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Monday, November 6th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines


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This is the men's room. I American resolve in standing by a profile losers coming up dollar 9844999. A little play profile this in minutes. The headlines on the way one hour from now first we check in my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working out all right thieves stole all over 300000. Dollars worth of new iPhone exes from a truck in San Francisco on their launch day. What you want you to and he gonna probably useful thing we need just over half like what I got a map all of you and 150 learning I think probably a 700. Easy depth that's it's good retail 1000 Sylvia. But the thing is is that you know what you want to buy a new phone for making payments through my providers within a month and a drop in 700. Down for that phone so you can also buy the phones take that phone to a provider in a song is that can carry it. So get out you've already paid for the phone now you're just paying for the monthly fee. Then again. I guess like I can buy an Apple iPhone and Apple's website I did take that to one of five different carriers to have them look me up for service. Yeah but I also think the people that are buying hot iphones they know they held don't want them yes. You just what that felt right in the reason might want it so yeah but they're gonna find out somebody knew that the iPhone excess that you did know about until he used to make enough shots. Mean and Mike that's part of buying stolen goods never pay for an upfront. How does your not a lot of payment plan the way drug dealers and went all right then my mental slaves of badgers a thing. Might be about one bath once a week every week they'll you'll just come meet meet his then again next week death within thirty dollars and there. And black marker ransom and that's it. A man and Ohio hijacked an ambulance without realizing a patient and paramedics were actually in the back Tomas surprised the brass. What you do in that situation now drive into the hospital. And a drop them off because there is a nothing weird about an ambulance pulling up in front of the hospice. But you don't think that that's paramedic is gonna scream hey this guy tried to guide you need to take off run them when you get to that point either that you get close to a lot of it is his problem is like look man if you. The more you know I 45 amendments or buy something else I got to do my money says cannot drop you off well I guess these if if things are and nose ring and all the way down this rally and I'd probably news story either drugs in the back of that thing that he wanted to. Just got to be reason more than just taking it easy to that particular vehicle. So he must mean it's a cash they have like old realized in the backers are he had given yeah re even get to I mean southeast of deferred Troy Iraq. I had to give Boise area door right he had been I had dum bum you go anywhere he wanted to ask you goods but the sirens go my. Yeah we get there today in the last move. You know you don't pull all the right vehicles. Yeah that I run. I'm not Marty Stahl and Amylin Brian Arnold I go to jail now gonna be responsible today. How what I was thinking that at the same time it's like I don't want to beat a responsible for somebody's death I knew right I think I would freak out. Pull it over and run away from the capture carbon don't get no question that it could it. Using the paramedic just kept ordering thirty try to get control back over the yeah. Over the you know for the paramedic he's in the bank he has easily camouflage it on the what are you wouldn't even do manned and relational Apolo overrun away. Or ligament problem of how does that work when I don't wanna go to jail tunnel while the dude yeah no we're thinking about is like normal people now about just almost a total ebitda. And I'm thinking well Oprah daylight that. Katie Cleary is left for a while ago actually Tony probably is one of the drugs inside. Jimmy in all honesty that's probably what he. Probably. So also not a person who do the responsible thing so would you tell the guy that I would grant I'll pull this thing over just. Like put all the drugs and bank and a pull over on grab the draws a runaway and I you can get just hours got to go. See but that's assuming that that the paramedic and the driver on a level playing field there. Well I'm just trying to make a well result obviously this thing go you can get a month. Yeah that's a fair deal right because that could harm the paramedics I don't know how crazy this guy is Denise Dillon and it's gonna take us for a bullet forever so you don't know so far at this point out the appeal if you can alleviate some fearless. I'm not a homicidal maniac. I'm just amazed and act that I heard throughout goes I want the drugs like here's a bunch of value add to shell out without question the cough so you would give the man like. Great a quality drugs that he would just leave your parent you leader in the App Store and I. Especially valuable because these are going to be more than a couple of blocks away anglers who have done examiner. Bernard relax you only make