11-08-17 Seg 3 Mens Room Says All The WRong Things

Wednesday, November 8th

Emails, Who Sucks Less is back, Plus What You Don't Need to Know and the Shot of the Day


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This is the men's room. I'm listening to. We're back soon and we'll look. We go back to South America and raising bar fights are you in the two Mitchell Brothers are behind the bar and now you're taking on the entire bar. I'm pretty much anything that they bolted down we are hurling throwing beaten people with just whatever have been reached. About fifteen or twenty types in the bark and no. We're just knocking people back as best we can. Please show up by that time I you have got to whiskey bottle in one hand. And I live there attracted nearly deer head off the walls and that's the other MMA even heighten people's space is trying to get a bat. I don't know if you've ever heard if anybody would empty Jack Daniel's bottle but there's a Barry's distinct. Cells that make. Us when he talked. We upside the head with a solo. The copper ended up of the law that you've got to end up arresting us of course because. We don't speak any Spanish all the locals do. An and then a couple that's roughly twice by a water ball. Yet. Get everybody out otherwise they did they were gonna take him down now with a bunch of locals and he wouldn't be done right. That's why you gotta rest they give Americans a marked man I guess that's almost standard operating Bruce and I remember it. You actually tore the tax intermediary that either of them sales from our point of view it's a south American bar fight darted sounds great. And a BMW got a bottle inject and is one hand and attacked a very dear Ed the other ready to do battle how male locals did you take care. I there was probably about fifteen guys in the bar that are actually come after us. Everybody else who wasn't involved decided to clear out. How many people a major injuries. I have no idea. But Jared down is looking around like you know yes it did leave religion are three other amounts now there's only twelve you know with. But a lot of you've got there's only two guys that I know of actually got knocked out. Because by the time the cops got there and got to it there's two guys are relying on the deck and thumb. Lies it's bars whatever injuries word sustained by the rest I don't know I'd I wasn't really hanging out there was well don't want to guide the next. That's isolate decent there's a distinct soundly and anti Jack Daniel's bottle that somebody in the head at the old guys got to be out some yeah you know and especially if you clocked him and ahead and you heard that's I only ask you this as you going to be of beating people with anything you can grab. What is the the sound different and Jack Daniel's bottle of Zagreb the yen hurt my back hurts anywhere bottle and then crack summer they haven't you know what I do well yea are there no doubt about it. If anything else that I would probably either Plano or broke. Noted Jack Daniels bottles and be the only thing that hung us was the word did you ever in a bar fight Jack Daniel's bottom Latvia. But can you did you were you kind of hesitant about going to more bars when you're Woodard apply that to better just get keep curious and on a swivel or what. I think we're a little more careful about who we document. Locally. But it's part of my putting Mitchell he's heating donate your leadership for the rest of the greens. We are you stayed on board and saved money because we actually end up having to go. They detained him but they were basically don't let us go and told us that we had to get quite 500 dollars. I don't care what the exchange rate is but it came to about 2500 bucks. We just went part of our tracking down other shipmates and stuff. Saying hey guys in trouble money the answer. Any help us out and it doesn't. Between what we pulled out of the eight you know and just all part of Bartok and other guys on the ship. I took about 45 minutes to get parents on our buck together and he just spent the rest of the cruise saving money on the ship. And back anybody and everybody he he could find out you know. It's a decent man don't hurt inject some other way it was that white little black Mitchell. You that was black actually got in trouble using all ones spoke Spanish. A brother found a piece of a second language and is now though that's a jail. But that is exactly Hernandez and with a 184499. I know the brother tries to be bodily wounds Delphi adolescent jail. As we had gotten better command. Just an awareness. Hello rob welcome to the men's room. Yeah almanac or not. So. This. Probably. 