11-07-17 Seg 3 Mens Room Is Making All That Green!

Tuesday, November 7th

Emails, Ryan Castle is in to Sit & Spin with the Top 10 Highest Earning Dead Celebrities! Plus What You Don't Need to Know and the Shot of the Day


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This is the men's room. Listening to. Drive capped by the feds stands out fifth highest. Earning dead celebrities on the way and what don't they know as things we don't talk about things we do. And don't talk about our question today in your lifetime what would you describe as the incident 844999. All of my cup is back down. Yes he had obviously just anymore phone calls usually is canceled all know exactly publish it takes a bar phone call because I I have been actively trying to put on some people with some some more pizzazz but. It's kind of a thing if they tell the story that they told me as the dale say he had a deal where you NN and he was gonna get his blood drawn. And they stabbed him like thirty different times guys and that it wrecked yet. Onto toll toll feeble. Because it works into our sympathy through if it does and I say no so illustrate told me remind you my there's a call and in my view today I don't I don't know if we should go phones and obelisk of attracting your life time what would you describe as the incidence. Hello Kerry welcome to the men's room. Oh yeah. I promised I would be telling this during that I told him. They carry Disco because we have a guy who works or name I would call on veggie dog VD many see it in the hallway and his dislike these calls today a man would. What was going on the Carrie we need you back here what would you describe as the incidence. I mean whenever you hang your dog and I don't know if you guys remember there roller coaster ride called the Himalaya. Now that's similar move now. And then go to Iraq nature does go up a little bit. I'll be able to have the one that stands when I asked him out now and there was like Iraq. Music on a unity to spirit. And I misled you knowledge that another. Yes believed to go to break you know the biggest personality outside the bar of many that. I did I put my brother who Revere older than me. Edge you guys in front of us we're three girls. And they put the big astronomy. IE inside and the knowledge trying to on the outside. And got it around about five times. And gold everybody out by complying out the and her speech we're stuck inside and it drug turnaround. You try and these are they got it stops. And we got cute they are right in front meaning. Where I had to split out and bring bringing out all I have no matter rollercoaster ride that. John Kerry this is gonna sound really horrible but I wanted to understand my position. I'm still happy to hear this. And and I only say that I know dramatized and and and somebody die and on a roller coaster did you girl died and you. Yeah. I am and I understand that's dramatizing I did did you wanna go to an incidence. That's an incident map I mean thank you I'm sorry had to be that but our urban the gravity of some doubt in my life pro. Man. I mean and I know how that sounds good this has been a rough day and and say keep your hands are tied the Mets are all tired so she said she's too garden front you guys wanna run around circles. Do you see your fly out gets trapped and and she's getting dry ground. I am ahead I'm seeing all the way around noses and half was is an actual amusement park where the the rock was there on a holiday I know it rattling kind of offense the Lebanese and look. And I think it can happen and amusement park a man it's almost like buying cheap fireworks off the side of a roadside stand like your buying. Ammunition basically that was made it through cheap labor good luck if you lose your hand I'm sorry it's just like like anything else late Israel's artillery grade stuff you would still use it the utmost caution not blow it up in the backyard but the your uncle Jimmy. It's terrible the light. At an amusement park I'm pretty fearless about the rides I know I am and there's no reason to believe that you just assume look maybe they've done a better job of the construction etc. As it. My kids in the fair over the summer and you know that's traveling fare in the right were decent but I got to move one right my daughter who's. Fearless as far as rides and she's like a woman we we got to get on the saying basically just. Telling a pendulum doesn't quite get Joseph side now nobody YouTube almost upside down and this thing swings in the spends as she's screaming but she screamed because she's happy. And I realize I'm quite not when this thing is I'm command for gonna die and not because the ride itself so scary but. Every time it took this up in the air Indians bird's eye view of carnival like you can see everything that's kind of where all fours Darman and I'm telling you it was the most terrifying tournaments in my life. I was convinced that this thing would fall apart. All you think is man oh man hope we landed a big pile of stuffed animals are still plastic bags but I see behind the trailer but I proper sort of gonna die neither does the right to scary looking on the back operating it. Look I'm looking of the construction of and I'm like why did I get my my only day you Disneyland seven rides broke down that day that's Disney elect I am that is the that is a magic kingdom that's where everything should go burner I'm