Buffalo Bills Post-Game Hour 1: Week 7 v Bucs

Sunday, October 22nd

Hour one from the Buffalo Bills post-game show after their 30-27 home victory facing the Tampa Bay Bucs in week 7. Thoughts on the game are shared along with words from Head Coach Sean McDermott at 5:46 in!


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This is the post game show which show that the bulldogs. Brought to you by northwest made the switch to northwest and get back to living. Welcome back to new airfield. The bills in eight ball game. Beat Tampa Bay. Thirty to 47 might show with a Bulldog here on the official Buffalo Bills post game show. All be honest. Fall and is often not my first thought when I sit down after a show that a company and it's not all the time that I have a Lotta wannabes game is about. Midway through the third quarter you and I were sitting in the press box with Tyler and on from Bleacher Report and Jeff Darlington. And I just throughout. To anybody in your shot is this a good game and everybody said yes now the score was. I think seventeen to thirteen. Is this a good game now. And it got better it is good good that it got but it really. Didn't really do it really didn't matter 41. I I I think it is fallen well I mean when when. Your team wins the assuming I'm talking talking to bill made here which states then bought. And I think it's especially fun. Weigh in me is like what I'm about to describe it happened. Mike Evans catches that perfect pass from which indicative. Tampa police I run to the restroom is in the one yet I come back you're you're leaving a state Howard. Howard Simon whose city with us as well. What experience going to be more men about this game is over. The fact that Tyrod goes out right now or that botched clocked message the emperors used to I said that I asked power that question. And man. You know eight seconds of real time later someone name Dionte Thompson had to the forty yard as the direct org and I sit Howard they're gonna score two putt. Typically right that's that's what's happening now you do something would go wrong you just don't want amount that you. Being a bit no apologies for this world screwed up to bury degrees by U the two out and buy a you know just these epic failures and heartbreak and all that. With both teams that we reported on buffalo but they're not not. It happened and they did score quickly the bills did score quickly there it never got the ball back but the bills got a turnover. And then now. Really big third down from someone named Taiwan told us they did not do a good job at the end of the first step with the clock hopefully get a very good job yet the clock at the end of the game. And to cap off a really fun game was that amazing. That the lateral last play. I mean just a nightmare for the second person against bush touted big for a split second their little nerve rack oh what a little bit a little bit I even you know. I even without action as you walk over meals at the post game show what I gotta keep this play to make sure well we really stupid happens to lose because bills that's why there was a little bit stupid but not ultimately. Devastating old when to come out the other end of that and your team wins and I think fun is the does the appropriate word for end to. Thirty it's 47 perfect weather great game. We'll take your calls at 8030550. Locally or want any lead by BP to 550 Sean McDermott coming up. Mike show for the bulldogs from the stadium this is the Buffalo Bills radio network. As many would expects into the bills game you know that the traffic is hit hard. As you leaving the stadium right now after being close certainly will not help. Take your time keep patient out there. And then. It's going to be a long patient drive out there after late. Finished their for the bills game this traffic update brought you by Geico fifteen minutes could save 50% or more on car insurance. Call 1809470. Or visit Geico dot com today. Under her for the woeful bills radio network. Why a lot of time and time out. The second. Thing. Buyers that it is my hope reason the line of scrimmage and cut the field and whatnot throughout the series. We'll recover. Big fumble recovery. And end up scoring ten points in the last two and a half minutes to beat Tampa Bay. Thirty to 27. Much over the bulldogs from numeric field this is the bill's post game show on the Buffalo Bills radio network. Sean McDermott coming up shortly haven't missed that. Right now time for the express march that's of the game check it out expressed or not your average convenience store. I don't Winston. Was supposed to be hurt you got your. 400 he had he had a whale of a day wanna start there will start their thirty to a 44 for 384 and three scores. Our Winston's numbers he had one interception. OJ however the big day catching the ball with a couple of touchdowns on ninety yards off of six receptions. Fort Campbell sort of for the big guys for Tampa let's go to Sean McDermott. All right. We'll grew up to questions. Nowhere. I thought it was a lot of hard on this football team. Really neat personifies a seat on the you know heart toughness blue collar. And no offense stuck with this all the outflows also false it's tough to earnestly. Every week it's tight and we used to. And got stuck stuck it out play four quarters and came up with those could see this. When Mike. It's really helps. The the belief friendliness. These guys these and are these guys play hard and we played hard we got a chance and we. What more can you say and think they they thought they fought that's a good that's a good team on the other side and well coached team. And and so these guys fought and got an area last played no give give Tampa