Football THURSDAY with Buffalo Bills DT Kyle Williams

Thursday, November 2nd

The Bills could be 6-2 heading into the weekend, but they'll have to get past the New York Jets first!

We break it all down with the HEART of the Bills defense, Kyle Williams!


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We expect it to go to special football Thursday the prudent here see about bills jets 25 live tonight that idea apple you got it pre games to forty cats and your right Obama be ecstatic shooters. 126 for airport broad bills out. I've never believed giveaway delicious to BC event it was IPO. We got tonight that he's not dot com final round all the places you go to the status Landler batch. So come on up to ninety shooters shoot 26 airport road we could be wake up tomorrow morning too we six into buffalo new right now eyes X 262 Buffalo Bills team that has a new weapon and Kelvin Benjamin now no word on whether or not he's officially going to play tonight I would doubt it. He is priority is there considering he VG to tag and yet there yet these arguments he's 65 to 45 what's going to be one of the biggest receivers ever in. Federal skinny. You might end his big. The man who is not. Yes there's that. I elder states and your we heard was gonna retire came back proceeds that we assume is gonna be taxis and it seems like he made the right decision over Alia joining us the break it football Thursday big applause at buffalo bills' defensive tackle. And kept it. Kyle Williams event caused a gallon. Eight days it's not really appreciated. It all right so bills are fighting to. All of Western New York is excited but I urgent the other day talking about how you have been on a few of few of these teams that have had early success. Did work out so well. Is this Biden too feels different from the previous five B twos Kyle. I think the commitment to the coast differently distinct. You know and Rick catlett and I was ten entity what. What the record may or may not be it would remain holed but I think it's just it's these. Are committed to working committed to competing and to prepare against him you know no matter what the record is not think these guys are out and I gonna give you what they got all the way. Elected to an report quarters. Because you bring that up and I've heard that set a couple of times a commitment to. Every NFL player at all times is working as hard as he can you tell the leader guys that are Jesse Jackson opened up with a bridge folded it sometimes got. Well no I'm not saying that understand when you have a collective when he has. Everyone going in the same direction when you have everybody committed to this process like let's talk about this process. When you have everybody on the boat the same direction that's when you get good results and he'd get you know teams that are able to sustain success. But you guys are playing almost like the coach has dirt on you he's gonna release at some point. Don't play well. They got tired of playing right now yes armed. Well let's open up and walk around elementary and you know coach knows and and yes like what you you know what I'm talking about. So you know I'm not here to my you know I don't. The alert. Because you are you the crafty vet here you are the boys locker have been watching you do the speeches you know what the end of every gave their emotional the watch and watch you get choked up but. Being the voice of reason have you had to walk around the locker room this week it pulled guys excitement back tell listen we a lot of work left to deal course everybody on the same page that late to. Not think its horizons and countries adequately yet cannot rolls around pretty attached equity yup. It's of the EG gains I'll be honest just us talking. How many members of your current defensive back field. Had you heard of before this season. Well I watch a lot of film so. Actually most of those of us has got quite let don't let my console you don't castill schools on fighter contract actually liked Colin now that the Natalie you know I've seen those guys play a little bit obviously I'm not. Well versed on the bank including as far as what should be equally but you know I've seen those guys and when we had at that got them or their compete here. Scotland bills defensive tackle you know it's paid out this year and a great group on C about Kyle what's shocking the most bills fans and what about to say I mean with no disrespect. Is eat seeds there was way more talent on the field the previous two seasons first round picks pro bowlers all over the place. But the deal we have now has not looked this good in over a decade I don't you're talking about you know rowing the boat the same direction and pay attention to detail the house to be something more whole bunch of guys that were collected here even picked off the pilot sub point are playing so well together. Well I think it's. Has sought to do with our defense ouster of black and white urged note. Rupp gray area here guessing areas on no announcement quickly we've had some. Ultimate answer that's pretty good be considerably years in the you know right now over more on how are now we're trying to figure out how to sustain that we can wake up. Google lately I can do that this group preparation or or start. And defense looks like so much fun. Did you just get to smack guys around it's just so cool. And yet. What they wanted to get so far outcome which you'd take on two of those guardian of ethics on every