Buffalo Bills - 11/2/17 Post-Game Hour 1

Friday, November 3rd

Hour one from the Buffalo Bills Radio Network post-game show following Week 9's 34-14 to the New York Jets.


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This is the post game show with a neat hearing brought to you by northwest make the switch to northwest and get back to living. All right welcome into the post gave shown they Kyrie here following a 34 to 21 bills loss on Thursday night's. A typical performance. Offensively defensively three turnovers for the bills. None forced. Three fumbles. Tonight. Atypical performance all around for bills fans. For the bills and just about anybody involved. In this game let's go to a some quick stats. Here let's go to the express my stats of the game chicken and express card not your average. Convenience store up pretty nice gay passing. The football for Tyrod Taylor. Taylor the finish indeed that evening here 29 of forty. Sir that was mine that was on me Tyrod Taylor finishes the evening twenty out of 4285 yards two touchdowns. He also have to wait rushing six carries 35 yards and a touchdown trauma quite twelve touches. Out of the backfield 125 yards and a data jets' defense of the great job all evening clogging up holes for bush on the court he going. Receiving wise yet they tops and ended up with a really nice night seven catches 81 yards and a touchdown most of that stuff came in. And garbage time Zeke Jones six catches 53 yards. And a score for the other side the jets not much from their passing offense Josh McCown only attempted twenty passes fortune it's 140 yards. In to score Matt Forte lit it up. For New York so did Boyle Powell both guys really ran the ball well. For the jets Forte finished the evening fourteen carries 77 yards two touchdowns boil policy nine carries. For seventy. Four yards and Robbie Anderson led the way for them receiving four catches 48 yards in that first quarter. Touchdown let's take a look now at some teen stats from this one. Obviously an ugly one but the yards were pretty similar obviously the bill's able to get a lot of garbage time that our ten points towards the end there the jets and up. 331 yards to the bills 307. Turnovers obviously the big one this 13 for the bills zero. For the jets in time of possession the jets' 33 minutes. To the bills 26. So there are some of your express martz gets the game check it out experts Smart. Not your average convenience store let's pause ten tickets now for station identification your listening to before those radio network. From start to finish 88 you just got the feeling really from the first drive by. A lot of people are pointing. In wanting to blame Tyrod for the first played the the first planet had been a sack and and it brought him back into the deep in their own territory nearly nearly a safety. That play it wasn't a blitz there wasn't it was apparent to us faulty there's not be did you. At the beginning the played two broke teachers your blockers to the right it was a naked boot the defender made a nice play and that's how the game started offensively for the team. They just couldn't get the ball going at it. Seven sacks of Tyrod Taylor according Glenn got absolutely manhandled. From the first played the last like I just and maybe his worst game in those four. Yeah that's my biggest takeaways from this game is easily the offensive line today. One of the worst games and there's they'd rather bad games especially when we went back to pre season this year and they had some really bad days and pre season. This is probably the worst I've seen them any regular season date just repeatedly. Being manhandled repeatedly being pushed back hands. I don't know what it was because normally these are a group of guys that can rally to gather and you know. Give a little bit of a push back but there was just none of that tonight they were just getting man handled. All my health is a cold. I'll works and that's just not something that you really expect to see from this offense no Jordan Jordan mills and why do costs are not the most talented guy right and they are the guys that normally get beat but Eric wide. I Richie tiger you know I guess I didn't notice him so much according client really really bad. According Glenn played bad Vlad it costs I just I I. I am getting frustrated at this point and I just wonder what it is the coaches. Insist on having fled to pass play for because I I don't know what the problem with John Miller is but he is him being enacted to me. I just don't know the excuse what the guy's a two year starter on this team. And you've completely out CD Regis completely sick the guy. For a guy that in I'm sorry and I can he just doesn't deserve or belong on the football field he's done nothing for the pre season throughout training camp threat anything. To prove to me that he's starting offensive linemen in this league they need to do something else the right guard position. It's been atrocious gore you know. The right side in general has been great George mills has not been a problem he wasn't a problem tonight courting Glenn was the problem night was a terrible game. For government to give you some stats here. From the third quarter this is a team that I will say have Donnie nice job this season coming out of the second half. Making adjustments and looking like a different team that looks like ADB brings something new. Or they've got something in their back pocket they week to one bail in the second half that just wasn't the case today they came out I can even tell you how many times they ran the ball on first down. I thought in terms of play can't they Rick Dennison just was not there there was no. There wasn't a lot of authentic play calls it just seemed like a lot of the same running plays it it really brought out of shotgun they were getting owned at the point of attack. Tyrod. Was getting they are bringing five guys every single play it may need to recognize that and try to beat coverage there's only six guys in coverage you gotta do something that. Third quarter 52 total yards. 