2527. Years ago but thirteen or fourteen. And I was Malcolm off to my mom and she got to chase me into my bedroom. And I ended up. Owner probably couple not so nice names. And incentives. That note dated when these guys should wooden spoons we're issue you know look about look on call. Apparently they were all dirty or something like got so she ended up picking up one of my issues. And I shed at that time at a size fifteen shoe. But I am what I hear that time now you're thirty what happened. Are you like seventeen now. More on our national fifteen shoot but do you do and I was just in the Nordstrom rack the other day. You you have your own section in that area it's crazy to look at in to pick up the issues. I don't know your crank looks like there's anything close to the size led them shoot man I mean you're that I can be easier to pull off. Mark set down figure so she. Let. Should try my husband's aunt who is the man in the world got a lot of those shoes next semi you know place and has size fifteen just look at them applicable pair air jordans man I mean they're like. All of my god it's someone walked to that along a lake left tracks people think the big but it was there and play basketball yeah my body I was fourteenth we picked up she's the same time I told the growth of fourteen from the issues that want this. I think back and obviously now the joke. Yeah. PS Scioscia. Received big issue and smacked me across the bridge with those those commodity known here we are sitting there arguing arguing arguing and it was just collect. No you do it and you know any abuse joked after that we extended joke about it even now. It was today at the reasons more viewers sounds good to see how about how big is your dad. Actually I'm probably one of the bigger guys and let them in my desk early on like I can probably hear you. Security you're 63 the jets eyes he's seen a what are you look at doberman puppy. Apparently damaged did you trip over yeah I think. Earlier no I'm pretty stable I got a pretty beat my big toe that's pretty damn big Q so do you look at my speed at Wimbledon title and if you order your clothes in your shoes or do you do is go someplace and hope to god they have that one pair available. Like purple one actually so when I was a kid yet at least at a special order my shoes are blue border in Seattle now but. I don't get to go into a store and say I want to shoot the fifteen and pretty much walk in and say what do you have in fifteen to numbering out you know fiber expert Shanda whatever that. I don't know I don't there's only so I heard seen and size thirteen was not. Was not standard everywhere until about fifteen years ago and I used to do the same thing which is. What New York Times I was thirteen and it on average they come out two boxes and the amazing thing was and I don't know the sense you being in the fifteen minutes world are but. Whatever issues they bring a move back to their undersized. None of those pairs of shoes that are in your size or any of the shoes that they have on the snow you can all be silly little issues they have your side they assume there's something wrong with you in people forgive you for wearing these. You don't really know there's nothing wrong with me you are saying it like in the and the converse all stars it issues. Right exactly like there's nothing wrong with more than commerce and a real long and real skinny guy. In other means as like if your foods why there's no way you get to Elin and the weirdest box. Yahoo! who attacked you plan call and 84499. Idol Sergio little size fifty just pull the lit all phone and shorting I didn't think link you agree Brock even when your dog passes he could. Just put a little box statement that it's always funny tenth. Yeah I'm now. Fellow jockey to welcome to the bedroom. Or. They. Oh yeah and and New Zealand where are about fourteen years and turned out my body. To him my body met this burden it although there and like its second day. And she wanted that they can do. A little house party. In. Does not know about it and very you know don't want to do these kind of you know this guy look them. The most well versed. Mean. The heat go to the party whether any end up on me about an hour later any sound all weird and nervous. And pieces are you need to come over. And so. I don't know anybody at such like do you know anybody and just will not don't really know anybody here but this girl but she's got a friend. So like architect saw and the car. No rough day the mountaineers do the talking and the walking. Can you tell it well let go black smoke out on our dogs since the end. I get there and immediately I just out of my heart sinks because it's a dumb. Luck in getting out news. And Gurley cannot initiative not all that other friend was smoking pot. And let's start kind of you know when men but try my Obama. And an old time I cannot see did you guys go eyeball and AM. Glad I'm not. You know that nice looking guy in our slogan gate jaded that he's everywhere at. These guys that are dark skin. In gang members. Guys do get data what got a lot of talk. And I start getting a bit nervous. So I thought