Break Room Hate Mail – Lazy Halloween

Wednesday, November 1st

Why do people get so grumpy over candy?? There shouldn't be any rules when it comes to handing out Halloween treats..

Yet, one listener says it's softening America!

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Does the letters written by you tight. By you said well that's with stay at all them to us or management this one was addressed to the show a general met agree would you want your crusade to get get dotted Abrams and Miller renewed its hate that we get Evans now a CF. This is a letter to reinforce how writes Tom and you lay is about these kids getting something they don't deserve for not. The welfare state that were supporting by giving kids candy that are traveling to nicer neighborhoods we'll continue. Turn ruined this country keep supporting the people living off that of the government. There are worst record traders and the kids coming from other places there the kids. Whose parents drive them from house to house to get their candy I CDs that. Lazy future diabetics get their parents' car in the neighborhood. Last I shut off the lights and closed the door on the kids who were walking. And I encourage you to do the same I don't wanna hear about sent to every sensitivity makes you a Canadian. Start bringing these kids up to take care of themselves and watch how fast America becomes the greatest country in the world again. If parents won't teach your own kids a lesson. Other people showed it starts with me. I encourage you to spread onto your listeners if they won't punish their kids you punish them more than a loyal listener solved. That's a great idea right. Let's punish someone else's kids results are due for some has got to do it noticed buddy embryo the kids druthers I don't at this so distorted or I saw last night yet some LaMont with a van or something to keep it in the van they drive from door to door athletics body freezer at the next stop. Well every person I know that it that it wasn't that kid that wanted to drive around it was the parents okay could be just a ticket to go what he depends on how big. Property is to let it just a couple of steps in CD's get the Tariq Ali Garko if you live in an area where there's a space between houses get the cargo. But I never seen as well you have a really short street regularly their Webster. At a recited a decade did well or adore it it's a school bus speed Webster you lived on a private drive. We review with me okay whatever. I think you're looking for Stalin timid and yes I do you know. What this guy on the kids paired strive to get to oust if that's ridiculous. Shut the lights off I can walk up the driveway I'm glad I was at the guts to do it. It. Feel like a terrible person if you did that that's why I got the guts. I wish I had the guts I don't have the guts amid Iran here. Belichick could impact figures that you wish you were meaner individual. Oh. It. Took recruitment and. It did your race. Else's kids is there a reason tickets are pretty sad when you had this one on our bigger problems in the world but I don't want these are some things it's a quick facts. What he's what do you do you know an advantage. Walk around what you little fat legs again upon what you get in shape bad boy I didn't get elegy to the news tabloid sell power up you saw something else yesterday to what he's releasing his sky we. I've never seen this before but to sew up my effort Harrison on our porch like giving out candy early on that a kitten and she liked. Moms locked up with like a little Halloween Elsinore like oh my kids six and trick or treating for them a mind and I know the one woman as a mother she lives like a couple houses down I see them walking the dog there's nobody can a bag of candy. Succeed. But it does say he's not trick or treat you don't get I need to get a variety of candy. There was some slack dance whore mom coming up what are handout one and king and he did that I've never seen that before not even a mile or mom. Should I mean again like she's doing and I I don't I'm mother wouldn't do it from Hewlett. They like his ears of mega candy is he this. Back on adored it dollar pre your sickness. I how sick are you can't walk grinding game I would bet you wouldn't be releasing cricket like torturing one beautiful to him regularly get those already noticed giggle outside. Basic executives like go when it Jerry's kids. Get out even my wife got into the penis last night at the did you Robin. So we answer the door and his three kids but you flat ass once and what are the other kids goes went to treat it was like my sister is sick on your retreat for her and he had two backs as she puts you can't teach literature is. You just can't and just me I. Sweet kid should go back to take candy and every time to what is had to do was smooth talker white cells and come into the door it was guided giant is like a blanket the our neighbor holy. I picture the token for Hamlin. By the way the diverse and guess you'd ever favorite web sage has I had talked my wife out of open. Don't work and walking down the kid who it's quotes can't afford extra piece Katie why is woods' PG while I doubt. But it's odd shot shot and doing this for somebody else's crap. That's a lot of work for kids like around two bags and not why not just. You know it's a lot of work at these get all candor I've also seen people complain when Mike Abel bubble out kid takes too much of a handful tripled and. A dramatic and it still in pretty bad that there be little fat handled what do you think getting kids get a deal predictable candy in their face hate mail of the week this week guy says if you want to raise your kids I'll raise them for you I teach the lesson of your kid's gonna drive house to house the car on turning up the lights locked in the lower. IE implore you. Guys that Dick is a good idea to go out and tried to each other people's kids a lesson from you can't get reps. There's already she wrote for harassed and some pop it makes you