I'd like I'd been dating and have a better feel work she got pregnant oh we were dating at the time I went down to Delaware. On Christmas it for two we made the announcement Chris yeah she was pregnant and it was sold. Her mother was receiver crushing choose to grill but got upset because we were married ran her father was thrilled it was there we called them her sister didn't speak to her for months. She's also religions well yes but it was a big thing is that type guy that I can have we have religious people over the house that I can exit dynamite there are no insurer makes him tonight. I Minnesota. I can. You know remainder. Of dynamite that's coming kegs. It does look at a Ted Barrett has compared to kicks the source has stain. You can anyway. The biggest religious QB can't deal little. Dedicated and cubic. Is exploding beer kegs don't let things dynamite. Got to do Taipei and dynamic I'd typed in important dynamite tags is that they're adequate and Eudora. Just says tags that. They're beer keg assembled explode global it's only faced the prices were getting but nobody wants to put the voice of the radio because you could definitely listen sure were right. A what could have FaceBook right now ahead eight Christmas dinner where somebody announce that the adoption they were sure they were getting was it coming through the tea kettle well with pick Earl. I don't have outside devastated by mother father thought the. I do a couple that did adopt a an aging kid in a black kid. And they were black balled for years to the grandmother's house should do what the black kid in the Chinese can announce see less via their own granted damages in LA now say they sit Blakey. Presumably should adopt them white American kids would bring out all full consider ways that don't attorneys give the black and house. Yeah but it's your kids don't like I don't let it let that happen so. We want Chinese to your how mostly house black it hopes bro that old school racism when he got to though. Basic message I can't is gay to my parents grandparents aunts and uncles at page eight get your request of the Turkey neck and hears ago. Up to the last race takes your problem is. For the last ten years there's bid to Thanksgiving was the family that's OK with me being gay and definitely like music gate Thanksgiving in nine games according to the space for now from John Betts ordered an estate agent thing though could be as say that it's just can't their relatives of the to get it depends on the culture there is alters that just won't tolerate. I will say this I have noticed for like the old folk it's set their ways about things like. But then they come around when the grain can show up. Yeah OK yeah it's got to softens Aman and it's and it takes chair you know. This party kids like sell my a my him my whole family there and I was married the second time around. There's not a homophobia. In the family that so the older school of science and downplay it now imagine that. A local guy Donald says Serbia would for. So all my knees one in general graduation party. Had some gay friends from school in a white kid the boy. He had make out earrings any dress like that dude but his face was completely made up. And like I concealing the old school thing eyes but their loved beloved there's debt load that these. So they decide except Decatur was really awkward watch these old Italian guys turn to talk to this kid try to play nice. It did play nice yes spring is hysterical watched event they would dare give that kid a break except the fact that she brought. You know little pressures brought this can also he gets a pass is good thanks Richard intolerant did you try to be tolerant to seek some people that's how that change happen yeah true I felt like if they met that can't out they would eight decade. You say it isn't a chance used to Chase Utley do you think I tomko is now to give transsexual kids chance because when he came in. Probably got he's just gonna give that kid that soccer. Hillary this last one of the month. My sixteen year old ace. It's dangerous stage who lives out of town and showed up at Thanksgiving tell me with an unannounced. Six week old child race yet to hit out. It started their bloody legacy but it's how they don't tell anybody. It was the big unveiling that we she was pregnant that she had a baby the baby quote didn't look like our family. The left immediately drove all the way. Sold low president that they got to be careful out so Thanksgiving at my sister says many years ago. My niece. Is in a room he's probably about sixteen. And my father's is noticing different by the needed. Knowledge you don't get your money now I don't know it Gramm by saying. She got nipple ranks. Well I go blunt but my father announces an honor fathers had to to Bagram because it's 2 o'clock. It's a new poll ranks 6016. I found this is she got nipple rings museums were blessed to that you got to show. Yeah alone now. EA. Yes safety yes OK select definitely sports peaceful soul. My aim mother wants to see them. So my mother and my sixteen year old these go into another room. So my mother is my mother doesn't camp ripper had a run double or just got dementia. It. Think it would it would at a Rome. And I am at my wife at the time in my life is like what kind of family much. There was a flash in the bedroom wiwa flesh. My mother would better camera and took a picture. Of my a niece is sixteen year old clear blue he. And piercing porous. So I'm looking MI can I go you gotta get that camera away from mama destroyed that film I can't go get in process you're gonna get arrested. Now okay would that be the finals so everybody loves.