that was not AM. Obama comes out but there's a girl the other girl comes out so or out in the backyard. Prosperity that Israel and did you guard what are. And we immature in at all she decided to. CNN Gulfport abet someone all right. And AM. RC did you guys come out. One there's a pool table let him so correspond to act on our vehicles they. The other guy comes out where it BLO because. You know that's big day is different but longshot bridge. Bridge. So the other guys on the dollar bat and apparently. Good guy went with the bridge that. A girl that he was seeing. And he steps on the bridge this summer and break off metal ions which huge scholarship. I would hurt a lot worse if we didn't. So he breaks off the game. And becomes that many swings. But. What they didn't realize. It is on the black belt in the screamer which is. Let us Filipinos stick fighting. 00 aren't. It all man this is when this comes in really handy. It's the only time I've gotten out right science how quickly did you make it work of him. Well it's on a Mike Hayden and I blow up there broke the stick and ask so I had one and he had one. I took the other one away for a moment about 22. And the other guy comes out here with this pools that. So I dispatch camera quite. So my body is also black belt and he takes up the polls there through the script actually unscrupulous and now he has to and I have. You played your way out of this morning. Well there are about forty government house so what it was we move forward the store called me like two of them that come out of it. We just a hedge probably about one album. Before we hear sirens and everything else. You're saying just that does mean you kick when he people's backs. Then we'll soon he's beloved right too bad no one had a video that's where you weigh about your phone that's the one guy. And I wanna see that you took the time to train the mad how. Deep now own you were happy that business went back that's awesome. God damn good judge Ito and look bloody four point 999 all the way gov or your calls on the way and your email cement German men's or live dot com you are listening to the men's or radio networks. Did you ask you. It's nice words. Stayed in there. The Kodak to go ahead with a one and here come those emails in the men's room men's or my doc jobs. Guys I was younger dumber at a buddy who was a drug dealer he was good enough guy when Europe's friend but he crossed him be prepared. Menus brass knuckles and a kid who ran an amount of school for selling week and another instance was a couple who had stole some drug money. From a deep down in the parking lot of a gas station. And they rolled up their windows he approached pulling out a canister bear mace they neglected to close the sun roof he reached in and completely covered the inside of the car. Kabul led second degree burns on the horizon they didn't say a word about it glad to be out about lifestyle that from the FedEx guy. Few years back out traveling by charter husband around the country. We stopped for a night and we're getting things to get a quick shower as I was outside getting our bags together something hits me hard in the back. Anomaly 55 and about a hundred and some bounds on a good day and the hit was strong enough to knock me to the ground. A turnaround thinking my husband was blowing a stupid prank in instead meet some random guy towering over me with a fist in my face. More on board for the same company. And thought I broke into his truck and was stealing his things so we throw full bottle Milken may way to be yelling at each other until my husband came around and I told him what happened. In the end the media gets arrested for assault and regular hospital because he hit me in the lower back in kidney. And I'll landed on my keys. Knitting a metal key chain would my ribs days later and many pain pills and house very sore at least my husband got off easy he only had a subway sandwich thrown at him. Thanks for all the awesome entertainer bitches you guys keep my day saint. That from and a station any comments today were the damn. We didn't want come of the rose psychology guy who I confess that all day out but you guys and who tattooed you. Not who attacked you and I could not understand whatever moves on the stories of assault who tattooed yet had to put all of their men think in the this get on with the with a bird there request guys my name is Andrew is my birthday today is there anyway did you guys can blame the OP European has. He's too small police. Okay okay. It's there's my little brother Skiles yeah when you first heard today. I get out my hard elbows all he's a seven Borbon losing on KG oh ends it could you please give must Sarah Palin. As well as German thrill and Ozzie Ted giving him some sexy food doc thanks guys that from Alex oh. And I know what you find crucial seventeenth two mountains and the greens get better reason