you do that hey if it exists. For the good look for this week again. A church in Florida recently put up a message on the assignment are realizing that it was super sexual. Now I'm guessing that they're talking about when you know foods bed or maybe someday you drink is bad. Says quote forgiveness is swallowing. When you. When you want to spent. They didn't think it in the right point I guess it's a big taste bad legs the food of somebody that they just gave Felix is bad and you do. You swell the food. Instead of telling them that it's awful it's been one you say what parents and amen starving kids in Illinois boy Jared what are really the new country is it just gave act. And really West Virginia I understand that there's a level of innocence with the church. Nobody saw us who loved the local ordinances of the church front onions does that first Sunday. When the troll girl kid rolls and are the parents and we saw that he did everything he could not children's Yahoo!'s. After speculation here the sermon that the fifth with a letter to Johnson people in the world. Spinners. Finishes at indeed all set and today I ask. Which wanted to hear and feel. All married sir with us Arad way back I mean if you're gonna go away. A man in Scotland dressed as Jesus. He beat up a man dressed as a generalize so it's still always knowing what age you need a set up. A campaign pledge and I don't know who I have no money on there is Jenna has a data should have been all faith. Damn night. And most dorm anything I can't remember is good to have been not only did faith beats the force hundreds literally completed that it apparently does prophesied the Jesus always you do not like when they have lower your visited by general well hypotheticals and like dinosaurs fighting like grizzly bears and stuff and the movie wait alien vs bread they made want to go to consumers easy remedy is agenda that I know. And that's I thought I'd go see the throw down in Jerusalem because I could get it. Yeah the third round in. Scientists have discovered a growth wed at sea slugs get to mills and one through something that they told a club still predation yes this is pretty interest what do you how what are they don't wait for their prey to eat whatever it's got an they'll eat their breaks they get to bail us. Not a Smart man and I Obama cannibal and I like McDonald's. You don't think that run and hide the bushes outside of a McDonnell in the candidature document makes itself is getting better. Cadillac at half staff that is productive political animals and the like grass and grain and we need them the best we don't like dive bomb the towels loses don't need my low volume and only got our our pentagon over the greens on this would be our our our favorite eat crap like pigs and crash. And shrimp I mean it's always there have we we love it. Thirty or your diet the better. And finally linguists. Are actually putting forth arguments about talking pool. Went up so I know about what are coming out and Jack Cummings didn't megabyte hard deadlines come and a one hour from now first off. True recess. It's just a drug to please everyone help profile press is playing. I sure can miles that's a simple game where reach our review real life news story something that happens right here planet earth or. Or or. And as you listen to the store based on the stereotypes you believed to be true of people and the decisions that people make less you would it is you think makes the story a story. Hello justice welcome to the men's room. Wow I justice you understand how this here game displayed. Yes there empire now listen I wrote this disturbance is a lot of guys are into the neck tattoos and angry facial expressions. Because in the past few years there's been a trend we're criminals occasionally go viral because of a quote unquote. Hot mug shots. So one of the latest ones mobile twenty year old female gang member Judy resonant Fresno California if she'd stolen a gun in her car so she was arrested on two felony weapons charges now. The police department. Porter mug shot up on FaceBook. And they got thousands. Of likes and comments including a month induce him to love the third person. A sample of some of the comments that Kaymer went into my. She's gang members stole guns stole car but apparently she's not sort of a quote close the only crimes she committed a stiff in my heart. That's natural quote followed by armed beautiful and super dangers I love them crazy. And I'll go to jail on bail around three of those high against the exit. The question is do you believe. That this attack against the tick as black white to ninety or Asian. At Kentucky. Arms and strictly debate that I thought back and it into Fresno and admit it is doing a nice era about it. I think I mean I'm not a lot of negated any candidate. I think you do your friends and eats. Any nationality. When you Wear what Perry bogeyed eight and Aaron when it to us stealing a car. Well. Yeah. I'm here and a hot felons or disease that Jeremy meet Steve he's the only guy remember. He I mean I've seen some mug shots but it's always like Arnold and cigar Boston gets you drunk with nothing to it. Unity but as far as that would go easily guy could think when I guess it's. So I raised the light skinned