54 penalty yards in the third quarter the third quarter single handedly lost the Buffalo Bills this football game tonight there's no question about third quarter. Was an absolute. Killer for this football team you look at. Since their first assertions are second quarter touchdown. And this doesn't go without talking about get a touchdown in garbage time. Since they're touchdown in the third quarter going into the fourth quarter 33 and outs three turnovers in a turnover on downs. That is it it's that's atrocious offense this team really struggles on the wrote. They've got. Maybe the most frustrating thing about this is the opportunity. Oh win in this game does for your chances of making the playoffs the road. I had it six in two. It's a very viable route to the playoffs. The route from five and three isn't that much more significant to you need to match your five and three record in the second half here. And a little skeptical about I am I I won't idea I'm I'm not feeling great about when you look at a New Orleans Saints team who is rolling offensively. Against the bills defense who seems to have lost their identity a little bit. In the running game you don't have to worry so much about a great saints running attack what you do got to worry about is Drew Brees who's maybe one of the most. If not the most prolific passer in NFL history. This bills defensive lines getting no pressure whatsoever. Those are concerning things especially when you're talking about placing some of the best cornerbacks in the league that's going out to the locker room where Sean McDermott. Matches the meteorite. The questions. So it. This is. Yes we'll. You know he really only has mama timing yet to speed in and the the guys put in again as it did play. And put in time and weaken and and so when do things the right way as far as it goes. Output not I'll luck. Iran and so we. This is uncharacteristic of this team. To date you know we we played so far Miller from in we've got. We got out coached real played no fundamentally. You know we were very good and then punitive penalties you know some of those were. He called aggressive if you want but other than that it was it was you can't do that and expectant waiting game and it felt so we've we've got to get better we'll learn from this and no excuses young we we. Give credit to to the opponent to the jets. And it to be straight up tonight. And we're alive in this battle for Arthur had the front. He threw. It starts there. Well it starts up front every week Chris a dozen and you know we need a better job of establishing a line of scrimmage or in the game in and I gained accredited yet. What was the liquidity doing so obviously pleased to get so much pressure Kyra it's unusual that he would get that much pressure that quickly. That was happening. Other challenging challenging us with an eight man box in hand on the and in doing good some good stuff of fraud and and you know really it was just you know fundamentally they were doing some good things technique wise and and you know so we can do their job and then there and then there. It's laws as they're a little bit in the second half Jerry used unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. You mentioned penalties earlier some of those. Looked like she behavior of the youngest one variety. Crowley's got on the canyon means a lot to on the and you see the emotion you see the seat and get in the game and we can't do that we have to stay poised. Regardless of the situation of the game and and I'd be disciplined and and now we need we need to do better job with that. The focus on line each week in the same but it was national TV game you guys are in this position is that. Make it any different for you for your team that it went this way on this national stage. No I mean against a game in and you know this is this is a great learning experience for a sin and it's not the result we want it and there's not a man that room that. And then feels otherwise and so we have to learn from dislike any game whether it's national spotlight or not. It's never easy and every few in this league in. And you've heard me say before you gotta be on game every week and we weren't obviously tonight so I take responsibility for that and Miller from. But it short. Effective game sometimes teams do that. You know nothing really I mean you know obviously you just they were challenged with the same short week is Johnson and I understand that kind of prepares though. I'm again and give him credit. That's still still too early right now hadn't spoke with the transition so severe was your view of the planet was heard it first happened. Purity and truth did you see that. We know we had he simply was called Leo contacted that. You know so just take a look at again on film. Go from is is task force at this point becoming concerned. You didn't have much of it again you have an edit and our carpets without court last week that you haven't had a whole lot that's what's that's their concerns were. Well you have to go to affect the quarterback selling you know that you've heard me talk a lot about that so home village of the film and and to see where and why things were happening that we worry scramble in the first quarter there and and scrimp for a touchdown in and so we we get a coordinated affront to take when you know mobile quarterback that can run like just Enron and and so morning or take a look at that this week. Yet to be effective quarterback honestly. This this team is over though apparently though not all these guys are humble. They prepared like they make they have every week. You know. We've just got to you know no excuses we got beat. We get be insular from it and you know I'm confident this group that we will learn from it and will move forward get stronger and better because of regain either one or spin rate and let's try this case to you have to fill back up again. I think yes they're about being honest and you know we look at the tape will get a good feel for. Four. In zone where things went when he arrived there so. Obama thought we'd go we can preparation you know just take a look at its agency and I know fundamentally. I know I can do some things that are as well and and you know and so we'll just we'll take a look at it to in the house with the sells its restarts in order for us to move forward in growth from the and you have to be honest with ourselves and and and I can assure you will will do that. It's the first time management fast you know afternoon trading. What sort of difference hitting me with this news conference. Well he's obviously a very good receiver Aaron and Brandon is stance is a good job with. Of identifying Kelvin and and and you know we're anxious to get him going and get him up to speed you know for your earlier question my can. And I give him acclimated with with his teammates continue to do that in and go on the offense and in a look a look at this week his vehicle owner. The resources to. Our bills head coach Sean McDermott there when we come back we will get to the phone so. 8030551. 