for. And it continues to mount a duck it's sexy talk include did you become a mayonnaise and Benjamin. Happy birthday to you. Guys like to give. Birthday shout out to my co worker Brandon he's a real jerk always leaving his guard garbage in my car while we carpal he's also a huge cheap skate. But he seems to be a pretty good husband a father so there's that I guess gonna get Ted and throw this big dirty German to a man and tell him to second thanks guys that from Ryan. God and unsafe suck it doesn't know and sold assembly government content that is such consistent. Tuition. John squishy in Bermuda. He's stuck on the machine. We didn't yeah. The German. Because my son Alex a heavy toll birthday pretty proud of the man he's become getting a little kid's face there wasn't any old random sound effect do you think would be appropriate or not rod got that from H beach. It's if you can keep it a couple well. I don't know it's about an hour ago and having Tony Byrd's day was it Diaz every day I know he would love to hear a symphony of turtles thanks thanks so much you guys are awesome now from Courtney. This is they buy houses are disorganized assuming you'll get up to celebrate by giving at that time to take off the leash and since we currently residing in Germany providing some dirty German side thanks love the show that from John this. Have a ticket. And he convinced gentlemen who have just joined a little silly to assume the chief of the navy and tissue of the flu. Jonathan Germany you'll notice to come over and Bill Clinton's. Guys guys and our day's shot I would you like that tenure penis is too small thanks guys from John. Back. Okay okay. Okay. Yeah. She's now. Please tell him a big birthday is just about fell almost members Melanie David intend yes they're all more on the same day different years and are all members of the moose lodge Mount Vernon. Come visit sometime a love the show that from the governor did you guys all talk over each other. And check yourself on the big that we don't lose my house yeah I guess it's a New York Florida and really pull out the hamster my family owned business hamsters spinning around the world among them screen grabs and a smile or his son on her list it's the smaller faster and middle of the legal matters are gonna do get me wrong I'm not him until it announcements where they would say if you were to censure. God is my cousin's birthday his name is Dennis he's a great guy the heart of gold and a pocket full of lead. And very religious if you guys can play any sounds that we greats we growth in the same house he's like a brother to me sincerely that from Chris from. Saint George Utah can we get the dirty Germans talking about religion please. Your there is easy what led to yet from a student screaming for you guys. And she made with me I promise you one thing I'm going to feel you're. This whole dispute. Our doors myself I had a 32 birthday tonight a plan on getting drunk eating Mac and cheese and making sweet love to my hand. Can I get a please I told him he was a dinosaur with rules evil laugh and enjoy chestnut thanks a million love Gary with boobs. Darren is all about half. And I had and then there are no glory if it if you had an apparent Gary would boot whereas my hands of security I think is my husband is not exactly how request a birthday song for myself today is my 38 and would like to hear an uh oh look out and now hitting the window thanks guys you rock that from Shelley people look on. Oh so my amazingly given why. Is celebrating her 35 plus birthday her name is Alina AK AMRS Alina and T operator PO studio of forty students ranging in ages from five until eighteen she's an amazing wife of seventeen years. And a mother of our two boys eight and and Matthew. May Alina who loves fish and they barber shop they steroids and Stephen said he giving her pointers on teaching pieces written by the great German legends Bach and Mozart. Thank you guys your birthday wishes for my family were heard my relatives on three different continents that from Russian speaking Ukrainian. Meat shop here is it to movie Laura Suzanne wins. G.'s daughter on the side. Yes well it is Stanley is he's still around Asia in the morning and afternoon. And you cannot. Yeah I do not know much about most of the tonight who would do it in the bunker into. And the pool. Bar malts are both great positions both to play the piano luckily for you. Sick in my country who don't forget the guys. Actually spinning on the day. Iraqi out of business it's. I didn't do and we anyways our mother had a birthday believe throws that he wanna play with a little man now AAF. And them honest Joseph Murray is sugar glider. So we thought we get a bears are old man as well could you please wish our dad happy birthday was some German talk and some Ozzie Ted please. Thanks guys in from Zach Alex and Kyle. I do know. This embargo Brinkley