Buffalo Bills - 10/29/17 Post-Game Hour 2

Sunday, October 29th

Hour two from the Buffalo Bills Radio Network post-game show following Week 8's 34-14 victory over the Oakland Raiders on Sunday


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This is the post game show which she opened the bulldogs. What do you buy northwest make the switch to northwest and get back to living. Rob do airfield where the bills beat. The Oakland Raiders today 34141. Score. What show the Bulldog here with you for the next hours we continue on the network with the post game show. And this portion of it here on the Buffalo Bills radio network is brought to buy independent health. From your everyday to your unexpected independent helps Red Shirts are here to L five and two is. Largely unexpected but that is the bill's record their half game behind New England. One thing I was thinking about today is that when the schedule came out. And oddly the bills have bowl third new England and Miami games in December for the last five games or those two teams. It was like a table that's weird having usually wouldn't wait until December to play either those teams but that's the way to schedule is. If base if they stay along here and the thinking about the dolphins for this patriots. If if the bills have this season and it continues they get because it's week thirteen Wendell play New England for the first time. They've played seven games soil of whatever that is before. Us four or. So your seven in four maybe some connectivity and three some really good record doing was probably at least that. That makes that day so cool if there's just that a little extra intrigue. In your season when you might have a good season and everybody's excited but you don't get the patriots and told. December had seen him yet don't know old you can watch them and try to discern whether or not they are a bogey and they've always been. Director guy how good you are but really measuring yourself on them. It's not something bold skiers. A lot of pins all that interest it is a part of that reason is the second meeting he's usually lurking out there. And they've already thrown for 400 yards on the first time since collect. Well let's whale will be back game plus they quit you know let's that are so council upper would have to tap the right you don't know that this year right. So. With the way this year is going. If it. It might be right to. Sort of start thinking about what can I can expect how many things can I tip upside down. What you know how things are different not getting these these are careful plays from guys who are far from household names even to maybe the biggest bills and and I. Hate Arabs to England in a big issue that matters in December. Mean at this point kidney to that they would that record what you said seven or whatever it is it and that's what having a good start of the season. Gives you mean there's just Holtz now to this season that I just was not expecting. And I just feel like I have not had along well. To go how many teams right now have a better record them bills do win what has a half game. Federer and that's. In policy Philadelphia that's that's it right through. In Minnesota go to such and no way that he won but they might be five in two okay. I don't know I I don't I don't like they're better than by. Marcus is next to LaMarcus. They got referred to call shark with different who took and so on the watched because they've been. Those born at the receiving cliched fundamentally sound I mean. Even whip out Marco aren't bulldogs pulled pulled. Fakes Marcus. The hour waiting Donald tremendous never. Never ceases to amaze Tim is Axl wrote him. They still think they might call as one thing you said they're surprised they're fighting who. We're keeping the team goes from here. Doing that trade or do you think duke your old apartment or Ivan do what do we do. I know why why are these things connected like what most people are super doubles people would probably would be surprised. That the bills are fun attitude you think like that. What you do what parade in being those at the deadline has something to do that are like baby you don't think. Are for real or what what is what is the connection. Because god. You were out to us wearing Minnesota is six and two okay sorry David maybe. We don't we thought I. I thought this. Before the big move which was for the Bok. You know get get get that one. And their record in form one at that point. Have they won yet and it okay you know get the week off do like this you're looking at the trade market because of that. But we've seen the bill's not be afraid to shed name players big contracts. You know players would status on the team from the previous regime and and maybe go do another one those is if they find the right deal. For the left tackle Portland. Maybe by. It's one thing to shut players who you don't they Gary your plans it's another to gold and a piece of the puzzle. Then you'd think can't help. And I still despite. These plays on hitting from I'm very holes in Taiwan Jules got to Thomson. Back the last week a couple of those. It in the secondary. And linebacker. I still would not be at all against adding the right players you know considering what the cost. So the fact that they are by the two I don't know if being a private moment either being orbiter tell you. That very surprised at the record they have. But that kind of record. Is I think a while you're should allow the people making the decisions to consider doing something that might just be for the short. Because you would set the bail was set and and they've done a lot here with the future in mind and to me they are to be commended for that. Because you've got you got all at capitol and you're still having a good your written out having a good year. Pretty good the potential for editors that a good half a season so. You couldn't maybe use a little bit of that to find some peace that can compliment. My