right seven never tell. If you wanna go carnival. Good luck. And your lifetime although would you describe as the n.'s and an 844999. All. Yeah I mean listen I don't know man just look at the people working man you look at the rides in my why on earth my and I include tomorrow but an old mom was right for dear life. I'm old enough to know that we just might die. It's. Jeremy welcome to the men's. No. Yeah he's skydiving. What. I hate litigate your own right. Guys. We'll wait. And front and we buried all nice and we're back. Are so my story starts when I was about twenty it and at decided to buy it 100 crew rye whiskey. It's like good idea. And that in my buddies too long boarding in Everett and decided to let. Breaking into a old abandoned at what we've shot or this agency has alum I'm. Turned out it was you know that old abandoned old folks homes have pretty much seen and and that. We. Ended up exploring period where. Pretty well drunk hand. It was kind of like amazed because they get they have decided whose start remodeling it and and just stopped. Halfway through and so there were walls with no doors in. Does that three story you shaped building. And act. And that gave a little blocks and I thought I was a great idea but until window. And when I looked down I have an eight small piece of glass about the staggered. Ignition that pencil. And it seemed like a pretty good idea to just pull it out I wave my friend couldn't tell me he told you felt. And when I pulled it out turned out it was about three inches along. And had gone an above my son and into my wrist. So I pulled it out blood started squirting out about two feet near where. Holy crap at the man sober you up pretty quickly and doesn't. And Tony yeah Delhi career yet that's good the two blood was that a consortia are there. Yeah I had tuna we settled at some great bit and you could do like Spiderman assists. Absolutely. And that so I actually pretty calmly blows drank it down my friend that I wasn't going to die accused John media opposite. He's another guy. That's the brand new video way. I wished I would. Act so we're freaking out trying to get out and at this time were. Completely locks can not find a way out but I'm a few doors. Which probably still to this day have bloody imprint on them. You're still spurn blown brawl that's going on and. Yeah added that the pressure was so bad I have with my hand it to you as much pressure on the wounded possible it would still exporting our fingers. I had so well rule we start getting to the point to a would probably don't walking around a lot squirt blood type is her. What seemed like at least twenty minutes and they have been less. And act we finally end up finding a door to gay Al and in the meantime the cops have been called that. Found a window breaking of course. There are cops and paramedics waiting for me at the door count can be no witness. Yeah act worked wonderfully. At which it what to that point I walked out the door my friend tailback inside. To be creepy building that were adults aged black inside zero Thomas. Yeah yeah I he had gotten in trouble when you were younger so they didn't like a bad idea indeed I did wait out the uterus into the hospital. No I ended just given cerberus paperwork and they actually dropped the charge is because I think they figured that 5000 dollar doctor bill you know that's. I didn't and a lot of power and that's just the ambulance red yeah yeah pretty much none that is federal. Catches of endearment there's a guy in Australia I don't remember why he went to las battle but essentially had two different procedures he would stay in the hospital for three days aren't them. His total bill could you get sort of no sorry three day and it took them by ambulance to hospital saves. At least one surgery perhaps two surgeries the bad that they hadn't been induced that I toys could make complications whatever the case wasn't three days. The complicated medical situation gets has built an early since an American dude and once they moved on strike a couple of years ago. This is his first and rational for medical system. Spinal Wallace often went there is bill as opposed to violently 27 dollars and roll outs crop as a lot. And that that include your knees beside what do they get mills and drugs he didn't state break beat based on whatever medical thing was other drugs are used to put her under. The doctor's advice which is on everything that they itemize and medical billing like it's all itemized what stocks like. Seven cents for us about 25 from the silent on the total was 27 dollars and items like what the hell is wrong with the American medical's. I'm gonna love I'm that open up a new service that's gonna be called Hoover ambulance unit and if you need to go to the hospital room back. Think you can make it. I'll come pick you up tonight gonna die young I got I got a bottle water foray in you can pass out of whatever doesn't know why don't get targets and wanted put John Gurney or whatever deal that you lay down the magna granite if you throw open their wood every on their feet shorter because I got to clean it up but either way like I olds have looked at it I will take you to the hospital of your choice. There were trying to wanna go out and it closes Juan if you listen probe preference you don't mean what do you charge. I debasing greats just the same racism is over a minute that you could