black student. We never amounts. He does and I as a millionaire's daughter. Norma isn't that amazing. The wife was Hopson. Then I went yeah I know I think California now I think the blonde. And I ended just everybody's pretty excited about it actually reason and I think in quite a little bit. We don't think that this DA adds beautiful Mexican when he left made it that's that's the exact thing. I mean no I believe that I was shocked but I do which we're doing the stealing cars. Comex. Positive thinking I gonna go gang one's life journey gang to black it just doesn't seem like CMOs cart excuse didn't copy them yeah. Asian maybe. I was chanting US job shops and that's why it's gonna be Russian Wrangler. And if not it's gonna be Asian or makes no no no one's new drum you know how was steal a car. Any any gang. What are you got you've got to do it or not I'm just gonna go Max easyJet a bunch tattoos the neck tattoos that's all you can see me how much. Okay Mexican black. Yeah next taxis and does its her name but I do know it will move the neck tattoo put. Only the ones. Ozone man her neck in the middle there it's right there always that oh yeah I'm used to with. Makes it violence or. OK out went up at that I just as we'll find out she was like why an icy or Asian next that was fatigued you are listening to the men's or radio network three. My class Obama I think is Fresno California. And they are gang member who was so attractive. Edited manatees still cars had illegal weapons and all that stuff she was just very attractive and other comments came pouring out as soon as they released her mug shot. Yeah all's forgiven by the general public but I'd just as we ask you this there. Stunning Fallon was black and white makes your Asian and now right on the back you said Maxine decent look if for no the reason. It's in Fresno California. Car. Okay. Now I'll do the time time for TV time okay. Countless hours in front of a talking again in the mid. Presents. Now today we're to talk some football. Why some people know the references to making to give a not too sure about football. Possible. Sometimes Judas on a bad sports team ranked. Yeah you know the team's bad and sheer amount you put on teams before that the unit just for whatever reason in Mike. Maybe efforts not bear maybe the kids just don't care I have to be out limos and teams a plan were pretty successful you have one bad Little League team never. We are champions in search and he. Then once high school earlier in the states every year. Are you serious that I want to college Rivlin Bogut yeah I'm pretty well they lucky charm now. That's all you are on the desert now that was good I was just on themes of our the brown should address as to who knows what may have happened. I like you know yet what I played a terrible tee especially Little League Baseball. I am I put don't want to we couldn't we could do anything. It there was three of us ticket hit I was faster on the team and if it's hard to lead off. Right and get out that it wasn't using his good base runners. And so the New York football giants only do we still have to say that. That's from the CIA I know what lured them into a giant admits every Cisco for like forty year I called fifty years every Tuesday that football. Sounds cool. The Internet don't apologize. To Berman is back in the permanence and it's only something that you have who needs argument. God I got burned American above all obviously is a Berman is an hour by hour. And now. So Ben Matthew do as the coach of the giants the giants are bad this year didn't seem like they should have been that bad nobody thought they'd be in the span Butler or. Right so after the game. You'll hear they're asking Matthews of questions and I mean I think to me this is probably one of the more inspirational speeches you're gonna hear it after. You can't fight you can't coach them. It's. It's good. Yeah what did you say to them and halftime and that was a response so I don't yeah that we put me off the match your face of PG conceal got to react like. Once they do and have done that I know they I don't think he says anything. I'll be dead honest Lucas Mike and I were listen to this these you know they give an actual quote him Michael think maybe doesn't wanna give away the secret city team this inaccurate and I think Mike I honestly I think that team is just quit on him and so he was just like yadda I don't think at halftime. Rep while right then you look like someone who you shouldn't let your kids around. Matthew debt I intimacy and one. These. Who's the guy down and Arizona. I was in the Steelers aren't. It's. Again I think it was a name players are my coach thousands got their neighbors variance for guys yet. Bruce Annie and I like Clayton 9% of the time right but he seems like a damn weird uncle but every once in while he comes out with just a comment or something and I'm like. With the helmet and the question certainly probably oh my Hamad could do looks like on cold but always always always needs of our money and never never never has got. Houston or Thanksgiving and then match could do walks and society huh. Mom was real nice and invited them. Right but these that tell you about the proper place to get well date for our activity