credit they came in here with the right mindset and and and we took it to the end here so the Putin victory. A lot of heart. I thought there's some good takeaways things we can learn from obviously. Or with takeaways working the last tickling included by intraday guess there are. You know probably ran the ball well which candidacy. Come off the bye and that third downs on the opposite side I was. As our secure our success keeping drives alive and then and then good to see young Clara remember a lot of good interception the interception force right there. And in the second quarter of it was so. And they congratulations. To Stephen how's that on India was tied NFL record for fifty plus I believe so that's big time. It what happened to Jordan border 21 Q it's kind of grimaced and if it came off the field from one people you have children taking a look and see. I don't know exactly still too early right now most unfortunate so. Be nice if there is time clock on this place just there you know. After certain time Gekko played. And helpful. All the stuff like you and Brad and his staff a ton of credit. I like. I DT out out there on the on the market and you know they did a great job of being on top of that and timely fashion so we can get and then take a look and then. But give credit Allison DT intensity coaching staff. On offense for getting him up to speed. Love his love his attitude and you know. You know obviously it's CE EE. He loves that and I'd tell them we have and that's that's tough and toughness and knelt toughest physical toughness so on the underdog thing. He embraces that and that's which you saw me and a huge play obviously late in the game but also you know couple big plays during the game as well. What what was working there specifically to deceive if he were negative plays and humorous and more positive plays consecutively. You ought to take a look at it fell to know exactly me. I just just. First class really you know we are doing a good job up front stand on our blocks finishing people. And yet you point and emanates from the negative plays you know we mix it up at times with some results and gap schemes. You know big big rush if you will with the that the late third down conversion the Taiwan Jones here's another player that. Give credit to the personnel department you know get Ian in here in the game up to speed. A training training camp so. You know may or may not be household names that's okay man in these guys play as a team and don't take it or do. Threats region there once EG it all weapons they can put on the field and ultimately get there. Yeah they did really good job I do really good job in offensively they've got weapons coast cutters and a heck of an offensive coach heck of a head coach and and down it got weapons with two good tight ends or backs. Who all kind of had their own role than there. The big guys outside with the thirteen and eleven and so. He knows when we'll reveal that big time challenge defense we going to answer offensively. And and so the guys to fight. And he obviously came down there. That they take with CNN and that was huge for us. That's my fault that has all my fault and I thought we he had three plays Alfred the Armenian completion or shot. And and and a spike after that. And so you know go backward on that that's on my fault. When. Yeah you know bomb Iran what we call a sneak route and if what does all one way and then come back re hides underneath and and so in that could play caller good designed to play is. You know I got to lose and and so can give credit where credit is due. Oh. I go back and look at the film we'll see. You'll see and he always going to be critical and you know look at where we can get better every week there's a lot of various a lot of there's a lot of learning opportunities from this game. And we've got to get better if that's what we do we we. And we try to improve or do we can in every phase of our game and we've got to continue to grow continue to get better. That they wanna win right when it. And crit before too. Probably guys and now we're gonna look at everything that's what we do every week. And it's a good offense to really look at what they've gone against in the numbers they put up. So it would go look at things in and we'll do that. Always talked about Osama briefly just as a coaching staff and and on the and he knew it he's been in this league long enough to know he can do that and and you know. And expect next and comes back it's two hands on the ball and improve access to so that's what you have to do and I keep saying that word. But it's about continual. Improvement. From all of us and that starts with me continue to get better just real proud these gaps mean. He's carried a lot of times you know normally get the ball again it's Pakistani from him in the balls so. Got a lot of Alfonseca. I. Takeaways coming bunches. But usually over it this season is always ebbs and flows to that and make your team has been able to maintain this pace of takeaways pretty consistently. There anything you attribute that. The fundamentals but is it more than I mean. I was. Let's say it was more I know you try needs something there. It's it's fundamentals it's it's running the football. And it's and it's working on practice every week detonate in the duke job that coach Craig and his staff the players. You know they do a phenomenal job of that they see how important it is and on the other side of the ball we do pretty good job also annoyed at the one today. That do pretty good job. Offensively and special teams protecting the football. Most the time so that those two go hand in hand is that the guys the team knows how important that is in terms when football