charge a thousand dollars and still Steve. Did I tell you would tell us though eight on Monday the price bride to give even 1000 dollars they match and I seem crazy but you know it's it's guys like you say like flowers are not expensive when you buy them for a wedding they are don't tell people why your buying flowers because suddenly the price even it's the exact same polarized are normally expensive but when you're in an ambulance they are so I'm gonna leave that in on anything you can just you know you do get the cheaper out. I think it's a wonderful idea you see me as a little Red Cross driving around is your dad and boom coming up on the air. Here I dynamo would you describe as the ends of this. 8449990. Always run out of time on a wonderful golf ocean water a bomber. And music means we have to go there dammit but we'll be back. Without the drug charge frank castle he is in the thin thread today we have a top highest earning dead celebrities and her emails on the way. From the men's room Edmonds or live dot com you are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know you don't have a gentle men's room. It starts right now comes the good. Fans say the top ten highest earning dead celebrities that is on the way after emails on our question. In your lifetime what would you describe adds quotes in the incidence and here come those emails in the men's room Edmonds or live dot com. The timing of falling out bar stools. All of the chills up on a bar stools and a drunken net narco let Dick states. There was a fellow patron picking a fight there was a bartender or manager Ted in my shoulder to say it was time for me to Germany gathered it was my physical being a launching itself off of the stool. I've ended a once with a beer in my hand or so I'm told. That for merit that's that's disturbing and that's what happens I would I would not go bar. I'm told the isn't it is gross and someone might have died it maybe I've only told a few people in my life the story I've figured what the hell why not tell you guys. I served in the military in every few years my unit would deploy overseas. Every time we only get ready to deploy we would get shuttled like cattle back and forth. To get this. And match and many other done before going overseas one of the things we have to get done most medical add medical we would often get a series of shots. These shots often included smallpox was smallpox and earth medic gets a needle in some chemical that Janzen your shoulder about ten to fifteen times. The areas or for about a week or so and in the area turns into a giant blister pebble. I kind of looking thing until eventually pops and drinks itself. We were instructed not to pick yet or have our loved ones near the area because it was a risk of infection. Anyway look it up there's a grocery and side effects if you mess with the injection site and it. A few weeks fast and so are getting ready to head out a few weeks on buddies and I get the bright idea to head again no one last time. Once again no one body I'll call Mike wants to call some chicks of the nights and have some fun shapes of the night Mike's plan was to oh god. Was a kind of hook up with a one of these girls. And then who should hope so too painful to look doubled another girl same time. We call BS and didn't think he would go through that at the end of the night the girl's up the room. We looked over him and saw that his shoulder whereas blistered that was shiny with blood him plus. God. Yeah so having him out of touch or other girls we never went back to a part of Canada are called six of the night when we were in Canada. Brock on bitches that from apex a month. He wanted you know. Guys that I still played mine a yeah did why he got really grow this whole show always been that it just yeah this is not gonna get any but I thought I was gonna be like one time a Christmas I threw a roll and uncle whoever. The night that was the incident. Guys die in high school buddy of mine epic of a part time job of the state fair. The time they were building an old foes well old folks' place right next to a saw while were walking are awaiting a we hear a huge bang. We look at each other and go oh man some construction guys probably getting fired. So gonna check it out and we see a guy in a pool of blood I guess we are wrong as the guy got shot. So we look over and see Amanda runoff and this white guy briefcase in one hand sell on the other chasing him down. Needless to say we were late to work that day nobody looks to me it's as I guess someone did you get fired. He's in love bitches that from Maxi we have a comment there. Yes there's my dad first discover that I smoke pot when I was in high school. How did you discover only borrow my car and he found the stash from my glove box now and I want to smoke it with my friends some things seemed a little off. We realized. It could play some of the buzz with Amy bits of dried cat poop. Yes I know we should have noticed something was all but we're like sixteen and it was bank. Yes we smoked it momentarily. It was about twenty years later that my dad and I've probably talked about it that's been known as the incident ever sense and any ads in the filed this the last Somalis that you still smoke meadows and yet. We still can't talk about our incidentally you. To read to our viewers your emails here for the Missouri women survived back out. I today's ruby's a