area for that is always wide receiver. And a I don't. Hate the idea don't hate the concept there. This team was like. The scheme was so why that you don't have more wide receiver to so well like you. It's the takeaways though if you don't you don't throw picks that's huge there now. Seventeen takeaways to three turnovers. In seven games. It's that's not sustainable but. How old. It's just you you put everything into the equation. And that includes who is the player we're talking about what is the price and all of us. I like I don't hate the idea I think fans would dig it and they have amassed even with Daria straight and it was the sixth round pick Beebe will be if that. But it's at another point. Two I use I wonder I wonder what they're talking about there's been rumor about according Glen being. This cost. In trade talks. Quite a bit and McCain Thursday night to. I think it's an immediate thing to talk about in the next couple days. And that's. Itself on usual and after that trade deadline isn't really much of a thing now could they do it I suppose they could certainly afford it they can certainly afford that right rate. Jack is it I I don't think that cost you. Something in the first. Tool or three rounds. Or the right to do you know if you're talking about the right. It'll restore peace it is starting receiver from San Diego get traded this week for seven. Starting receiver from last year public sixty balls for them last year which sort of numbers crunch they are not getting as much playing time so he was expendable to them. So. But that that caliber player. Or even better. I would definitely want to avail myself. The gas if you're the kind of person that thinks. And meet meet the bills are this kind of person. That chemistry is huge and all of that then that's delicate. Bringing in a guy with a dog is rid themselves of guys who are. Bigger money players. You don't meet the guys who felt entitled living Daria says that there's probably some of that. And so if if you think what you've got here is a follow. That it's about. Building a team of guys who were on wanted what efforts like that that's sort of thinking. Then trading for someone. Is is delicate and BB I would think. That the bills would not do it. Because they would want to disrupt that the other Thompson is really much different than dontrelle Inman. I think you sort of the old guy who was caught and broaden this morning that the bear federal the bears. Thoughts were that they didn't want tops and with a they traded for Inman. You know on a team that's probably knuckled playoffs. Let's go to Steve next solo Steve. You guys are you doing good thank you Steve. Wow what a great win over all. You gotta give a lot of kudos and credit to Sean McDermott the defense then lights out but one of the biggest thing that I notice them watching that Biden he's started just. What Tyrod Taylor has been doing a seven when he. You know it it decision maker I mean in terms that it hasn't been too pretty from what your prototypical. They're really star quarterback does by. He's like he's making clutch pass there's only needed. The decision making it to encrypt that I'd really that I Carolina game and he gets to a point where the bill then you sit there and day. It that the guy for the future do we wait for the entire defense going to be a tough decision. At the end of the year he continues did you doesn't really light up the statistic category. But you sit there and say man anymore eleven imply work and instead he did this all year I mean what we they've built and the much respect toward the end of the year. He continues to play the way. He's under contract for next year right now the ease their property for next year as it is so you have to do anything it would be. Outrageous. If they have that season that you described and he's caught some. Like I know that before the season everybody's thinking was most people's thinking I think one is that they would replace him after this year in the kind of tried to do that after last year. That this is. I always wanted to make sure I say this part about that. And I I think I speak for you August the reason. I think most fans are lost or certain certain people maybe most of the people follow the team. Were to fake that that was the plan would Taylor is because of Powell we would take our cues from the bills how they handled the off season now. That might not legalize because they did have a general when it did. Don't Whaley but he that was dead on the buy that they did not have parade of being in Syria and so it might not. Matter too much of a U you point out the other day how they describe what they wanted to quarterback. It as sound like someone different than Tyrod Taylor but. He's good. And he spent good I don't look at this says while he's good now you look up his career. It's not too different he does not make bad plays and he makes bloody good ones. He is not I think this guy on the other side today and I've said this every time this guy the other side today is fortunate. That they had Clijsters is great offensive line and also receivers. And a uncertain there last year. Watching the raiders win every single close game which is walking. Partly lucky at least and you're about how he's an MVP candidate and Matt Ryan who won the MVP was I think the same thing. You know good for that good for them but I I've never thought this car had to be like my ideal. All how could you know you've lasted until the second round and all the things you're a million things about their car and baby girl right. Maybe. Well wasn't today but already starting the next game to really amazing forever you know maybe that'll actually happen but I never was envious. Of the raiders were having this player right back I promise you I was at this afternoon. And I've I'm envious of evidence twelve to four year like they had but. There're there are bounces there are breaks and they got a problem. And maybe it's the bills here