a sight no. They were you beat to get sick and tired a look at this does generate our. The arrogance of someone who thinks it's okay to teach another kid a lesson that your kids are really it's Ed perfect an emotionally stable right. Let's look at B ever these kids have problems right. Look at beads that you're doing is better than the way on to get I don't play if anybody else looked EU and the way you raise your kids that you would do it. Because I'm doing a writer you know. And have a whole lot IW always have put you always had to go to takes a village to raise. That'll Terje. So. That's part of what we're doing here like it that's what that book says it takes a village to raise it can't write so does that mean like. I see your kid doing so ours was to help that punish it help yes punished now how do you help that we don't punish you can eat. It's open enough for you preview candy fills the breaker let's see that they fill your body. Content on this sort of got to top every table last night our group obese. Woman. Was sticking around her kid on the scooter at nine point 8308 does electric sadly these scooters yeah yeah. There was not and Tony realized night I couldn't believe I was and I last week in this disorder was doors circle in the street stood to double back to go to turn out this. Speeds such knicks built a house and had an interest at the U eight yourself handicap you know it's. All bro I just see I just heard radio level or she should not let drilling be so talk to your wife. Day she will tell you he's a doctor yet so I ask your ask her. That most people would a weight problem it's because of their own device it they eat too much you can do it yeah. Say the idea being think except that. That lady tech guy named scooter with a blown out tires. Got Betty and salads and and she probably could she win game. I accidentally delete yet idiotic I need more food. And don't need to build a Benedict the Rio rebutted the pro god yeah. I'm really need for TCU's. I don't get it. I he's not going and I actually give it to them in a lot of credit for getting out. But at bat and she'd have to go out. At your head you know lost some kids get there arrest is. He's pretty operated pat and you take your kids graduate manager scooter Arctic. Who is the reason that you're let's talk holds itself. No automatic credit fitness that Booker and. Us carry it around and he's jet bettering out Cerro. You can you can. There isn't anything right girls if they were that way she's right you mean she still tried taker came out she's a hero and what a hero that brought in next. At current phase it was his company do is get that BC event with a great group is what's below recruiters or talk about teaching other people's at the last and that guy right. Do this all the time but seek it whining and make sure I'd go out of my way to rush them a with my shoulder and they shoot at a dirty look like I know what you're doing that you need to stop it are you out you were got to deal mighty. I had this it's a it's like fire and a little something across about tailoring shop and no there's nothing weird about a grown man brushed up against kids stared at wegmans. Three day take that I don't Petit through the a's called discipline. Get punched in the face by the real parent you rested for. A rough OPEC had a little bit maybe you straighten up if I read you a story from there she went man accused of brushing up its children stare at the grocery store look. Depends on the situation. Dollars did you just yet but. At every sex with you. Peter W pressuring us like kids now everything you see sex as sex don't put your hands and another person's skin don't teach them a lesson tells Reese they're kids man. Fine just as these why won't I won't interrupt device you discipline nuclear. I I do avoid the assets we talked about that you know I think you'd like your kid up bum I'm not a saint yeah OK okay rules uncle and I'm sure deserved it. And I don't think so epic it across the faces that defeated the kidneys or what about grown men. Hold it themselves but Democrats race bait leaving and. Lately you Ricky did anybody ever tell you other that your mom or dad Ehrlich authority figure teachers up like that that you were doing something positive in a little ball way. Little boys stop that. There was a guy playing which does stop that. So there's a guy on the street that would discipline all the neighborhood kids you have to instantly if he saw you late. If nobody at the united as I don't know if key site you like with your dog outside not on a leash like you would come up you no matter if you were ten. Or fifty Hewitt come up to you to you know. That that dog I know each. I hate that guy and yes Zoe and her brother would leisure up. Yeah they're at today on top general. But QBs like it but you never forget that I don't know so exactly how so I don't do as I drove the neighborhood. I grew up and there was this guy and who play hockey history to tennis is an ambulance while a ball would hit his truck ebitda as he would come out and lose his feet. It's always try to do my neighborhood the other day and I see them outside and I almost wanted to go Wal-Mart. Right we tennis ball without a grown man disguised oldies all the people get out. It's a throw a tennis balls. Khartoum saw the room that so it'll man alive you preach in my own world group is grim put Atlantic City is treated at BC metric talk about the kids in the cars driving house to house which is what caused our eight middle of the week this week I've met collect right. I see this a lot radically we get a lot of out of towners you see the parent's right to carry bags for their infant bill nice try. Yeah again I have seen that. Little teeny weeny baby don't need care and hit him pictures you go for the pictures and we did when I was and we had in our I mean I can I cannot. Every kid gets he's scared. Now while not a way I Christ on the cross yes. I am I pricey little baby asleep didn't care. Of Prussia reinstitute.