big day she's fifteen dragon original face and woods in a dip from thrill much thanks from the family. Sandwich. Yeah it's. Did. Guys hurt now running around a dead talking all over each other and dirty German wild throw makes the noisy does when Robin plugs amends terms sausage I love you guys that from there. Not a pence on my school in mind I don't know. My voice is easier. This new. Boom that's hey guys always my son Garrett having Tony second birthday could give a classic they Sam what's that from Cameron spent so much polish my girl has birthday can I get her some evil cheese guy impression for volume. This much he's done. And I and it honest I didn't have got to have gone and I never had a fine season as I was saying. Not every wrong inadequate if there's nobody judges 36 stripper on the sun listening to gas and get a birthday song. Maybe I'll my penis is too small and the dirty Germans that from his friend Eddie. Now I don't do drugs when fuel I would try to cram too. Yeah and I just enjoy snack foods Jergen efficacy talks salty nuts. It's not a normal mothers Jennifer's 44 birthday and she would love did you give her some really really dirty German and a big old bomb ripped. Thanks fellas that from CUNY. Under the bong rip persons all socialist activist. No number they are taken to the states. Which Machida who come in Manama and heat content spending and since then he. This frozen bananas evidence or go to hotels. Nets. If there's a beautiful wife Kelly 48 server on the son Gideon are little kids face there woods is a dirty dirty Germans thanks guys. Keep on rocking from shock. I'll feel book that taken to sesame street's. Should we oil moment my big big. Now and maybe you can feel like time. Until I saw approximately into her love life. My guys do you go. I mean I mean it's okay have you have you added our. Have a habit I'm not a. I played good pretty good to you bid today is. Gaza did you Jeremy Bronson but men's. So available through these we'll stay on men's lives does come another sign retailers. Who I am trying to apply to. A blue numbers as I work at onion news. Lose and I'm just won a five ladies who work with a kitchen full of guys one of the games they play is to rewrite a few lines of a song to include the word dawn. OK for example. Killing me softly with his dog is at at at that I'm a bit of an over achiever. I like there's there and I wrote out a whole Dong song instead of just the chorus. The guys said it was weird Al style the more sexual so for your pleasure in the tune of green day's boulevard of broken dreams I give deal lyrics of boulevard of stroking cream. I'll give you a few. Of the lyrics I stroke this throbbing Don the only dawn that I've ever known. Don't know why it's rather just leave me and it's only me and I stroke alone. I want this empty streets on the boulevard of stroking cream where the ladies sleep and on the only Dong and I walk alone to mom I wanted to say that as I'd give. But it. Tuesday you can't sing at all you've got to be very selective as far as what you sing and I stroke this throb and Dong. I I mean we'll. Know what I thought 0000. Yeah where Jesse or know why now pay credit do you lyrics yet we can't be every bit. No again please correct angles yeah. Stealing an ambulance a subject closing your story about the guy stealing an ambulance at a comment. If you steal a field goal and their people in there it's enhancement of kidnapping regardless of you knew they were in the vehicle or not. And of the patient dies because of your actions it would be manslaughter. A lot stories of guys for being a car off nerves child and because of guys automatically screwed there's always good kidnapping and child endangerment when he freaks out and drops a car off on the corner. Keep on rockets. That from LB yeah I'll be I love those stories to Coles also garlic hit it and as far as cheating goes we had a testament tournaments a month says guys would you define cheating yes. To me cheating is any contact you have someone that you would not tell your significant other about physical contact emotional affairs massages with. Funny endings strip clubs kissing and flirting if your relationship been do anything you can't tell your significant other about that is called sheet I. I really issue with that is like what if it's something simple like. I know you smoke weed with your body and she doesn't like wheat. Death when I went to I don't think that's cheating on my wife invites local little weak pressure. No but the according. It just depends on I guess a well obviously if you go to a massage and to me has their hand on here. John Johnson yeah yeah I'm really not that one out yet there we know we understand that's that's a massage your daily. So do other turner what you don't need to know do that right before the shot of the day as we have so much things that we don't talk about publicly the first drug charges then. And once again it is time to sit and spin. Yes friends it's time once again dogs and six and spending. Gather around the old radio and listened to Arizona sweat. Yeah. I'm Ellie and I got a day and a reality show I thought it was going to be approved show all day and boy did it turn a corner loyalists sandman I really wish you'd stayed poop like birth to go low moments constipated and works it out herself measurable goals you've proved yourself in the car right. I saw I saw Mike my