day. I. Got up made you think it was very very lol yeah. Time deed does it every to a point like the middle of a game it's like Damon Arnold went after running the 700 pounds of demand right now. Now it's it's kind of yeah. Can become old hat now not all those guys as well as younger like apple brand strength now and gotten easier. Got up close for you to retiring in the offseason. I wasn't you know is really just sitting in the Big Apple look at a special our future Helen only response I don't know he's got a hold the status companies and you know a whole new process in Honolulu. I don't know what their point and hasn't Jimenez who don't know which that kinda got our retiring so I've talked to the end and I had a Korean and they want you to be a part of the you know really really want him a big drawn out deal. Many but that day I mean it is common as much as maybe you don't want as much bills fans don't want it how much of that is your choice. How much of it is the rest of your family's choice. I don't know I don't think about it the honestly mean this is the scanners. This is part of announcement takes him to another view and it it takes them to your commitment. You know if you start with a war including and a war without you know it's gonna it's gonna buy it so yeah I'm gonna know all of that my team and and not. Everything that we can do to win right now and that alerted about some other. Kyle Williams goes to tackle I know I know how that's the break group on CMF bills spills fans here Western New York are anticipating win over the jets but I've heard a bunch you guys Kyle talked this week about how you do not want to underestimated team like the jets what stands out to you about this team and how they're playing right now. Olympic and so popular ones in the hearings in the in the Latin new ones are also present in the end so brilliant so. You know they're competitive team a well coached team so. It's been a lot to get ready or. In the Berlin Paris and on aspect in which a quick turn around and elect Arnold everybody that makes it even a bigger challenge. How different are they now than they were week one when you saw in the first. All personnel assigned but I think they count on what they like and what they excuse well. In hand. I the kind of stuck a gun so we have to be very went pretty you know and anything that may or may not the last a virtual. Are the jets fans that nasty is coming out of that tunnel I just imagine so. There's not really any sweet ones hang around and finally. You know you could ultimately we're gonna pick different accent I'm mentally are the countries that are in an ardent equipment. But that accent really cuts through yeah I mean that accent is that nasty yeah. You know I mean how. And the that even an accident it's pretty maxed NAFTA is. And missiles again. And Kyle it's color rush. This gave against the jets you know that is tiger you're a public's low was me on out there and you're you guys Wear all white face mask first time I think in bills history when I'm with the boys famous Kyle. Do you care about how you look going out on the field and a lot your teammates take a lot of time making sure they look good walking out of that locker room. You know make a hundred humans such close close contact come and have blood and it's not gut everything on about it and again that really. Coming of the tunnel tests that track but there are. Marseille Barry is the third overall pick. Shipped out of town last week sixth round pick Kyle I do you guys were very close does that ever get easy. Easy but honesty for a long time he's seen a lot of close friends oh does every easy be old hat you know seat by these guys. I don't have a gala introduced a much I want you invest so that helped him is here and it's CD that. New York you'll soon understand how everything works and who no longer an option. You know there's all these guys monopoly them anymore which shall send contact with a man cherished friends. You know it's interesting a guy like myself and if you met the guy he's the sweetest human being Lieberman your life but he had his issues off the field and may have led to what happened against Jacksonville Kyle I mean public perception wise you're the exact opposite I think a lot of people are shocked to see that you guys were so close what is it about you would myself that meet you guys such good friends. Well you know I think it is evening on people from from different places like Iran to the races and religions. You know when you talk about the concept in human it's it's it's unique. And you know you also the only listen you know everything up outside a lot current appeal to me you know you are in the business yeah Eric problems in other. You know martial law and his partners rookie year to you communities that are doing this Alaska as. Okay in use which kind of really bonded and work from there. Violence goes. Okay T have a sister. Market I would like to know one of your teammates the guy's guy and your team you would least like to find out is eighty your sister. How. As answer ever secrecy like ritzy. Well mean that other Richie well and that's. But that's that probably determine how. Guy that we let Levy we appreciate the time good luck against jets may date Q. Our real ID kit. They got it to you about the New York Jets tonight 825 live at CMF pregame starts at 4 o'clock we could have been 62 bills deep tomorrow. What are you gonna have and it's done they'll. That would geyser in.