Tommy Holtzes Himself (Again)

Monday, November 6th

Tommy may be losing his mind, and there's a student studying speech pathology that agrees!


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To illustrate. Perfect nothing howl when you see someone you're concerned with its tongue tied for their candidate we're talking about you're really upset. You'll see pigs and family members friends that the shoulder health declining to be helped that's fine you kitty cat. Hat to him to make them healthy help you get healthy year. But confronted with that information is a problem because we have a listener who is to be speech pathologist who says he has noticed something Tom when he's concerned about his health. And eat without help his kid's gonna say is yell at he's a jerk he's a little smirk he. Left the at one of these you know. Intelligent. College guys. You may get out in the breaker rats to classic rock and you're BBC about said he was gonna break him on a regular basis you may not be familiar with Holtz. And Lou Holtz Notre Dame head coach worked at ESPN get now. Up there in eight Sharon and his performance on the on the show started to suffer so much so that he was just ramble and Nicky always without making sense of this is Lou Holtz holds himself live on ESP. Both the Willie I don't death could hit the day Britain and Kolb that they don't get a touchdown passes it. Yet Johnson. And you've been. Noticed that to me it's the same thing. Actually don't call time and is it it's a sign this is currently holds himself flat in the break room a couple of months. So we'll conclude welcome. It. Our wonderful list there is a lot of these million years reporting out when Tommy has been itself there. Multiple appearances of topic all to himself but the most recent one year low dollar and no there's likely to have a last week yes I don't. Are you mates is up it's that I conducted as a business is all you unedited on doctored this is Tommy's most recent weeks Holtz in the break room now got. But I. Yeah I didn't see it you know lost some kids get their message is basically operated. Oh. Did not what do wind blows and now it's. Snow got a pick up an at bat and a half I don't have no. There arrest is pretty good operated yeah. Holds a prompt to relay. Immediately what they. We get to produce a Brett you do illegal Olson's. While the luckily I don't death the day Britain and told the I think. Yeah I hit it all looks good and yeah. We'll it would probably I don't death hit the day Britney told the Atlanta and yeah. Yeah you know Willie I don't get pissed that the day brilliant told it did not I think you're going I don't depth. You know plus fluffy kitten quickly I don't know. The day and local. All right I won't care. Yeah the deaths secondary break and let them tell you if you don't get touchdown passes. And such crap that's big news it could ever. So is this guy's say so yeah that's a boy purpose agreed to let us and there's zero intelligent named Greg professor Greg Greg rages. Email ice and study to be a buyer to be a speech at college list. And he writes a speed pretty hardcore listener of the show is already missed it all series this talk about Tommy Layla meet guys of the show and every single day. Happens it's I got to town studied at the a more about the way Tommy's been talking. A lot of his words started right together he's having a hard time I'm making fewer points. Some of these things point to possible dementia I know that Tommy has a history of dementia and his family with a mother are also. Alcohol abuse over several years good. Causes aren't that alcohol abuse of the regular route called abuse alcohol. T talk every Thursday when your weekend starts. It's called haven't at all happy hour design everybody happy hours got mental illness he does not. Lack of sleep all signature ice and Michael Stahl a drop eating three. Function. I'm not racist to make a joke right discussed legitimately could turn it did I you don't. Talked to somebody about what's going on eight and having this hole I hear I here's the senate intelligence that you brings organs so bad she tong king catch up. I give you a good praises go crazy. No light greens having a hard time I agree he's going crazy grizzled my tong war itself out of it all you'll ball. Is O. We the are witnessing. The parties they need to do as a person with a friend of Katzmaier and this and everybody listening to this show has noticed that mother father or sister coworkers got. Camera time. I have plot to. I think if my. We've all noticed mile proposal. Blowing a kiss and one of the hardest things you'll ever have to do who is also undecided tell them I am concerned about the way Chile on an hectic with to a kind of disguise is going to see speech path I actually don't see this loser. A sunny about it saying. Speech pathologist is exotic hang on here. I guess he brain doctor this guy is a breaking down where you need these guys that he's a professor Greg what is MCC degree he's studied the it was very nice of Greg out of his way to SA insert personal he says the student okay he still hit the books junior okay. I don't know nothing now you got to be Tom Lehman's results because he usually this over and over again would not considered you at least now. But. I don't do it you know all she did get there arrest is basically operated. Arthur Andersen that perfectly clear what its battery operated personally sent out picked it. Arm warm anarchy hormonal little why is the questions like would be on why is that they run I think about my little holes national champion. Ran Notre Dame New York Jets direct sign yet not too. He still did okay. And professional broadcast. An elite clubs of one times you can't you punks who just what to do is get us out of away. A little older than away get