808550. To 550 will also DT you or tweets as well between Evian eager to be DR. Or are at into the jar Twitter which is at the B jar. 550 also take a tax out at the tax line open because I can just only imagine those are proud to be pleasing hot takes a we'll get to those text to. When we come back laws if you'll play the game all that more here on the bill's post game show a Buffalo Bills radio network. Paid actors illustrating. Prior results do not guarantee similar to each case you need after a motorcycle accidents we don't Barnes got me one point five million dollars twelve times more than insurance offered I'm Steve Burns. It's your X indicates we're more than the insurance company says call us if you would be surprised. I'm over in 2009. Times more Sharif awkward. I'm rustling up what's your case really work callus now find out. Yeah. 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And the winner for the ship's best excellence award isn't. Going. I live boy okay. Except that friendly thing going olive oil I'd also like to thank the other brands in this category I need to know going ahead bold on the lever but we ever judge superior overall. Yeah. Immediate family veggies or chicken and reached for the stars and going all the oil in the. 036 Taylor in the shotgun takes the snap your competitors straight up the middle. Extensive down quite up you'll get. But none of the ball movement. Having no signal definitely officials. They kept fighting and fighting for more yardage and it came down Jamal. That nick O'Leary fumble your play of the game it was really. To be quite honest the turning point of this football team maybe the point where I think. Bill's fans and everyone else watching this game thought yup this one's. This one's over now. It's a tough break on that play. Obviously nobody touches O'Leary when he goes that was a great play great catch great throw. Top result. Means that once it'll 30551888550. To 550 those numbers to call you wanna get your thoughts and I've got. Did that ran a little bit here because it wouldn't be a post game show but it rant but. I have a real issue with the weight at certain people want to criticize this football team. There are ways that you can look at this game and you could find just about fault across the board but. The the jump to conclusions. Things. Just. Wait too soon of a hot like how people calling for Nathan Peter and this football game. Nothing. About this game was Tyrod Taylor's fault. Seven sex and that's not even really a step that sticks out to me as to why this team struggled offensively. I thought tyra played well I thought he made some nice throws. I thought he played a pretty good game. I thought if another quarterbacks and if Josh accounts plank for playing Korda the Buffalo Bills their might and fifteen sacks in the field and maybe more. They were bad today offensively up up front that's where it started and now I am attacks like Jerry Hughes is is so overpaid overrated the bills need entirely new front seven. Up until today. Jerry Hughes was maybe your most kids consistent pass rusher in May be your most dynamic player in your front seven now he's the most overrated player. In the league and yeah you know what Lorenzo Alexander had a tough game today and I thought it tough game last week tackling this team. Completely. Fell apart tackling today. There were on multiple occasions the team just. Going for the strip trying to make it turn over and instead what it is that a the second minute mentality did the first guy in was trying to strip the ball out. And those running next to commit. But edged. Get it relax and some of the criticism to this football teams up five and three football team. Even after that sticker on Thursday night. There's still a lot of football left to play in the the thing is you can't call for a team to bench the quarterback every time they lose a football game. That's not rational why you don't listen I know bill's fans are the most rational people. Putts at some points. What you have to realize is that there are eleven players on offense there're eleven players on defense and oh yeah there's a special teams unit. As well you can't put everything on the quarterback when they waited he can't put everything on the quarterback when they lose Tyrod didn't get them back in this football game but you know what. The idea that he can't run a two minute drill what he ran one the entire fourth quarter in the east. Chipped away at these courts in garbage time points he scored two touchdowns going away. Because they ran the two neutral effectively turn overs beat them in this football game that offensive line play beat them in this football game. Bad tackling beat them in this football game not Tyrod Taylor. It'll 30551888550. To 550. The thing is that I'm reading here on Twitter and they're there in the locker room they're taught us some people we've got us some news reporter saying. Urging god needles calling the Thursday night's. Thursday night games. Poll. Is snapped yeah that Phil and fill in the blanks there and says it's completely unfair. And at putting everyone else don't I I'm not trying to create excuses but I think one of the things that the bills have done really well in these few weeks where they start stacking some wins. This game planning. Yup and I'm wondering how much of a true game plan and they about instituting how bad was the offensive line and pre season when they weren't really