Don't Judge A Mother's Hustle

Wednesday, November 8th

It might be seen as "dirty" but it helped her kid pay her way through college.

How can you be ashamed of a profitable business like this mother has?


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Any opportunity you have to legally make money. You'd be stupid let's take a jump automatic to Mer especially when it's enough money to eight kids through college should be your free enterprise it kidneys Fred is found out that the college education but she got there was paid for by something in the dieters you lose your dirty. You go to Spain and gays then yeah this is her mother language as a negative reputation on him. OK I don't know it's I don't even know this time but Ted Richard you pay at I would ask men listening to the show. We would talk and what 30000 dollars for college education can summit that Colin now that much money is worth what this could do you like in the mutation. Break Rex that's cracked and it's not BC left Dayton. So with his mother who were she's sell you any free college speech will be find what you really brand is an eight weird spot it doesn't. Audiotape she found out about yet so I guess she recently found out that her mom I. Moms out postal buildings out and actually. Government build doom drug load grew up. In addition disciples of rightly so as a full time to know actually so she's in a situation where her dad. Makes enough to sport the family took everything that her mom makes is just. Purely profits are grieving yet but she's on plastic glove muscles around town at these notes skating parties and and she thought this was kind of like a recent. Business that her mother's taken on those used kind of been trying to talk her mom ought to doing it just because she's a little bit embarrassed by it got you so I got to the point where her mom is getting so annoyed at she said look. My mate this has been I've been doing this for awhile now it is actually. Funded a lot of York College education because everything that she made she just put straight towards that fun. A lot of borrowed money went into that the problem I mean this review we your head is at it you're just is that I don't replies to set the fuses. Well. Do you have of. Enough money he help keep your kids colleges she sells 30000 dollars with a deal though it's possible yeah I think she covered coal mining and enable. But I don't think my friend has many loans at all okay and it's also think what your mom. Leave the house says she is go to dinner you've. And it gotta gotta order by night gay government now possible on some moms load note. Term minivan full load to build those in Plano Texas game where in Lou it's inevitable pain in his. And she's hustled out does some lady's house. His night push Alder. Fill the fill the merchandise like she's been very successful doing it is not a lot of it came along that for like eight years departure moms stating it's somebody's living room giving a sales pitch on a deal though okay well I hope that. Let's just say it's hard to do this because most guys holding the eighth twelve inch. Black billed though and her hand it's like six people. So number one cell until those the big black Hilda how would you know thank you for that information I would you know I ran into Khamese friends moral did you. Which provided two of its flight deal that. They don't want them like I'll protect your opposites it's different time with your mother like that would ever happen here. Yeah I can't imagine my mother selling wouldn't deal I don't know where hand crank I was at a very mild when I was with her. What I'm saying is the pick up your wife. And that reputation that would calm what did you have this money that's given them to Payton for most college education. But guys like top eight who is a disgusting human being and would chug your wife for making body completely yet he's selling sex to casesa that's our leading business or. It's it's got a lady doesn't they've always nearly lady business. The plane she. A good Christian woman. Does it invite filth Noor will tell us more about Christian tradition woman. We saw her husband's not home. It is secretly drive down to the dirty bookstore in the middle of the day IC a list unless some buys her little filthy little partner. Puts it discreetly in a person and hides it in her nightstand she doesn't go terrain and around and all her friends. Anders so there's at them but dashing and plastic cranks all of its guests here ranked Lindsay 30000 dollars pays for most of college education and I tell me Tommy that the gentleman that's a lot of deal goes the most closely and then goes ballistic cranks let's go before your your wife at 30000 dollars straight cash to you lower bank account and you say no you can't do that I've taken the doubles money and get out of my face she Edie -- a terrifying Christian man. And I don't invite the Dublin in my house you're you're you're that worried about Joseph Weis repeatedly the competition -- yeah. That worried about your wife's reputation we OC member and you'll hear I can't know I was to have his own when he beats them. Sims game counselor. How many people would know that unless you gotta go to your Fred is this almost on your wife was having a party now but they all but you had to go to your. These yeah parties are mostly hands. Eight but you're that you wouldn't be noticed the deal delays he's making a valid point by point is the only way you would know this woman sells this is if you were also involved in said party. How so now by yet. She's she's doing this on her own. Six sheet okay. In attendance tonight a Clinton will be featuring moderate middle of it forward to be successful at this she gets to sell them her pocket which leads all people they know she does this are also at a party. I hate them yes yes which meets all the people could judge. The party ideal to spit take steady catcher but they will judge edit a word gets out the your wife's. Deal though lady. How would judge a woman that. Then gonna get the vanity plate deal though it that would be a problem future keep it secret that would lead event you don't want this to anything I want I'd like my shoulder I don't. Noting