to get those breaks seventeen takeaways to three and you're almost halfway through the year. So Taylor deserves credit he deserves more credit than he gets from bill's fans. And you don't bigger guy gonna start to hear more of that. Because of their record at all works right it's not it's not a mystery where you are seeing what really. We was not available to him or to the team. The last two years when he was the starter is is he is his style of playing. Which is not going to you know news 300 yards to themes or not they don't they don't come out. Caught but but it's. Wrote when you need them today he made them look just a handful really important. Rose that may go without anyone apple maybe he feels to make any one of those throw something you know the touchdown Holmes. Which was a really great job by him. To re set his feet maybe there kicking a field goal there. Then second into one on the drive that he actually made me throw 27%. Second and twenty fines Tate Tate does a lot there but he found them. And then third and thirteen later that same drive almost on the sidelines. Of place goes the other way in this game is still it's still. It's their pearl. So you're seeing him make those plays and you've got a defense. That is opportunistic. And maybe just put. Mean they did a good job of frustrating or with passing game. After the first drive and really until all we've got their second touchdown the pictures were just look at them. And that's pretty obvious white locking down Cooper perhaps. But it was a a very odd looking 300 yard pass from Kirk. Because it just it never felt like he was carving them up now at the end of the day you've got 300 yard cut. Where. Do a lot of it is garbage time that Washington beat the that was the end of the first half two that was exactly garbage time. But what was the last play of the first that relies on the first half so the bills get the touchdown. And then another field goal we parted though it's 147. Doubting myself now 147. On the fumble return the raiders get the ball back in their out around a forty yard line. They get to mid fielder they've got becomes a point where they've got one point left. You know so it's hail Mary time. And he threw a dog off the running back that's Trent Edwards. Why would you do that. Does anybody think they know what why would you do that so part of it that's probably yards that is maybe maybe all of his yards. Where that Washington ended up with a pretty good. Receiving line at 62. Jalen restarted thirty by the got a hundred yards passing Ottawa's running backs at least. Was that play the ice cube to another and that ice cube. We did did the raiders win. All I saw was forty screen passes and a stopwatch at. Or something like that. 3414 bills much over the bulldogs at new airfield. 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With 51 that is the sixth game eroded a different bill has led team in receiving. Forced turnovers again was sort for the bills defense and for the special teams Leonard Johnson forced a fumble in the final minute of the first half which was returned for touchdown. I've met a lot of to break a 77 tie a fumble forced by Milan know in this Micah Hyde interception set up separate Stephen house field goals in the third quarter. We flew. And flyers down the middle and is that they. Merv said at their height is it league leading five interceptions on the season Oakland added seven points in the fourth but he 48 aired the show McCord touchdown. Steve sealed the deal McCourt finishes with 27 carries for 151 yards. And TD final score bill 34 raiders fourteen next up. At the 35 jets this Thursday night. Around NFL two games aren't going the cowboys had just tied the Redskins at thirteen two minutes ago in the second quarter and Seahawks in Texans also tied at two point 15 seconds ago. In its in the first half. As escorts were earlier falcons top the jets 2.5 to twenty patriots over the chargers when he won thirteen and saints beat the bears twenty to twelve. This update brought you by north tower automotive sales service and selection to the nth degree. For the Buffalo Bills radio network and Jody B Osce now for a look on traffic here is Neil McManus. Morgan were still seeing you're gonna monetary hard on the 219 getting up to the ninety's that between now mile strip and the ninety. The 400 a slow between union and route when he. Route twenty a lot of people heading that way as it turns into trend the road and areas north. That's a slow go all the way up to the 33 benignly as you can expect heavy congestion and that the Williams will tolls. Also heavy all the way through the ninety's the 400 William Walden. The 19 the area. The 190 pretty clear heading up north. For those of our Canadian listeners than bill's fans heading back over the border. There's pretty good back up at the peace bridge heading into Canada you breast fed maybe view. Try out the rainbow or Lewis in Queens than bridge traffic being brought you by Cora the collision make the right decision insist our group a collision Neal McDonald's on the Buffalo Bills football network. Out series with the buffalo offense to start the second sample which created the month. High into the air gently Rashard fields it and thirteen outside the numbers right side slipped balls around about bill. Not quite like the welcome to our youth ball around the fifteen yard line. Still say they have a big pileup over on the far sideline at the fifty no signal for the officials and a flag thrown fairly early in the month return. You'll untangle some bodies in the team we got. But. Little ball. Look no recover. The open fourteen yard line my neighbor down there there forever. Phil's 34. Raiders fourteen. Upbeat style. All of a team that. For all our might wanna tell you about Milwaukee Diego last year winning all those close games. Did win twelve games and on this schedule this year looked like it would be BP probably be one of the bills to offer to