Don't Mess With My Boner!

Friday, November 3rd

Doctors claim they can help improve your boner without a pill... It just might take a little pain to get there...

How far are you willing to go to get your former boner back?


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Man he could two point life he 40s50s and sixties where you got it. It's gonna give up Sinaloa honey you're done don't see you got its big on them. Armed settlers and tell us riddler but not men talk about their team to get a hold on your wood as long as you can man that's all you got left out. I don't understand how often do you talk budget dog antibodies to be sincere intelligent my body via a sudden the show yet at a much anyways sit around for your friends talk about BP is working. Now rode the again Ibaraki so that's what I'm sad suggest that you are doing that and I'm getting ahead is. Oh Wii is it I don't know how we're reacting to this stuff because nobody talks about it I do whatever that television commercial tells me to do like the rest of America. Did he do to fix yourself lag frighten you at all but this procedure can be disciplined business younger I mean I'm solves pricks I swear by these multiple pricks you guys swear by the state men have had it done here it's expensive. He like knows I didn't prepare Darren. Food. Boot hopes are you willing to go. To make sure that you still have you got them British got to go as far as your cap you break this glass cracked. That is tied to BC Mets he shot a pride tee shot. Oh soul. Wave of practices like a direction does it go away. To be hugely that I I would June. Is when gates at the buy soda by aggregate humorous as evade if you have an erection for more than four hours. Collier doctored everybody you know sorority thing. Pager I still want that took them to really crushed us highly Celek a private speech it doesn't go away. I mean I don't lol so it's a shot like you give yourself no no to here's how did what they've done yours work I got a pizza night. If you believe and it had this done it's going to be BB Rex you have when you're eighteen years old to this works according to what I've researched for men have complete tile dysfunction Ed for guys just want a little more zip on the ball. Aren't. It's a series of six peanut health general well all Bailey can get three shots if you have rabies. They take your own blood. For your arm. They shoot it back into your dog's a bit about platelets are blood cells or whatever apparently there is sites benefit to this up every to be doing this with other muscles to try to recover faster Tiger Woods Peyton Manning it's a big ticket under that he's. And move muscle but no yeah this is to do tiny penis so old but how many is it. Cause of last that I is that he I can't figure that out it's like why didn't I get a lifetime of Boehner I guess I boaters to log ninety's. OK but if they dealt this is good for a month. It it sounds like it's different for everybody seems less are pretty long on top of I gotta I gotta treat my Dong now like dead junkies armed. Down on you know by the open door mission. Hoosiers no lower you get to six injections and you have to go get a pump and to make it work you upon other almighty I appreciate that Rick did snowman. I get it takes a break it up pop like a squeeze yet you have to let go and as I don't always it's a it's but look I get ten speed that Los error. So should she hold a baby so you were still hot tonight. So screwed up big break debates. As soon as painful as this out which you knew dribble around rural. The boom boom boom. And there is issued medal lark lemon like working at between her legs. With the exception of bruising the same way. Look at. Six hits Texas a Brazilian head up Bob when Laura could pick up the bill would do what there's been a ticket that no negative side effects to the shot the show yes there is your wife like waiting around per now or not like they're content just drag and raising pump is you despite an entity public just to get every. Every day I'm the first couple weeks this agreed to review right or swearing by this yes there are geysers. I'll take like guys are short. Any time he's spent a crap load of money on something no matter how it goes you will brag about it. These don't like it if he did decide on that thousand dollars in medical expenses. In your dog I saw Leo go all bet this order era vet so at least two years old we get even though he's got to lose new ruled out there. I like to compared to women get Botox engine to actions to better for you to look younger you know a cable it they're so close you keep Regina and for a little for a little while I think actually women do that. Why would you both types of vagina if you put a Swiss ironically the house easier credit. What is it called off all of our I think it Botox is that protect you should. I think like details it is that and she ever told you on got a head of Botox of the giants obviously get the wrinkles out of the vehicle mileage Q Tony anything. Can't tell try to go to get wrinkles out of a Janet give me occur all. Yeah ice all the Eagles out and not the dust up that by this disease your face every wrinkle in her body goes completely straight lives. Is this. If it's way too much were there are big its effects by aggregation is expensive and it RBC to 2000. As that speaks at how much the bottle of Viagra secondary market forty to sixty. No secondary market that I think they retail for forty Bewkes corporate. They Canada and Ike another one now that the advertisers like ten bucks a -- people that come from. I think is the generic. I'd been saying this is all natural thing it seems like it works I just broke it I don't old natural if you're. African mad wrong and your install in homes. This is okay. It's as I gotta get a plumber over there once a month. How far are you willing to go get a call rude rude regular problems that are off are you willing to go to feature Boehner I just found out from willing to ago I ain't doing that. Originally what these people to tell you got there and Kerry Wii has wheels