The Least Manly Way to Eat Sloppy Food (Part 2)

Monday, October 30th

You wouldn't think it would bother you, until you saw it in person..

The least manly way to eat a chicken wing:


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It's funny it seems every band seems to be rallied around this particular fix a minute tiny sweater Lleyton it's it's it's across our media they always say you know US and the guys need a moment. Eyes daisy did that area the breaker boxes classic rock and 65 to BC enough Donald joins former bills wide receiver our good buddy gets into the spills keep this in about fifteen point in the breaker on seek and ask can be witnessed a man eating chicken wings with a nice and full. Yes and it's portly it's you'd like some fancy plays right get it like you know you wanna impress everybody here what are the strategic advantage and on the record we went to that one place that had the chicken wings on like a platter are now. Placed atop the sports yeah but it is really an art gallery. It's a problem. Yeah pubs sports bar no doubt say hey we had this discussion I was it advertised. Lot of talk this guy did you go to orchard has seventeen TV's law and chicken wings it's a sports yeah but it's three of them on the History Channel. Well the history as sports. All right to Tommy met. Comment on the preachy statement he caught this process albeit not least because I wanted to eat chicken and for them if I eat dead. Yes he did to that. I don't want to cholesterol you know. Well listen you get a little earlier to carry out you'll find a bolt the news you know I want he's struggling keep Shelvin to pay for needed my age I want her that there are 700 calories per ticket. Did you take an average chicken wing and one of the places are senior doc. You goal whipped a wrist dubbed blue cheek you know Lincoln and all over the place as lead would lower dare I don't get signaling it going to be alert Layden lasts. Good theater and you wish to see his face get to the candidates it was somehow made it looks. I'm gonna work. I played in last we got FaceBook is is gonna say that I don't believe that this phone call totally out of you lose respect for god watch B Chicagoans like pork if I saw this and break let's see about pectoral buddy appreciate. Are you I would die graduate. I nearly big wig doesn't need anybody election. So here's the deal I have a friend of mine and he I'd do I couldn't make it thought he carries around in his car okay because of his because of his profession he carries around in his car. Abacha blue. Knowledge well not powered surgical gloves okay and what he does is when he eats chicken wings he puts these gloves because he cannot stand. Even after logic that it doesn't build everything after eating chicken wings and imposing themselves and that you can't stand the smell. But the funniest thing isn't it he works for a company that sells. Almost exclusively. To pizza places and east of the so realistic goal to ride the ridiculous that's funny so he says US should go to these places to its customers to eat their food so that you know he can be though he seldom that the. Anybody Wear surgical gloves. This article gonna get done legitimately slate late Texas and the I doubt that he don't did not outer do you do well to right in the white. Salary I would you know get my son goes surgical. I don't doubt I was but I do well organized about it what are you don't tablet that's a. Psychopath. Would exceed killer that's exactly. What it really a pretty guy. I have seen it during like if your eating like a really hot. Being that you're not closely touched a hot south of the so I usually don't put on surgical I just on TV like when they do those taste tests and it goes do you fear yet tell a different story of. In the gut but I do make a mistake all the time of Robin my eyes while eating chicken wings which is a nightmare which is meant upright in demand we touch and you don't shoot I I need my approval buying answer impose like fried chicken I've always eaten Pritchard remains to discuss a little. We gala where where Clinton even had fried chicken I don't know. For with I had known if it does it it's a I always eat fried chicken in my hand by the government you know from from the south so yeah I had a lot of hand fruit. Big check it out at. The issue again young Matt Kenseth and the we do actually coming and didn't. The way she used and he's sitting around a bit. It's got to beads that Alberto Peabody sit down write to us we're like everybody owns doesn't even though I I I. I get Adobe did you that'll. There are busy all Puerto. Sure. And plays president governor is talking about a different. The fact much of any ready for that club. Outlet out at a double date with a coworker and his wife my wife we went to get crab legs these kinds of mess this minute where you can beat a model for this and meet his wife opened his. Holes for him because he didn't wanna get cuts on his fingers he said I could never that it got the same weekend that was the only double date we have yet crab lay eggs annoyed yet. Yet there's no way system map so it's like you certainly are coming you before a group it is bright and always his manhood he used to be going off towards slay a dragon now it's eating chicken wings aren't. The opposite. Where do you look at a guy you don't lose respect what he's eating like four or putting on gloves or having his white open crap like for him. It's just a lot about you and any bad I don't like it it's. Legend label people know I think hey you know we're trying to get which road they make America great again by including everybody. Before and the unforced. More for his business coveted