The Least Manly Way to Eat Sloppy Food (Part 1)

Monday, October 30th

You wouldn't think it would bother you, until you saw it in person..

The least manly way to eat a chicken wing:


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Key witness something so disturbing things. That she has brought it up. Three times in two days whenever what do you watch amazing to. That's hole it was the last Thursday. I'd met my boyfriend out he got done playing softball and we went like a sports bar at around the corner from hormones. Eddie is with like a bunch of the guys on the team and they had ordered like at a table full like with different kind of wings for the cable. So usually when they bring out that kind of stuff it's just plates and napkins right in the wings and then like an extra basket and throw that. Yeah bones and your oldest guy at one of the guys. Requested. Silverware and things like that weirdly my woody woody needs silverware as it is needless to swing at like maybe ordered something elderly alias salads. We know he sat down he tucked his napkin and finisher hello. And the and their American and I am not making this up and he started eating the wings with a fork and knife keep out of place. I've got it I guess up at the use of defending this. Think I just leaves me eat things for you go look at that we do curriculum that's like he he's acting like Tommy a whole time meeting these wings like model Cuba is your fingers old dirty girl clicks slobs like now you look like the weird and here in a sports bar right Tommy looked me in the face certain. Have you ever eat chicken wings with a knife and work. I don't think so. This is really hard to do it I got an ovary can be so small you can't really. You would do that obviously I don't buy out Taylor and a bike that I would but I don't think you can basically cannon so he could do we assume you would scrape the meat off the ball with a fork in just kind of like heated almost like and I like it but. This too much work out even I would think that. Was listening to check in. Awhile ago. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Needs at least Tommy knows that it would look weird to eat it with a weapon a knife and fork so he doesn't eat the Middle East sixty twos he says he's ready to fix this they don't have the technology yet critical if you don't lock our. I think it's debit and Condit enemy might get food cannot beat the knife and fork over rigs. It sort of you can't pitch fried chicken like fried chicken you can that he oh and I've import depends on the peaks. I mean most fried chicken you just pick and Lebanese Lebanese southern food had a big arrest or Big Five I would give you pass a knife and fork with sprite project. Even your mother's big that I never use your pencil and just I'd just melt but. It's a big goal typical southern there's one where it's sad there was one. Her a piece of food you can body and they operative or pizza ego usually peaks of the 94 he's kicked out of his totally pizza tonight from oracle. Don't trump. Maybe she's investigating it for us and maybe that's what they're trying to get to the bottom dude I like when I see Anna she does multiple times eating pizza with a knife and for its rights under either the ever receive except for a sub video. Prompter and yet not that I oversee pizza with and I've I've seen beat each night for used to go to heats up to say all the time and it means a debate Newt greatest bitch attitude mr. right then and I there was a guy who would be there existed bassist which show up say they talk the deputy was shirt Eddie pizza that I I guess you get that folks are probably in year work where kick out of my face I don't that don't eat pizza. There's certain is that only watch in women in Hollywood and foods like everything good. Yeah because anything good can make you fat number one bit like rice here chick paltry fiddling with its like giving elixir give mouse have and it's period. It's ruining it for everybody now. Motivated attitude do you feel ladylike when you read in the. Everybody eat the chicken wing it's messy they are put this post BC IC a pretty girl with plague. Elbows on the table munching on wings and she's got she got loot she added that red sauce like. Like she just got bad shorter period as I got its gross not saying I smelled nice bright. With its robust U. Tigger let's order something different from the table she doesn't wanna get her to understand that Powell however women they're clean and sexy and and feminine I don't write some. Hog and I mean it's legal and political sun man woman and wing with I don't it's it would wearing mouth I. Old car gets up that in there as the good swing on this yeah it's it's also that we saw us they get. You have those. There's a reason that amounts to its roots its. There's a reason that they get sick Carl's junior the put up those ads like this sexy women like just. Ye and she's back the plate yeah it's very that I think that either. Most get look at that bit wild at that that sexy you look at it up Al Hayat I cap finally that you've gotten out and eat that burger with a fork and. He would issue and she got there and I'm proud of bird up right now cricket to save Alitalia president that. It rose to dictate six ballot ladies illegally. I see you guys did their QB watch demand. Eating chicken wings and with a knife and fork in the top eight. Images. I like what they see famine and I don't wanna see drinking a bottle of beer. I don't if you get the I don't want to borrow big rig glass abuse series but I really sealed intricate lady drink that's a man drink okay. Make and I see these guys going and my wife was a drink whiskey tech she's a horse to to get that based out of her mouth. Wrong but if I could say something you're going to be early. Yeah. Oh and much talk about it that's my way of whisky while that. It's a little bit different wind would black focused. Always with the drink and okay. The first time you met my wife she ordered whiskey and one of our friends unit a very specific in my friend said when you meet it was tricks kind whiskey Mary and but not yet time quoted Tommy my wife so he wore no one at the end their budgets and rules in there in the black community when it comes to cocktail and again it. Yeah I mean. It's it's it's just different. I mean whiskey for Christmas one year there was a time. I couldn't read from my point is fantastic. Give it much demand eat at chick Italy with a night at fort how he's defending Batman yeah 'cause usual rich eat the great group of CM FA PD alight but it. I looked up and you remember the request. Yes. You know remember. Remember wouldn't you re not rips and you you're in an interview out who is Specter or whatever but until my girlfriend's not that he had Barbeque subtle reassure. And as she asked me who didn't hear radio a celebrity I don't know our history. Are always below. If so what happened was I drink a lot of beer that week players are you slob and a yeah. Yeah yeah it's ideology beer and made a lot of reds and they kept stick me for the cameras talk about the present while I was drawn to governor grabs like obsessive good rib fest promotion is in your drunken covered in red Jews. I can tell is EG visitors and he's okay his friends over. And that there was a big edit the meeting at. Let me ask camino it can be a PC if you're out on a date when you're your your boyfriend got a beard like pat which yeah would have. With an it and he has not chicken wing green color space. Than that than mr. neat yeah. I don't picket sexy but I wouldn't judge a guy for a jury and you're reading. Food that messy when candidate. Yeah now you're you're up on a date so. Check out the week I don't get data picketed you know she loves it. Media have a good day but it dates because what reaches. You know it's funny you can tell Tommy to meet this who does he just called it reduce not salts. Haven't heard not a doubt he eats plenty reduced on Saturday night. The saudis are the breaker but yet that they Johnny Kelly brother. Well. Duffy. Are you. Are doing it. Chicken wing with a market or in night come I would have liked of the McCain sit at that particular enemy. Man out and I think. Manhood these down to. You generally middle possibly bring you look like it is an actual like it. Who caters to your theory enjoy yourself in the and the best food. What we want any. Is that banana. Are not. It's. I don't know what she's doing so it can bite it should practice more and that at that. Johnny did nobody have a good rest of the art I see you guys on hold there's no way after he skulls are true. As I if the president might do this he would be an ex friend. Bad Food Network if you hang up your house lights out player who don't go anywhere well. This can't be true aren't. But they would totally different this Guy Carbonneau or be under any sickness you folks on hold defect your man who eat food you're supposed to. X the brick but he's Todd BC up.