secure. Their passing game to be represented. A real challenge and in which one of the reasons I did not want to assume. That just because I had a new coach that idea will live watch this team get the job done on defense. You know you've stated often. The teams with good passing games. Often times. They get their production. And on a day where Carr never was a relief hit a hurry to. And threw for 300 hurts he never released seemed like a lot. The very odd game. The bills did oh grew up job on his on his big name guys and just. Continue to find their way here with. Vote who is that guy. Aspect going on you know it's it's waddle did Holmes and its pumps in the midst. It's just. Starting. Yeah it's it's working out of it really is the kind of sports team I don't know if everybody would be this way but that that I. Warm to. Is it better it's more like the movies is even the movies like what you just don't have we don't have stars and of course we would take anything we would take any winning team. But this is better with the sabres were big deal in 2006 and everybody jumped on that that was part of why because they did not have been wide Wednesday but we did not have been about a team of a butcher players on their team. That you know overlooked they had a team that was expected to be mediocre and that's what pisses at your trading. Watkins and Aureus. It's amazing that they did that. Off of that unwitting anyway I mean that's that's really satisfying for the fans. Here's Scott with a solo Scott. Okay czars quicker Derek is next hire. A guide. That at bat you know we don't and are now part about it I like my I'd I mean if not I like it or you're the hackers didn't start all all the time but you know. I'm on our teams and five years 630 million knocked out for and believe and you either but we believe I believe. And guys are the guys do a phenomenal and it's guys like that are believer. Bringing cohesive unit are around here now. Proper but now doubting what they're about things like our. To comment about that. What does it say about former bills scouts that they didn't have good players before. He'd. What you beat us to tell you someone else to guess if if a guy's good. I knew would give credit or whoever brought the men. I think the the best way I mean this plot ways the best I can speak of right now. To sort of summed that up is that this this this coaching staff that this project I mean. Brandon beavis and general manager at this very much feels like trauma which. But he branded beat as the GM because trauma don't want him to be the GM and body were put them. So I wanna I wanna have retarded highlight here. It all of this all these decisions. I just there's no way. Any of these calls on Watkins Darby Daria it's any of this stuff. It's happening without the dormant. This really without without him maybe saying let's do this I want to do this. We should do this I need to do this. There's there's. Not they're not he's not enamored with the talent. He's more concerned teamed with Powell a guy he goes about his business. How we prepares and how professional he is and whether he can trust the guy. And that can be a trap door and sports because you eat talented players to beat other Celtic players. Bought this is another day where McDermott's way is hard to poll holds. If it's working for they think they are getting by with the how the real number one wide receiver and getting plays from a different guys are went to make some big boy in the passing game this team. It is as a kid went over. How how important is that human. It in the week in 2000 and that you rarely see Dixon bought for more political supporters are so good at keeping all the way from those guys. But here's tape he's on the team. And all he does is. You don't catch a little ball over the middle on current and do not retained a typical Ottawa's second goal and things like that. After two I asked which are about the last week our flagship. And our resolve Monday. That does it. Giving plays from got the Thompson. In Taiwan Jones is making it easier for you to make the point the kinds of points here fond of making these at apple. It. So today to me is another example. It's all working for. Jordan Matthews. Brought in. With the trade of Ronald Darby and semi walking straight to the rams back in the summer watt Matthews head football injuries playing through. And every week he's giving you a couple catches but you know. Today it was three for 41. Balance. Tate Matthews a Jones a Jones caught three passes today Montreal's cup repressed today. Here's Matthews in the locker room talking about the victory. That being way and I think as far as you know just continue to separate yourself. From the rest of the pack of lies teams have two losses through losses you know. On one 1121 loss though. You know at this point this season you can start releasing yourself you can use things that these win you know and you know Anderson born to. You know private to a budget in the point three just looks a lot better if they give lives or got way more momentum going through short week. And Thursday game got to protect operation we came out game pretty safe to. You know it through recess future. Doesn't need to help our other guys rehab maybe your quarterback me you're Charles playback but at they made itself the reasoning it's allowed a lot of these guys you know the next man up. Like this it's almost cliche is people but we really taken to heart and everybody hears us over who's trying gardening you can win. Today when your fourth game. With at least three takeaways you were. I. Oh. No doubt huge you know I think the biggest thing is that we talked about. Not all those turnovers we have hardened points early on in your review turnovers and we launched forward capitalize. That they were able to today for the most part internal or at least in three point think that's huge you know it's it's one thing for the other office is demoralized did you