team Osama treats its like making. Can't continue if amendment that I enjoy playing with the singer Gladys. Good news for you you come over and play the wall back there. Why parents already or 52 trip around the sun did you get a little. Movie. Hi guys Jerry go. I didn't I. Yeah yeah it's. Behind you cannot. Hey hey good play good you know. Bids it was a did you German brought. So available through his world fame on men's lives doesn't come another sign retailers. Im sure might apply to. Un and lectures or lose. Little off subject wrestling moves like Ted I'd choose saw my first pair of boobs and wrestling events it was wrestle mania oh god. Ninety nineteen the flasher is you're thirsty Fries that day that from day your great with a I don't know I'm not saying how we act you know did you know that was nineteen did you look at that and of those 96. I do it's nineteen it's our blood just remember me and x.'s ten and then there's a one from the other accidents tracked while I don't doubt this is those occurs when here. Courteous talking about of the incidents that. And it's say about mine. Tomorrow I took concert awhile back 125 anniversary had been planned for awhile and we're both looking forward to it it was up down there were able to get away in more ways than one. How we had the best seats in place and the wonderful time just before the headline act was due to come out. I wasn't feeling so well and my wife would waited the whole time to see it was concerned how I was feeling and just suggested that we go. I said no that she be more stubborn than me talk me into leaving after a couple songs as are living I took a picture of her in front of a banner that showed her as having wings and an Angel. Picture was taken just before 10 PM October 1 in Las Vegas the gunfire started before we could cross the street. Heading back to our hotel the Mandalay bay I am the luckiest man around and a married to an Angel to. That from Jerry. Let's see here guys. After hearing thrilled till a quick story it's important for. We start this again losing your show almost every day has sponsored pretty weird Google searches here at the home office. Today is the best though after hearing thrilled tell a quick story I do all the porn magazine duct tape armor. Three results came over immediately they were all local television stations posting coverage of that incidents before this afternoon. If I had put that into Google unsure the FBI would have been your short thirst no doubt about thanks guys rock god. That from fish rock tries don't come on the program we got an ambulance a date with a return of what you don't need to know what Paris yeah. Newsroom wants to know. Yeah John. Blue. A time of the universe whose Sox last even though. These three stories sought police help you like the men's room there on our FaceBook page the debate already underway in blue socks lights yeah and today as we do every week where three contestants vying to be the person who sucks the least. Today we have an author and magazine contributor little bit up there in years but he's he's been around the block a few times. How they'll be competing we'll televangelists Pat Robertson always finds a way to bring himself into the news and finally. They will be competing against a Kenyan doctor in this particular doctor happens to be in charge of broadcast censorship. In the five country Kenya parrot so let's start with. The author and magazine contributor a guy by the name of gay to lead us now apparently this guy as well known in that world but. Kevin Spacey finally have someone sticking up form of public. That will be from the faulty trust my 85 you'll all their days at least they're not going over very well and he says quote Jesus just suck it up every once in awhile. The topic came up way into Lee's famous horse magazine profiles he was asked who would like to write about these days when Kevin Spacey came up a new responded quote. I feel so sad and I hate that actor that ruined this guy's career there is referring to actor Anthony Rapp whose guy who broke the scandal. By opening up about how space in front of sexual encounter was them when rap was fourteen years old. Let's keep that in mind so anyway. Demonstrates he's defender here says quote okay and had been ten years ago. Yeah yeah. But he continues I'd like to ask Kevin how he feels to lose a lifetime success and hard work all because of ten minutes of indiscretions. Ten years or more ago. Give the other comparison to the valley lob because he wasn't done talking at this isn't something. All of us in this room one time or another did something we're saying go the Dalai lama's gonzo we need to send up the Dali Lama she confessed put that in your magazine. Annoy his comments not going over so well as you'd imagine. On the worldwide web but we continue let's go to televangelists Pat Robertson who somehow after all these years