and always about our haven't proved they are back and then when all downhill from there it's weird fast food was the best thing talked about today in Los Angeles map that that that's because that's a lot as well so hopefully we can turn a corner here because we have dead celebrities that are made. Wow we're not seeing what we're about senator about these people are worth more dead than you are a lot that is exactly not shown at a much. A shocking that but a dead you know obviously it's from all walks of life of your celebrity and you passed some of the the list leans. Mostly towards musician does lean towards me I guess you for the first time incidents and not just musicians Thursday there's a couple in here that are not but I guess you cope with some tunes to represented as well. Yeah yeah so these are the top ten highest earning dead celebrities on things. Under ten. Yeah I didn't know if that's all know how. OK now it's gonna believe it or not number ten on the list is Albert Einstein. How homer kind Chiarelli made ten million dollars last year I have to say we don't have one right my that we need the money did he invent the lava lamp or something like. How is Albert Einstein making money so here's. Here's the story. Albert Einstein didn't have any living years ago he bequeathed his. Personal papers his intellectual property rights the right to use his image in Hebrew University the Jews Jerusalem. Jay sorry if they hired a PR company at a PR company. Lawyers manage his likeness. And all of his cell owners are right I mean I'm pretty sure a million by T shirt or poster or something weird with Einstein's image on an Einstein barely making money. They're making my minivans are rich slowly die it just happened he died famous right I don't really died I don't know if you really diverse but obviously with some money potential. Because of his likeness to the 400 requests a year and they only grant forty of them to use power and Einstein jettison and to enjoy Einstein bagel company probably actually paying down the ice that you know Alberta did you grow up attract nice top ten highest earning dead celebrities. This okay. Good. Of course I'm 1989. German news. Thought yeah. 121000012. And I I'm sure a lot of that is Beatles money. In many ways I think eagle adore you have to die to make money is that what I'm getting out of the well I'm you know it's terrible thing to say but for a lot of musicians. Dying does great things for their catalogs. Million records bills government and they instantly blow off. Well Susan want passes on their whole entire catalog basically goes and number oh boy Michael Jackson on my idea you know everybody's your biggest thing that said I don't know however we've now. Flailing asked FaceBook hash tegra the job did not highest earning dead celebrities. Oh. Only you can name. And you're still grim news I assume doctors whose yeah not what doctor since sixteen million dollars 1616. Million dollar so happy. And that's I mean there's movie there's some big bullies and tourists and although I did the stuff will be around four ever my kids and gotten into the the the sentiment and right. The system at a Christmas single want to do this out of that there's the lower ranks right up your these are your kids who ran out of time your kids grandkids will read the cat has absolutely the windows Phillips who needs about five and twelve feet on the night putting the thing like it's gonna hit but every kid goes dormant like every kid passes message we're back pursues his money and no friends. The great still and registration started out absolutely ten highest earning dead celebrities today on. Why doesn't favor last year's worth of friends eight million dollars. 1818. Million dollars this is suppressing things because they're better because of making from the I'm gonna make your money every day. Or how much money he made your prime. Probably fifteen foot removed I mean who knows if we hit back at the unbelievable the top ten highest dead celebrity fit and. Understand. Big tour last year on the new felt really good year for. Last film last night the tour wasn't too long after. Don't ever lose two weeks prior to that's twenty million dollar sum payment feature that makes us so he was working. Yes totally I mean Tom Petty selling it on balance announces choice about what Todd did highest earning dead celebrities. Under the. I. Question on the phone is how many ways is this money split. 170. Hungry many kids here 173. I wanna say at least ten. I think you might be my problem I mean my god it's the blue sky Walker's father he's. This dude had so many kids in a few groups did you know now my group could prove I'm a baba. I saw the whalers this summer some news like this is a great cover band like no no no let's let the man that's event repair itself so great guys are just like Bob Marley that I had. Many say he had twelve kids. Well no kids pulled it. Okay the thrill you were close Boson and I'm an anonymous money I'll start Bob Marley 23 million dollar okay he needs everybody. Great plan. This genuinely love music catalogs. And. This clearly isn't brought to strong. How much for almost 35 million dollar 3930. Great being. You know like and I can't you can't think Thanksgiving. I can't do Christmas and I can't do Halloween. Without Charles Schulz. How much like the pianist France as Roland. Good for Charles Schultz 38 new EU