election many to submarine sandwich with a nice to four deep or how to. Sandwich I definitely it's impossible yeah just cut me cut anything now a bit like you had a couple hopefully hunk of it and shoving him and it would actually be harder. England they would like you would get more little over your trying to eat it like that. Iowa I have seen guys. It just because like if you get like a work what platter where it's got the subs and it I think guys like just not eat the bread which analysts think it's just totally the Pratt. There like on a diet it's only now OK if your feet probably don't wanna die he would happily do that right now. He's what did you just sitting him down and I know there is a difference from downed husky I. Ice cap like the beach food but I can't food as a bitch there's spoken. IE my Sundays right man to man and I weekdays to his people would look at originally my salads to a speedy deeds is the low post outside it's like you've evident to me get a double life. It is very tough Muller assisted journal we get a man on Sunday I get out to everybody open tuba but this opens which he she should. Pizza selves. Colleagues on lipstick would negate sheets are senator repeats this a's who is making now with the Salvador's. There aren't some space the president is coming in questioning the man foods that you can't eat with a light important. Can you so it's a brand food but it's acceptable lead a life for one's brought up sloppy Joseph. I don't think embryo which is picked up a sloppy Joseph the night. Used a four to pick up but it looked and played OK but like but this there are some sloppy Joes that seat where they're so sloppy it's impossible to eat the obamas lobby your wallet and its president sloppy Joseph over the top of the bread with the extra sloppy joke is it acceptable as it and let's just a hot mess but it could we dealt with a knife and fork is that so I would be OK with that can aren't we. Yeah I mean like if you're trying to like get every last bite of it again it. But I know he just impossible to eat with your hands and it would unit and another one this is a good one question. Loaded Fries. You recovered each season jibes and bake it I don't stuff thinking he goes with a knife you can eat those with the Nazi is that what's advocates bitch. You deal developing a bit they've budget go total opposite like to read them like a McDonald's for a no I know. These scope with the Fries you aren't but this is this going to be a mess. I can shoot you don't mind being mess I don't like being mr. mom hand. No but I'm a man to but I I don't wanna be in a slot I think you're you're confusing when manhood and being a slob. Lol no they're right. But I guess I turned my clubs. It turned on my site there to do it just doesn't. Bother me like at Bob but but that means if you accepted image I guess Saturday on don't know what it. Turned out everything you accept you accept homosexuality to gay men living choosing to live their lives together. They need. I don't slob and on each other David luggage and they're gonna not be sedated better use like bids at an eye from fork. David if it is like portraits coveted at the BC a separate group from. And Zurich seven I watched table pictures eat chicken wings with chopsticks last year. So how do you do that you hold the ball that was shot stick I'd almost have to like watch such as to see how they weren't quite got a chap stick it to sports bar what actually a lot of Chinese restaurants are Chicagoans. Let's start where he was trying to be us yes they're trying to beat us was still way I used it Chinese Vudu is sub. Who is this sweet and sour pork. I don't remember he went chicken wings and blue cheese when I lived in my singles apartment deep pass chicken wings in the neighborhood where the Chinese I don't know attorneys are doing the man of steel and everything from school miles east all right good trickling coaching jobs are going to China. David's got the last word breaker I'd see about other golf brother ridiculous. Data. Yeah army of men and become common an idea why you. All you know they let Ali who okayed the use of Florida and I see it sticking man. Ot it's okay you you know call for a law and or delight and it's a again. They Mercury Fred we talked to let's yeah. Doesn't feel. I am either and you guys every morning. And. More good I am I agree would not me but it is all. I called I understand a drive. I just you do you fix it dvds Nevin Andersen league he's Korean. As a report has a country. They have not. Ending with their hands the that Bryce initially she had success so. I hated that when you come CR civilized society that you're doing some freedoms now it's a little nude more open you you you must learn our ways. It can't be right all is that the largest. Country if not largest city in the world with icicles that. Edit the bat and ball and it band. City in the world. Singapore. Rule I don't MIT's what are your blessed blessed that as cities like I'm. I. Yeah thank North Korea maybe. Same thing because they always have my best. They say Seoul. South Korea is like that Gainesville. I can't I. Watch what you do something before we go to Vizio guy we had a lot of pitch voices on the show right man women children can't do it like David we've never had a girl three pitch voice and can't do law if you could give us a growing visibly deposit amount it's that Malkin can do with the state has got Korean melt the cream Malkin and do it David prove him wrong to read bits which is that skipped. Art and it takes. Good it did you got part buddy that's the college region now it could rest. It was a good actually stayed the same thing aren't I guess we'll go.