is still on TV. I'm a recent episode of the 700 club. A woman roared into ask Pat Robertson why god allowed just fifteen year old allowed her fifteen year old son to dark. Robertson for some reason decided to give her a very specific answer. Saying god may have what you're son die to prevent him from becoming an alcoholic or atheist later to a Pat Robertson said. Is a quote these things happen remember world of wickedness and god does not necessarily spares from Newsweek and things guilty just want to run a difficult situation Phillips overcome it. But not necessarily. Inspire everybody from a you'll say quite as my father allowed this to happen the loss of a child isn't terrible grief. You know the thing about bad child fifteen maybe he was you know. Living for the lord of fifty and I don't know what you think about it I'm presuming you also what would have happened though maybe ten years from now when you started drinking. When you've gone away from the lord what would have happened so doubt who sees India in the beginning he knows what would happen that child and because he loves that's out of love you so much. He wanted to spare him before he went down the road to do bad things. I'm sure that brought that one company brings me comfort outlets in the church briefs and everyone. We did. Now we go to Kenya where people have apparently lost her mind. Images of the romantic encounter between two male lions. Continues. Masai of moral part is upset the country's moral police who blame gay men visiting the national park for quote influencing the animal's behavior. I so they have these cameras out there in a whatever in the her motion activated in woman watches video was two male lions did not a doctor is he still look to what he's responsible for TV and film censorship in Kenya. He's called for the two lines in question to be caught in kept an isolation until scientists can determine how they acquired homosexual behavior. Despite the fact and homosexuality among lions and observe for decades the doctor Matsui he's convinced that the lines are either spot of the game and having sex in front of them. Before being possessed by demons it's one of those two things. According to this guy and and his quest to find an alternative explanation for what's a well documented natural occurrence. Doctor but to also called for an investigation. Into whether the two lions despite their brand names. We're really mail. Bag he says quote these animals need counseling because we're talking about why. These animals need counseling probably they've been employed by gay stadium negate camp who've gone to the national parks and behave badly. He kind of goes on for member of the general masses just object so again. We have we all thorough one gave police come into the defense of Kevin Spacey so maybe they're trying to have session before funeral what do those years ago don't hold them accountable. They'll be taking up Pat Robertson who looked woman asked his opinion on why god allowed a fifteen year old child died. And he said where are prevented from being an atheist or alcoholic later in life. And finally they're taking on doctor mature from Kenya who after. C two male lions in getting amount is now blaming the gay community for obviously visiting the park and having sex in front lines of one thing we do know about lions. Is an uphill section parliament while they won't attack you I. I did you honestly I think in this instance gay had to lease a sucks the most simply because he is dismissing anyone who's ever been sexually abuse based on the timeframe and how long me and go to. And I thought they did he's the worst service. The woman who wrote in the Pat Robertson. She knows she she knows exactly who she wrote into you know I believe she doesn't know right Italy have run I don't think that you you. I think it right Pat Robertson legitimately. Believing he's gonna give you some kind of response to a legitimate concern but there's something wrong with you for me outs right. But they're placing blame. The Kenyan government they're placing blame. But to save that. Say that if you are sexually assaulted. Doesn't matter the time doesn't matter the length of time I'm gonna say. How does say Pat Robertson based on his followers anyway he saw his broadcast probably agree with pat Red Sox the leaks here. I mean angry and the guy talk much Kevin Spacey sorts the most news but then. You know what. Also in. That national park in Africa so you've driven Duncan. Jason Avant thanks to form a lions' next thing you know good lines do people do I think that's the most ridiculous thing you've ever heard it didn't actually I do it's he's series released. This kind of old don't in I mean I stuff it sure this guy. He never really changes is his line of thinking but he soon lie in the think in his line of thinking it. And pat Robinson that comment is insane I just I can't