whose speed and it's not dead highest earning dead celebrities. I'm 110. Don't worry tonight and don't worry effort. If you're most famous son is not a penny log in fine we're talking about Arnold Palmer the golfer. Don Arnold Palmer palaces instead loose dawn that tell you I think and how is Arnold Palmer make most money ranks. Part of my growing right that is made moments can't write he's got a are you ready for the and I think he's he's getting got golf merchants are sure forty million dollars. Okay highest earning dead celebrities these are the top generally yes. I want a lot today. We can thank you got away from thriller for the next 365 days but no room. I wouldn't spend more time. So I'm going to send. Five million Tito goes wrong. Interviewed. Tiger I guess though there you know actually doubled during adult solution out of their return but you don't need those coming up next with the things that we don't. Talk about too much at least. How loud that is on the way you're listening to America radio network. He's really went my. Profile as well break Intel's with a shout out today but first. We're full of useless information. And you have car too many brain cells not to let us kill you. So Lyndon here on the men's room chairs like you don't need to know. Recent survey found that 82% of Americans sometimes delay eating dinner until they find something. Good to watch on TV do you mirror and I can now so does matter treat if you're gonna wuss right thing and now I'm Jennifer sports. The sports but it's a little different because like to me that's an occasion. Transport them or you gonna watch the Super Bowl you can eat wings or whatever did you do but otherwise an old. I've never sat in front of the TV worried about wanted to watch. Before it fully they're not 82% of us said that yes they look for something good to watch before they start either. People not likes Americans to let alone from. I'm assuming that. When the last item is that our family is that why does that all the deaths you have to amicable what annoyed definitively good kids and I want them to be in the mistaken impression. That this is a normal people lead and we all over that's completely but. You should try to convince them now and this April was the wonderful things on trying to get in the good years before we become TV I have a one general park itself. And he has ever got into the bathroom for a guard to sit down and music and check behind the curtain to make sure the villains and yeah no. You guys just playing against at. Yes yes I am 7% of the people check behind the curtain in a bathroom to make sure that militant 12% of them have ever discovered someone behind the curtain on the map a zero but do you still look at. Not all the time no one's sure I'll I put out when you're in the shower you never give a quick glance like. I really don't you know your home loan into Philly gators opened wouldn't know that can catch. Have you ever. Taking your dirty underwear put them up to your face to smell them to see if either Wear them again no. I'm pretty cool and our number word ma'am that's. How do you bought out I haven't either then millionaire hello I had. That's creepy I guess we've run out of time I've made them imaginary attacks somebody out there just to be ready. Men's room knows just. Great job and isn't as usual we had to be very desk and Steve throw he'll find out who are. Hostess yes indeed today we toast the the quick thinking police force of Karlsruhe. Germany. Amar called cover the story yesterday but I believe that it is in fact. Shot worth you know understand that when you're in Germany believe it or not a lot of unexploded wartime bombs. There on the earth frequently during construction work in Germany and a lot of times forces authorities to evacuate tens. Oh thousands of people so as it was last week a man discovers an unexploded ordinance. Sitting on the ground naturally he calls the police and the police show up. There's some onto the scene. By an 81 year old man and make out there they determined the object which as they say really did look like a bomb. Was actually an eleventh round sixteen and should keep. Apparently the offending vegetable with Bruce very dark in color they had weighed about eleven pounds and police believe that some of the work over our heads into the garden. Also wasn't actually in his garden that's why he did right was actually in his car not academics what he calls the bar and bison in Germany this is not outrageous that you would think there's not much what ordinance. They get there they checked thoroughly and in the end. The excerpt that's not a bomb. It's Suzuki. They're quick to squash that pare pare her. Why do they include a picture of you can't doesn't want everybody to know there's a little hey guys see how big it is in this magazine gave me that it does but it is not growing zucchini any goes back to those guards and he's adamant. We'll see Melissa is garden but I think Jimenez York and a new look at the pictured sitting on the grass yet give away. There was not a bomb. It is who keeps routine I'm busy bus break. Reform is booze and we drink this booze because we think of yeah. Me OK so over the tongue and down the slit your party in our timing is down not a whole outage on lap. Let's go get does not live profiled as we will take color 9844999. Alone. The shenanigans continue on the men's room radio network.