a Natalie you wanna do we even you don't have to do crap if I wanted to out of the way I would have read this email sitting on this email for she's a young guy I guess about two good suit on April silliness like some help now. This guy who study speech at cash he study does have a degree in crap what is so wrong about going to get looked. And learning how do you know I don't get lost I got a bucket my shoes on up in my pants on right when his morning. Got here I am a military to visible bag. And a battle over here. Mean he's just saying this could be an indicator for solidarity. Or not I let's look at the facts it really goes. The fans were out consumption tax issues now what does that rank. The case that BO world famous alcoholic you get Tommy Churchill and Dean Martin had brain is charged the analytical invade Russia after World War II when she went of forestry nearly got dean Martin's but it our beloved. Entertainers FDR fact we focus on got to sleep over time his job will take your sleep I sleep like crazy you know I actually like this don't and he does get up later than their meals in the bottom line is this due. The most alarming one family history your mother your smoking hot he or mother who. Had to shoot the lights it's something I would be big check Edward delight to 88 years old she had memory let's go here's a way for Leo. In a super lakers it's like results like Steve are you offended by us it's like the completely excited I. Additive. The that I can have this conversation tells you my brains work and fine you for the last ten did you realize it. The city noted this is all is good it's elder abuse you don't punks. You know you see somebody you know little bit all your satellite you can take it all these cells is re. Or do Y all are and what you want can't hold on anyone at all bloody pretty agony gets satisfied the get a and you know what that is purchased I don't. As saying maybe try some brain exercises like deer cross words every day in you know really warm up via. The brain I don't stupid crossword puzzle what's at the do with think in her helps. We had a discussion about something that a listener of our noticed these great egos that he will Barton studied speech pathology he writes a serious email concern on about Tommy. In the weight is about what we're also. Market this guy be if you listen to these children born in any hit the books. But he lord about Lou Holtz is mouth Youkilis in the generally sunny did you listen Johnston it's now. This guy's background I just know I guess explaining tea some bottom Frieden. He's going to be burn out of college is it even worse beat nick to two to 6000 if you have someone in your life that you were noticing something going wrong. Right bringing it up today because listen. You noticed your mother and your father right point but they were a dollar fund pre was fine my mother went bad okay but it used to notice things might be wrong with your. In all seriousness. This is what's bad. And then my parent my entire Philly but yemenite try to be that my mother was that a very brave one. OK so checked checked so she went by on used to caller Ding bat. From the news this year Rica's Edith bunker or use acted like my mother so my father used to call my mother dating back at RG to call eat that thing that. Are you sure you guys just didn't think she was done because your father called acting that. I don't. I mean like she might have no intelligent woman does nobody got to see it. Let's say she was so that he said so it's hard to know when to break this bad behavior not that bright I DQ making the argument for our very bright. Can he said I've very intelligent reluctant she's on the phone but certainly do now is it do militant dead dogs yeah. Tommy is very upset that one of our listeners is legitimately concerned for his brain. Our season break mansi imitate seek out why it. Well I don't iMac and I I'd. Agree wit you know I am I can't count. But I'm happy that. He did hit the witty but I'm pretty comedies. I Honeywell you adopt you say that Rochester that's not saying much you pathetic guy who sit its seventeenth of budget guys that may have to wait too many drugs back BAT's. Still win. I. Eat. Every time he. Used to smoke. Then yeah it probably would be at. I don't know that it does he doesn't like it is at saint Thomas Huxley. Quite the opposite Tommy Tommy what he does what he's getting want to Tommy continued to be able to do what he does without having dementia. Or. And all the get a deal we'll get to what ports I'm Darcy this is Tommy's latest hold seat that happened last week on the show no go. But at baton unless I don't let you know well she hit. There arrest is pretty low grade. Comments there's. I appreciate it. I never get it but it's negative for BP late night. Obviously it's great because you've Hulu. The of that that it. Yet he'll tell us that you play that ended two Liu tackle like hyenas and it's hilarious oh. You are now but I want you to be all really is a would you want to be playing in Boleyn it over and adding. Producing you would Angel music you've Patrick added those social about the accused who's in the ass if nothing is a Wiki you to get to my age well. If there's nothing wrong light you can be excellent speakers you guys and team up on me I'm TO did its elder abuse. OK fine but I would not be concerned we will be anymore I apologize as Mike what do mailed his friends that I go out of my. My way to read something that somebody who might know was telling. Just what he might know this guy still wet behind is up professor ears as even the finish was his book and yet in his learn ins. Beatrice coming in front at break stay in line I personally think Tommy's opinions are Orson a speech. Opinions and he's spending a free speech to make sure that your.