overall first generics they lost her entire receiving corps they've they've. It has an unfortunate entries to shore they have but I house and there's a leader on the team doesn't get our hands out of the locker room and I have a about it. In your right I think all that stuff is true but I also firmly believe that team is basically quit I mean O'Dell Beckham played the drama game every camera catches balls at all. I've pulled something evil he is legitimately thirties. He's all about him which is he's a great athlete during her army's nodded a teen guys seems like. That the quarterback is guided just doesn't seem like he cares this is. I do I did this face I know the people of resting its phase Eli has lied to us. Resting dumb thing it easy looks like the guy you are not even sure he understands the world he got an arm out. No it is not a stupid are right it's is now if he relaxes his face. He are loosely and in the dailies Barrett ask your question that's like really down but doesn't know exactly how to bring you an amber who live in reader into a thump it slowly trying to murder. I like the university America right so their football coach. He he he smiles. So lake when he's upset. He still like smiling and shaking his head with them as a crazy when it's go and do and he still kind of stop it you're it's like. Like I'm a smile or certainly I think I'd understand what he's got what they're. But sometimes it looks like he just doesn't care. I'll invite somebody bad happens to these historic. Yeah I think it. I have battled all feared a thunderbird and Iranians involved in your eye your right miles he does look a little and saves them time. Sure if it's like a terrible play that he obviously did coach anybody else have to do. Remember that was don't build towers told them. Visit players recognize after awhile it was never the rookies went all the veterans the the warding they would give to the rookies like look man after a play of coaches smile when I just. Don't go near him he is acting mad at you. Yeah I've coaches screamed to you do get all reared though I'd go see him because he's gonna slam in the side of the head and say great job we get all fired up the cement peace smiley. He has pissed. Expect a all right everybody's favorite quarterback in the league Cam Newton. He used to struggling of hate in the up press conference is. Says oh he makes her preference going here I'm not positive he knows how to I can't take ads he's is growing into that role and ask that you look to see. You know yeah we just thought the great player but nevertheless you know. The test had access to go. How are that go I'm nor ago digit lead for for the movie and yeah I mean I think he's trying to make a point to put the ship needs to keep rowand even though we just lost one of our good receivers of those Titanic too though I mean I think. The sequel that led to lose I would even think of the move roller magnetic got to keep moving on with like. Can't Mike now like tonight to post not a break fresh but I was not positive he understands the Titanic. No he does not I don't. He's lucky Obama delegates I Danica mangers thinking you're you're a huge syncing my one cup has ever used Titanic as a positive reference for some and you're going to carry those proposals like the Titanic they're telling you that it's and so it's gonna sing and our new restaurant that there right it is other than men for a kid movie nobody used would you think you I don't know boat right now on any doc anywhere in the world that was named the Titanic. Even if it was an. Our crews along the river you just don't you're not getting on the boat if you Attica knew that had Titanic earned on the side helicopter an airport anything let's play when you don't they know hill though a rollercoaster car I mean just it's not a made easy all the berth in the things that might be content Alicia reference in the movie and excessive had yet. And they're trying to give a good reason because of a Titanic. It into words on positive yet. Well like Harvey Weinstein had a Titanic fault who. Right right exactly and if you don't like a massive huge billions they are big debt blob of sinking ship. Every Fuzzy discuss newly wedded and lomb said it couldn't be stopped settles unthinkable. Susan that's Titanic. Yeah it's tough kind of don't I don't think Camden both. I don't know you know he's obviously doesn't he could have used the Hindenburg. Noted that the federal matter and and a number ma'am you know. He's like the concorde a bit of it related to Space Shuttle Challenger brought them a small amount captured act. I want ordered quick funny went so if the other game happened right in this guy Lee Smith who placed the raiders right. So I guess he knows somebody on either team. So yeah so rates eat kind of after a play and it jumps up. Keller shoulder checks is short check to do to kind of awkwardly kind of pops of with helmet but I mean. It doesn't look like you could injure anybody doing this straight and that I didn't mind. It's a friend of his who happens to play. And so if we knew Ted reply in football. The players over Quincy Jones a couple years they were college roommates and I go over and does acting around. You know come out on the detail how how to