doing any sort of game planning. There were awful. And a good offensive line wasn't doing a ton of game planning for the scheme. That might have gotten an issue there were not many times I can recall in this game seeing. That doing some of the things that made them successful last year some of those adjustments they've made in this offense of the polling guards and the fullback following the polling exit into a whole lot of that again just seem to be. A pretty standard lineup and you block your guy kind of kind of scheme wedge. I don't think is what makes this team successful I think what makes unsuccessful as one they have a four game plan instituted. And are actually attacking another team's weakness and I don't think they were actually doing that in this game. Listen there's a lot of criticisms. Of the scheme any time you lose you can pick whatever you wanted to blame for this football game but. The idea that literally. Five hours ago. Everyone's saying they win this game. There is a big difference between 536 and two I agree. But defected to the same old bills now is just so it's just to break. The just just give me a break the way that they'll be the same old bills that they come with this. And daybreak. And they show up at home they're still under the New Orleans Saints and just lay another right. And listen. I understand this team has made the playoffs is seventeen years. But it doesn't give you write as a failed whether or not you're fan to just. Cook while there is just say ridiculous things every time a game is played. The apps inflows. It's just it's just oh that's just ridiculous is what it is. All right let's go to the phones christened title on day your the post usual course. Don't look I. I absolutely agree you tyra does nothing. To lose scheme for a little ones are present line. Our defense. Who think airplay icon because it would take a lot of poor tackling. Penalties was to understand plays with slowed it down these. I mean. We had nothing. To roll Tyrod out of pocket kept him in the pocket when they count born in the box. Constantly. The orderly blitzes. Or rate atlas is it nothing Connor that. And I can play entire and that in and the either embassy collect. I don't think they you know this was quarterly. Plan game plan from the coaches and apple does not practice com and I think they should. I hope to combat something about it because. I think that Jack expose our defense. Or how good they are and if that case will active European travel site at saint. Thanks for the call Chris I am. I don't know that the jets exposed. Anything about the bills that I don't think a lot of people already knew. I just think discipline today. Really hurt this football team defensively. They work in this spots that they have bad that the reason I thought last week against a very good passing offense. Was because there are spacing. Where they were in the zones. Where they were in their run gaps. That also went out the window today and whether it was the lack of preparation let whether it was the short week I don't know what it was but their run gap. Discipline was terrible today. They're tackling was terrible today. Biggest white didn't have a great game I thought. This team misses DJ gains they miss a fully healthy Joerg employer and I'll tell you what they missed Marcel Darius to. Jason in South Carolina a year on the presidential candidates. Anyway albums worth it. Good AM and we just got punched in the mouth. Down the Big Apple. I distinction on the steps have been respond to this. That's a good question Jason how I would say they'll likely watch a lot of film on this one and be very self. They're gonna self evaluate themselves and an and not really like what they see after this game. But they'll make adjustments and they're gonna face a far. Weaker defense going into their next game in nor Owens is coming or pads played better over the last few times. Over the last few days the stilts that New Orleans Saints defense I I'm I'm not very. Impressed by Brian ways they'll. Young post Angela Brandt. Yeah they did he has played pretty good and I. On pit sitting there it Koppel there now let me over early and it being even midway through that game. Well I we can't fault the defense entirely. At that game and I'd rather it be awkward Beckett put a little bit more. It it is. I both sides are equally to blame this law that night game he could report the news this and now he got. Well well that. Couple that. Yet deathly Brian agri did it it's not an easy road but died rarely is in the NFL didn't end. Let's and they they have medic a very effective team on the road big big play much better at home I think they feed off of the fans at home and I think being need to bring that on the road leading to bring that intensity didn't need to bring that focus on the road with them that they haven't been able to do that. Visit this is telling young team this is I mean not by age. They're learning. This in new walk and it's a new defense. I just don't I don't know how people didn't think there's going to be some hiccups along the way over seventeen week season. The patriots didn't look at starts they look better now. The jets looked terrible week one their seem to be a little bit better football team now. And maybe that's the thing that people. Are so upset about because they think this New York Jets team is just the worst they're not the worst team in the league in fact four of their five losses have come. By combined score nineteen points is a team that is in a lot of games that should be in my opinion. The same record or better record than a built right now they should have beat Atlanta and they should be Miami this is a better football team than their records suggest. They are better football team that a lot of people thought they were going to be. As for the bills. The jets and those are pretty similarly. They're pretty similar tale of teams they have the very similar talent it's low level on the leak. It'll real by 51. It is 550 to 550. Let's go to break we come back if you end up data sports the sabres. Currently in actions what did you score update their from Judy yesterday you're listening to Buffalo Bills football.