his self fills it. It's I'm not yet she I mean it's not something that her mother openly talked about it when she named her she was that home but. It doesn't sound like her dad had a problem with that at all at any thing they weren't planning on really paid for any of them it's the cause of college education until her mom started this business. I always says. He shares. Cubs shirt. Those two locked away want delayed settings nor do we Olympic hopeful way you handled pressure as a tool that's still your target. Threat of kidneys VC sells a loss Serb blacks still those on the open market hole. This threat of QB is 26 years old finds out her mother is selling sex toys try to talk. And Regina grenade launchers. Are. This book it has been doing most of this is like him pay for most college education or it despite the fact that that's a ton of money. And Tommy's his. I've had a reputation honest question before we go to the floats and sell pot is a week so guilt those not. Would you rather you might have a reputation as pot dealer ordeal though to opera. Jailed for this kind of Santa but they use a great job back to Burnett talking about consequences just reputation. Politicians which we do the work tomorrow it's not. Yeah mom who smokes pot is going to be seen as to a bad mom I even if she's not men and I have no problem with the marijuana cigarette while you that intimidated by six to a gentlemen you see americorps like I'm not a what are you arguing against it right now the radio. I just think if you want to relating painted. She's gonna go into acting did this can't anal over and it's running a sub recruit during two and a box seat to the maker of months of that eight to eighty LA brother. A good comedy. Met on like. We usually be smut peddler. Well yeah. First up thirty and I'm sorry not a paper allot college date it's gonna help it. Is Jesse PDF. I don't know how much (%expletive) I put toward. Buy it if my will it take thirty and help pay for college costs by up by Alec oh those. I'm gonna walk around it don't go party dressed up like a chip. That. Bet there not. Handing out camp in the Signal Hill and marijuana and everybody's there. Buy more oil wells l.s yeah I would support. I don't I don't understand where these securities coming from Tom. Elect a pro versions pepper from the things. You know I work future set mildly notes that all those usually make it dirty since shouldn't. I don't know what I can ultimately do those I'm off on that a pitcher or a chip built at air vote. And that'll make you ever think about as. It's we. Tommy B guy on night at Tommy. Apparently I'm not all up in my ID advocate anybody. Else all the stuff I'm getting at FaceBook right now are strongly in support of women there when some extra. Her strong leads literally go do yours tankan. Gang counselor I just I don't give you live the life the way you do that you liked the way you'd. We want to do for my rules loser academic weapons a little bit you're rules as you like to gather in a relationship that you'll. Its space and every seat out lightly toward more fuel to light after. The radicals shot and it when you went to a Columbus, Ohio but on furniture now in the bunkers to what you are time earlier would you Wear your Ohio hazard beautiful mental July anyway OG sisters of the shooters choice if you could Wear. We get that was her decision to hook marriage. A decision. By the way it's possible. That there are guys use wives have attended these parties and they have no idea. How do you really know I did most women have to hide describes Olympics while monitoring for urgent. You that it is no. Would you go to one of these. Aren't in it Federline. Most of our dog what he needed Gil de I don't know any women that happened but no one because I don't get it like a young girl you're like Roger right parties and stuff. She's mean it's just a 62 men W I don't or should be the sex the way I mean I did a lot of different stuff other than sex toys. Well it that they have to keep an applicable perfume line. For your vagina like it's supposed to attract like this does is it fair moans and by the way. Which credit this'll lead to action on its own federally designated east Indies great sir average age is not the front yards a giant GI Jack yes they had to. Ass last year did Diana goes next I needed that. Marks the break mansi MFA mark. Listen if you go out by these drove it will be party's giggle well once once you know every five years and that's. It's solid record every item to stats are also. Based tubby talk you can be. I don't mind her going to a party but no does sex art. And are not order being killed and at least excellence not get it right. He's got stuck and why is sex toy salesman his wife came home with them they still those. Itchy trigger front teeth. And you did it. They need a president should execute them make it better to go about Walt or who's doing the dishes who's who's like yeah. I think unless that man wearing a button don't know 10000. When he started sauce with the study about until. Hey I saw smells like up. It's necessary they. She's busy making money instead of doing the laundry like who complain about that. Let it. I'm sure I'm sure dead makes about money or bottom of that big lull in the oral. Title and Oliver Smart in my. My mom taught on our. But atomic discolored. Argues about up you know what your mom you know I deal what kind of sexually deviant things your mother with that do you want to know not do. Meet me yeah what she was doing it on behind closed doors not I'll battle I don't around what now that you. Should see our committee or any accidents and duel on regulate what makes you should have. So you thought Mikey what was that what with a sell them back in his day. It was so Smart like dad back candidate for women's pub which you were there weren't that was that we would that would have been exposed by the FBI I'm Mike it's difficult weather and it is my. Yeah what's your mother was too. Just was too little to do anything back in the day because with a man told a Mets OK based UB CeBIT it look to secure world merits remember always saw myself and I think that was Fuller feed on her eyes so OK and I had a unique angle that I.