bug. Let's all reps right he called for fifty yard personal foul that you can hear mr. Smith here. He's trying to explain his case. Alex. So that's good and yeah US courts cleared out and or how people the raptors got off with my notebook. No humor in football looks like this year remember earlier this year of Von Miller. From the Broncos when their plane the Buffalo Bills straight Tyrod Taylor is the quarterback in buffalo right because he's Virginia Tech guy so is Von Miller. So after one of the play easy knock down the court retirement Taylor any went to lake help Lamotte. He did the quick like to slow yet they gave him a fifty dollar personal follow that all who were. Convert that's a great Lewis hit a mover blues clues like to hear that I think that that's slowly but we've got fifty yards to his fellow. A halo and a quarter c'mon Gary is she's up mentally competent and the whole crew attempt it palpable. While it's yet to at least that guy like I Babel I I don't know I do think he was getting isles did you fathom what they're refereed to see you thirty yards down the field. Jumping into would you do with both Albert. I and it seems like may be like if both guys think of Farrah tailers like I know him he's just played a round of why we now Rotella say that. Parent tells about 215 yards forwards are tiller brought into the wings I don't white at Madden Saturday. Even though you think you don't know the other guy I think to balloon or too slow lake area. Yeah if does your obligation to pick up the opposing player no doubt our resident it's a sign of good sportsmanship that you do but it's not it's not necessary I would take to slow the saga of sportsmanship that's so stupid it's funny. He put it wouldn't be offended by guy that's fun. All right now time for the happy news from TV. This one's actually pretty said Julie stout defense and unhappiness is Ali I'm pleased to completely positional Coca is all sad terrible stuff. 2000 on that tall man yeah he's yeah. Well he had taken when you don't pull pot man if you need some of the fires on those told if I look. Hey we use it that way glad to hear your fired here wolf we'll do an hour we'll we'll do get out dude and a different ways so it's more happy so he just started out like again in the rim makers have in store. Are you happy it is okay what does it. To be found not loud note I felt horrible it's actually sad news to be found bomb passed away. And is there. Yeah. No don't do that this story I'm Bob die nobody's gonna make it happen we'll I'll call my game it's. Worth the life. Trying to make sad news happy but yeah ice late OK all right you want and at night here you went happy. DC. Really this is what I really feel isn't this hurts is like when it bothers me. Before it's kind of like him bothers me and I'm real. All right well I guess powerful Santa. Andy Cohen the TV host creates. Timmy Thomas told energy find a hearty laugh and think liver twinkle in her the apple didn't fall far from the tree. Love tall fat. He donated his mom was up burial leader she was up and sushi wasn't that young which 68 yeah that's that is she was a nun at some point road yeah. The only lasted a few weeks before I Jimmy's dad look eight and I know they want and critical of the way they went to two million colder up to wait wait hold. The Donald's mother was none for a couple of weeks as does the the Jimmy found dead. I mean that they had a security had Jimmy or did you pour out in damage and I have not information okay I'm just curious you know he brought. Her up every once in awhile he would he would do some. Just like thank you notes about his mama self I got the compared to most of the other. Late night talk show hosts are bringing a mother and tone in his brother's mother and Jimmy brings his family members and Obama too much about Steve Michael Barrett has famine that Seth brings family members in every year to do their Christmas story to tell yeah. But the need ever really heard much about Jimmy found month. And then they canceled the Friday night broadcast. And you found out she was sick cows like how well you know and that's strange you stink Judy come on whatever when I appreciate family keeps her outlook right exactly if anybody he tweeted about her semifinal didn't talk about it. Not know exactly right away and apart budgets and 68 that's just says that's that's that's studio. Yeah I think you know. I I mean I cannot speak for myself I think for most deeply that. You know for me like that that that they you don't look at the Bogota the hormone and you know our outlook and you don't want mom back now. I should say just youth of your daughter's care just. My daughter's this is our live their relationship yeah in the months and we're all people you like mama yeah it's like mother like daughters who care about their dads when they passed Lou that's that's which of exactly the suns like valiant medallist kind of hard and have a very tactile daughter mother that relationships are like and a cat's gonna capitalize but they don't you go the opposite perspective like boy Jimmy Fallon and his mother it's going to be very difficult. Yeah exactly that yet. I mean press he could do no wrong LaBeouf does debt by the I agent and he's a comedian and a piece