think he sucks and Lisa Lisa that's the two apparently lost child I think the thing in Africa so ridiculous it is that's actually. If you are like the men's room on FaceBook need to make continues there in who sucks less are still to come with a during Intel's job today is on the way and an ambulance some dates with a return of what you don't need to know that's coming up next few are listening to the men's or radio network. Smiles. Hi John and have a drink it tells the shot of the day is on the way the first. We're full of useless information. And you have hard too many brain cells not to let us Killen. So Linden area well in the men's room shares what you don't need to and I Gonzales once and. For all thanks to researchers. At Johns Hopkins University we always debate. If someone needs to get to the hospital is a better to drive them yourself or wait for an ambulance one thing we know to be universally true. If someone is in labor and ambulance for the most part is never called it is your responsibility to figure a way to get to the hospital mentor of those extreme things which is like comment on security it is headed now on this kind of a big deal but it's like how bad is your deal man who don't really driven a heart attack a thing alert I'm not trying to be insensitive. Let's get a car Papa Bear Rasmussen okay well here legally I don't have Barack I'm leaving the scenario wolf you tell me eat it according to Hopkins you should it. Writer and an ambulance or drive a car. Barack someone has a heart attack. I that you drive home. ICI a big and that's when you calling him. Okay if someone is having a heart attack than waiting for an ambulance is probably the best thing to do. Truth because you can give them CPR while you wait in bill gets CPR on the way to the hospital instead of not car. There you data and besides I married a guy let's see here I would say here the singer shot. Car that. What's out of the body anywhere you're shot. Yeah I'm driving their car car. Researchers at Hopkins found a gunshot victims are 55%. More likely to survive if if someone drives into the hospital instead of waiting for an ambulance but this is the Baltimore so chances are you'd have to wait for the bus at six OK all right would get a neck injury. Wow all. I have sandal I was married to drive it also makes sense was on the liken neck injury to take an ambulance because you don't want them to move around keep them still if you can. Wait for bear up paramedics so you don't think make make things worse they can put burst monitor. So for safe transport and don't feel like an injury gave guided them what do your staff. Stabs to drive to the hospital my. Add dragon there the stabbing victims or 68. More likely to survive if they're taken by car. I think that's because Ian geez can't you must treat penetrating injuries like the shooting. Or like his dad okay we just need to get to the hospitals quickly as possible and you usually get there faster if someone drive you. Now obviously most of those will never have to deal that kind of injury but the same thing could also play any sort of accident. Where there's a penetrating injuries are done so if you were to be hung up on offense or something anything goes and yep drive there as fast as you can. Right of imaginary doubt somebody else they're just standards to be ready. Men's room. It's just genuine news. Dad did and as usual we had considering gas cans Stephen throw he'll find out Nortel still yes indeed today we chose 24 year old Shawn Sykes junior of Kansas City, Missouri. Now Sean is charged with possession with intent to sell cocaine and being a felon in possession through fire and strewn wage were stolen. Now the charges they stem from a traffic stop or cops searched his car they found the drugs and weapons well. Naturally Sean was being while he was being questioned he denied knowing me thing about any of this stuff that they found arming him. When police ask for is drugs however Sean responded by lifting his butt cheek. And for the police report quote released allowed park that's emperors dress in Clinton's leg. The report continues quote. Mr. size continued to be flat to once in the officer ended the interview charges were not filed the time allowing far his way out imparted his way out they're going to charge him eventually. But the cop that was a their goal to insult once he cut loose he kept forming so much and it was so bad that the copy interrogating them quite like I. I gotta come back to listen and why how I'd have never lost a cent on the trail. For the decades bottomed out. Whatever works hundreds of those drinks. Report the boos imagery does lose because we think it's Yana yeah bag over the tong and download the world to Barney in our Tommy's. Down oh yeah vigil and. Take it does not live profile doesn't take color 9844999. Hole. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.