that carry a lot of things they hear the gut whatever and he's the same for your penis do you ever get to a point. Where it's never going to be as good as it once was he you know to deal with that it's like here's what you get settled for good enough. Up to Islam about. You was a man I'm not I'm not it is subjecting myself to note. Hope a lot of team has seen in pumps it was something or she sent to. President regretted doing in the pomp nosy you do injection very popular popular so toast and you study say digs in and out of sight that I jets and other procedural well. Is it it's one of those things yet to do every ache. A year or something like batters at one and done that I can't figure out yet and I don't wanna tell you that part of it yet because that's the part that I'm so what I'm reading divisions 4000 dollar 15102000. Dollars reading on me any good it website men swear by this incident he did work as well as they thought nobody that I've really be good stuff out of on net getting full eighteen year old power Boehner but there's nobody that said it didn't work like fully didn't work geysers eighteen inches and they decreased sensitivity of Kate dating gain inches. The Golan site you Ron Jeremy down Mary what do you get the subway for loans up to seven inches were talking you know win most if you're not yet Boehner used to go OPEC considers Hong. DV seven inch kitty thank senator that's gonna have a budget relativity and out there. Detectives 6000 it's called a private tee shot it's a series of six injections easier don't. To give you you're eighteen year old Boehner backed people swear I just think the tape I put it back in the video he did get open. Six pricks at once though it didn't touch I went on six shots. He could to poignantly if we just don't care anymore I think you get it and you and your down and tremors in the breaker went CNET are how anybody. I'll go to war and I do over it and all but first proper you don't triggered off and and he got up off but I never did well altered the voters older. Yes yeah CNN I why pat can't whether it's. It's like because she basketball is a lot. Public good so let the camera Xavier are often. You got eight and I mean you aren't a lot of weapons yet that. Two. In I might like it. I'll Aaron routers. And bitter anger that is that it is better than he'd get up that you would do ya gotta just forget about. I don't owe more elemental and notre. So -- tells me you know we will listen no offense at a guy in his 50s60s Boehner don't work as well as continue to want and also your wife right punish. The town that you know one of your so what you're. You're either we do I don't Oregonian that that they're a quality of the that you that they are here you could not argue muted all log I would. I rivers does not validate it and thanks Abrams host the season and the whole program. Are gonna bottom worker I don't think young adult and I didn't read it picked up or it a lot if you didn't get it I Hewitt did. Never ever days ago would have a gun residue well wait I'll reverence weekends ago I look. How had enough money in in this 1970s. I had a bonuses Richard Nixon left office it was David every bit shut down. 56. We see in the news on a weekly basis getting in trouble because people don't tell that it did exactly did. Billy Jones had to hit. Yeah she sees a gap jagr seemed to rent to meet its. Yes yes he worked element I mean Donald Trump's hit his ten 71. Yes. And you lecture and easier to which might be literally Peta does that yet to the day you'd but. Mean if I had an issue. Is that it's not just for full tile dysfunction to be a fastball back right he give you that eighteen year old both of what about that pain with a needle basically liking and you don't. It's a little bit pain a lot of and I didn't write them. The end numb and dawn getting a media. Register to monitor that. And in the an amendment in the. It's a little bit of time that McCain on the news or Mon jerk who's weak. Okay let's say Bob you costly dig up my mother banker dead body solid the breaker let's see about a shot light. I cannot do it while back about. Blood clot and it tactical. Yes I ever remember does that affect your vocal cords apparently asked. And I can tell you from experience and shot anywhere down there is. The worst idea. I have yet herb block shots and make it at saint detonated it is. Eyed kaine and. And how much is god hates your balls. I know right. And I did it all in one of those was conceived after all happen well it still works. Did it to releasing the excruciating pain that needle even with that. But the little topical and I'm numb but hold on Sean Euro but I got it vasectomies they say that shot into the ball just will kick after the put the figure at hundreds of tell me just a little one well that they've improved that operation over the years and my Brothers got it and it hurt like a mobile late already I was really get to. Celtics that nobody would give us the day six deal. Who knows but the procedure to learn about it everybody's his. I just get us at ease him up with a brick and pays for it but guys looks like he's the pictures learn to live man fifties and sixties say absolutely I get needle tracks like a junkie. If amount. Becker pace that is coveted I take Viagra I would actually be opened suddenly decide to worry about what my life is too weak to my body and 15102000. Dollars is not a lot of money when you're talking about you're being. Each hit two libraries side effects from. I am glad to be heart problems like you can decide what's a heart except it was a heart medicine to be unit by be seen anybody that. Right from one taken by an early age he can give it I think I heard that I'm ever night I don't accept it also pictured here eggs of a budget problems. We're reactive. Side effects may include. Headache dizziness abnormal vision stuffy nose muscle pain back pain. Upset stomach ache from LA is. Your wife give you all the side effects of them take the Viagra a I'm not kidding about heart of equity gynecology take the blue will be don't Dolan of Britain and.