of crap unhelpful Jamie Lynn what she's doing to be doing and every month I love him. That's mom my conscious of this what is it is more sad as it is disturbing news in music for disturbing news disturbing. A cool. Coleman and mr. what's a story about. A predator getting fired. A predator do for pregnant or do I know fired music I have like from friends. It's very important. Not out all the yeah route. With a male bald mountain yesterday you should not Knight comes home. It's your front it's you that's not what do you wonder why occasional well dispirited. Come and I'll go oh OK I don't know an animal for Canadian news feed is their part of their day was the only sort of Rampage Jackson. I don't know anything else the mountains lest I had a night on bald mountain. We'll talk Obama talk. His name's. Charles. It's funny nobody Kharrazi tonic and. I guides them laughing. Even more sexual misconduct allegations against Kevin Spacey. Boy basically they had put house of cards on hiatus if you well right now it's just an official Netflix is fired at its accessibility even the show right. That is the plan they're talking about with that you do without Kevin. But have less lawsuits. Uncorrected thinking his character is now the president or house of cards I don't know I once it's funny that our. How many years is house of cards but on. Six seasons. Theoretically about Mike do you actually actively watching the shows us destroy your intimately familiar AM on season four right now slam a little bit behind but yes and why are you much are you Russian Bob have you learned everything you need to know from the floor of this go to check I learned quite a bit yes OK ignored June take Kevin Spacey out at least through season for mean. Is this going to be detrimental to the sources to show that carry on without his character you know my opinion because everybody knows what's going on with Kevin Spacey. And they'll they'll accept it easier than if you just disappeared tocchet yeah fair enough but are not even that you write about because he got. Eating get reelected or his term we're right there I just I don't know where they could go at it then again I haven't watched since season three so that they could've created entirely different storyline that they. Could come capitalize on that goes further but to be honest I think is the death house of cards. You go yeah yeah I mean you're right I think he did lose an election but I think earlier like. Official president or not plate I think in end of things happen to a president since Kennedy summits like it felt like a regular character on a TV show. Now if you're just Lake Charles the guy next door William replenish right we do is get ready as chair of the united okay let's give them the character the president yet. I would agree I think it's just run its course based on that this shows that it's it's just over. Yeah I think you're right you know I hate might like there's enough people that know the truth that but that's going on Kevin Spacey lately. They don't give it though give what whether you believe this or not whether you believe this or not or whatever your all things political sides are it doesn't matter what side of the fence you're. All right. The United States intelligence community which is eighteen and 21 governments there is the bodies of Juneau. They've all determine one thing. That win the Russians got involved with. Years Internet fund who the they were watching house of cards to learn how the government work yeah so that they could be able to properly tweet out and post things on FaceBook and understand the inner workings it's not all United States government do but that was the show that they want to know. Even if Kevin's even if this didn't happen all right. Maybe you changed the script 00 record price change some things or whatever but it was already kind of like you know not put in a good life before it has went down anyway a little slap house of cards fall and aren't into it I understand that Americans like it's just a show man of the most stupid people are still better as well drug and maybe the show to the mall on how to do things but being gullible look that is no fault of any television program that is fictional live maybe you just pull out we are crossover episode. Netflix HBO drama comedy. Richer what's her name to the we struck a fist Paul Levy she gets to become president also caught. All I'll be glad to thank you yeah I had a great job. And it's like house of cards an hour because a half hour that shows for credit brown. What problem why did these because you would get that. Baghdad where mercy is still the going got headlines on the way would my cock you are listening to the men's or radio network. Timely and Swiss miles. Now let's see what's happening in the real. You know Florida fans celebrate sport that I go out for a drink and come from the girlfriend giving a birthday gift to the face. We stay in Florida Fred do you live the kind any Triple Crown type of race. Mother daughter team of the steel 250 dollars and cheesecake from monastery. Experts argue whether the pool modes we should have swings like a very. And the artist formerly known as beating your AFP Diddy answers to no one is down your headlines. It's