have a turnover. Listen I think we go to out of the points now they also feel that way you expected okay now don't you get the ball away Ross of the reason that our that our defense got scored on just. BA owner bill that's had the momentum of the deepest the place is huge for a good. It's a 43 days game arson teams offense and defense all coincides we only get like office meet up there are points in divas will be your notes. Everybody is all in one trying to go out there that a point trying to take away so we have yesterday and we try to. Yeah. You know it's usually don't terrorized. They're crazy ability to escape pod I think between. Hitter Russell Wilson I think is best to you know escape artist prize in the league. You know Tyrod Maine he does a great job does dinner by the volume teams don't know really keen on Christian who might have a big game that day you know. On throughout the week. You know I can't tell you Andre god evil cop catches book that we comprised but he comes out here has to do want ours because I also. It's is that kind of that kind of game that kind of team play that we actually embrace. And that's ours it's been a place all of its always on high alert put to him as shady you can averages like do the first six seconds of play you got political twelfth at these comes up quick. I. Not if god knows it's still it's still you guys here's the guy you know all of the big stations as the buffalo guys held stance that nobody really cares about it. Even when they do come I usually don't cereal here soon enough in the bag of them though. Are you know our core and our heart we understand that we are the guys. You know in the league. Their fight from the bottom. All of us had to scratch you know even our our star quarterback who's playing phenomenal he was at a place that say you know what we know somebody else you know Osama court who I think is all world running back. Was told by someone who wanna go somewhere different direction which is crazy me as a story of a lot he's got here including me. You know as we just embrace him play for each other you know you when you hit that point your career. Where you see their side air fare let me know what I've played my Brothers like organization that cares about me you know I think everybody here has that garnered by here appreciate that and that's one of the. To go put their logo. And when you got traded here. Bullet went whatever was going through my only thought about the team now we are eight weeks into the season how does that change in any perspective. I mean personally. Like if I was that is three different things. And I know the team going to be successful. One is does the defense like you have. We have a good defense go our way. I'm worried but we have great defense so you have a great defense yet have a solid running game he had to have good quarterback play. And we have all theory when I guy account of it we have authoring the receivers everything else there's things they've all those guys that you solid golf doesn't attribute at a high level. But you have great defense solid running game and a quarterback draws on the side you're always going to be an average of this policy hawks in either year the other Islam. When when when the patriots are doing their thing when their defense always gets together. And they have good running back play there always are successful and we're trying to be and then voted it was they okay. As do we do great let's not turn the ball over this place marked as well here wing games you know and I think that we've we've they would do. Jordan Matthews and the bills go to five and 24 though at home beating the raiders 3414. More of the post game show next much over the bulldogs from new airfield this is the Buffalo Bills radio network. 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I'm proud to Wear heels bills over the raiders 3414. 151. And a touchdown for LeSean McCoy. Taylor typical Taylor. And I mean that in a good way forty for 471651. Touchdown passing one touchdown rushing and no turnovers. Taylor has thrown fourteen interceptions. In two and a half years. As the bills quarterback there are. Three games he didn't start. About Tony that. Cole opener was Buick at safest not counting the first game of his career which he officially does not get credit for starting. Because on the first play he was light up at wide receiver and Matt Cassel was the quarterback for the first point. So you look up what you record and all that that team doesn't count. Should. So three games he hasn't started. How many dead and as he played. Fourteen plus fifteen plus 73614. Picks 56 touchdowns. Good for the code. He's a fumbles about. Trying to stuff choice as she has a few ovals you know. Not a lot all views are believed someone new would describe it watched every minute of games played. Aren't things but it's not as Kabul and aren't concerned about him they call for sprint. So now it is the jets Thursday night might gases. That the bills are slight favorite there. The jets and then like the bills better than expected. But not good exactly. They lose today to Atlanta in the rain 25 to twenty the jets are now three and five and of course the bills and jets have met. Already this year and we won the nine point bills where and how does that sound bills like a two point favorite maybe three. But I think they're favored here I think so yeah I've I have my might appoint him like it to three. At the jets. Yeah. Should they win would you say that. Ghost. Yeah yeah they should be all right. Third his bulldogs haven't they should be adjusted jordin Thursday night where the bill should be the jets right. And will be on I think before the game this this week that's all that goes on night. Thanks Greg taught for saying your Brayton back there and the furious next on WGR here in buffalo with more post game talk. Much over the bulldogs from new airfield 3414. Bills over. The raiders this is Buffalo Bills football.