Sunday. Its peers might call. I had a job started breaking news in the world and melodies the Unicode can. It's our GM as an organization that was created with the idea of maintaining standards for encoding album that's for online use in other words say creating of an Internet language. But lately it finds itself merely intern in the motifs. Still wet turf particularly urge to the idea that instead of encoding into alphabet. They're discussing whether or not they frowning global mud you would be accepted in the next positive I know wants to know about the change in outlook that says why. Isn't doesn't he can a practical application for anybody who's not on that debt it however if I have a smiley who floor Fraley who for San Mubarak had a Booth. But you know nervous if they put it movies that I find a universal language miles and hope it does not something that they wanna deal with right now are. University if it's something that every little thing I mean really come our men like who no matter what my dog proved. I've moved chimpanzees who elephants through quite a movie universal movie role in Iran as you know food with a hands out like I don't know. Around the world in Florida only for president for a deal why would she wasn't even driving in a car. Please receive a call about a woman headed down a Florida highway looking confused on a horse. Police arrived on the scene and gave her field test which she veiled and also blew a 161 if which and she was charged with Eli an animal neglect I didn't know that you could get a deal life for writing course look at more if you're on a rural road I guess they deal with it but in the Amish sort of bugging you sort of get as we. But if you're on a rural road what the state route you're not an earth. Nobody's allowed to be walking biking or whatever else interstate Schorr says typically you know libel the stuff you've you're out there on the road. Right but if you're only get two lane Arnold for late US route. On the side of the road. The I guess man if you're on something that's moving and it's not you you're drunk given immunity like gas good lawnmowers you and your and somewhat control I guess as you know he had a little bit of control list even if you're from the north I guess that's it yeah if you're in control of the if you're the operator of the vehicle. And you cannot be dry weather has been well one of what is your excuses what am I drunk for the horses to. But it does mean I look at ours is after that I pedal a big wheeled on the street. Right now maybe you're the only operator of the vehicles how would you though I've listened to Coolio underscore and on the surface level I would think that a horse would be okay for drunk though because you need to tell exactly called him on the horse loads of market direction and you know they can spell homer moment for his death. I don't know I'm talking about my career. Nothing dude you're you're right like I I get it I guess against avenue don't bicycles it does seem I don't know horse and still getting DW I just understand this no matter what. She wasn't gonna put anyone in danger is way out she was not going to kill anyone based on the I wanted to I might Cardona and around the turns lenses are more swell again I don't know that I. The horse is dead all right good now that was a long time coming but. He says that he will now go buy love or brother and and we'll answer them nothing else none. My name is broad enough. All right no matter how think. It's our collective wanna tell an old actress in Mexico was arrested after her response to her boyfriend coming home late and drunk on his birthday. She got through the effort to make him a surprise for thinking very special day but was angry at the fact that he'd come home late and he was drunk what prompted an argument between the two. Her boyfriend made the mistake of thinking that the discussion was over when he decided to go to bed before she and made her point. So she grabbed a pig and she admitted planted over his head he was going to slate. She's been arrested for domestic battery he should also be noted it in all fairness if you look at the dynamic of this relationship. This was the guy in his mid fifties and who's going out to get hammered with his friends his girlfriend was like 22. It's it's. OK so she is a very attractive you are FEMA I would assume he is an older man of some type of twelve standard. Yes. So I think that's why that went down the way without those look at the difference in age doesn't always doubled or written. If riding scene in Germany when an 81 year old man called police to alert them to a suspect in World War II bomb in his guard. Police arrived on the scene and approached the bond to assess that and discovered that it was actually sixteen is zucchini and. You can tell us all off Pollyanna garnered an even though it does raise. The partnership. They knew yardage zucchini right. I'm Obama and as every headlines that my heart out. Thank you sir we appreciate it we'll see an example return I'll sit and spin Joerg what else we gonna profile the shop the day ends up and also figure out what the hell he says look we don't know wolf figured out tomorrow until then please do what you do best and poorly this thing. And beautiful.