games. I love playing here you know I do these fans. There and they were more could you ask for these guys loved the fans love it and we love it. You know this is. To me this is the place to play and you know you come here to play the we come here you know I came a couple of times as an opponent and I know how hard it was and no you go you. It's like heaven for a trip for whole team in my mind you know coaches. It's fun to coach here it's its fun to play here. You know it's it's a great environments is what this is what football's supposed to be about right here. Yes I mean it's it's it's been all that mean it really hasn't. It's to me it's they. Those people have a lot of pride in this in this city and where they come from and and you know you hope every week we're given something to have pride enters in terms of their team one of their teams and and I and that's why these guys play so hard and it's. It's a great great deal and it's a great marriage with the with with the guys play so hard it in the city that works of art. The yeah it's going to be hard to you know those interior linemen always tough to tell got to go back and watched the film. I thought it really good week of practice we've traveled from that standpoint. And on any further out there we go back from this so this well. But what happens when I don't know these guys. Think that pushes. Yeah. You know that's five questions for them you know I think. You know competition. Brings out the best and all of us as they say so. That's healthy that's good and you know I love it I think that's that's a son of a true team and we talk a lot about that. And I who's going to be next week you know it was DT this week and and I Taiwan Jones and who's going to be next week nose and another young guy like today it is getting there. If you take away who's going to be and that's that's the fun part about it is you guys come to work every. Every Monday and every Wednesday. I don't know that they put the time in and they put the work in that could be them and that's that's exciting part about. Yeah. I thanks guys. The bills go to four and two with a fallen comeback win today. Tampa Bay was down eleven then took the lead in the bills come back ten points in the final two and a half minutes. To beat the box 3227. Which opened the Bulldog here we'll take your calls 7168030550. Or 1888550. To 550 as we go. You were halfway through this at. This barely got to win going into the box to Winston and OJ Howard of that is that going to be where we started. Tyrod Taylor on the date passing twenty of 33 for 260. Arts. And touchdown he added in six carries for 53 yards after. A week. Two weeks ago with the bodies in. Where he was a non factor in the loss at Cincinnati tailor made some things happen in a positive way with its feet. Which on the court spearhead of the running game 23 carries for 91 yards and two touchdowns include definitely one to tie the game there one poll had a couple of nice ones in the scheme to three carries for 49 yards. Pass receiving. Dionte Thompson ya sure court receptions. For 170. Yards on the day including. A huge one there to the give the bills are on track to ultimately tie the game 44 yards on the sideline there's a fifteen yard penalty Nixon therefore unnecessary roughness in the bills were. Are in business and a big wave there after that. One other player I should mention here in pass receptions. It's Taiwan Jones. 39. And the bills are in danger of leaving a lot of time on the clock. It's settling for a field goal by Taylor finds. Jones on like a little old shovel pass type of thing. Don't come across the formation and he got eleven yards on that in the build Orioles on the clock down to appoint Tampa really bad. The desperation lateral play laughed off at the. Yes they Thompson washed out with the bears can be seen their receivers at a Minnesota what game here but. Chicago is maybe federal worse in buffalo at that position before that this move. And Thompson relieved save the date for about that's a cool part of the story today is Thompson and Taiwan Jones those guys and met a lot oh. We are supposed to. Two winner. Part with big plays in this game all right we'll take time out. And talk some more bills over the Buccaneers. 3227. Which opened a Bulldog your posts this is Buffalo Bills football. Well it was a back and forth affair but the Buffalo Bills managed to hold on beating the Buccaneers thirty to 27 at Muirfield and improved to four into. On the season and here's how it all went down both teams exchange field goals to start the game in the box held on. To a six to three lead heading in its second quarter that change emotional when LeSean McCoy scored his first touchdown of the season from one yard out. More from appoint a bit as the bills took this ten to six lead. And that's where we stand at the half in the third quarter Logan touchdown joints that cut Laura Logan Thomas excuse me joins the touchdown party when this first ever touchdown from 22 yards out. Puzzled it's not sound bull in thomas' touchdown first the year first of his career and the bills a seventeen a sickly Janus wincing connects with OJ Howard for. A touchdown later on in the third quarter of bring the score with in four heading in the fourth quarter the bills extend the lead by touchdown with a Stephen how she got 52 yard field will that makes seven. Consecutive. Touchdown Ari cheesy that makes. How's gun hitting it fifty yard field goal. For his twelfth consecutive fifty yard field that ties an NFL record but the bucks comeback to tie right afterwards as Winston fines Howard again for 33 yard touchdown. To tie the game with 1016 left to play in the game the Shawn McCoy coming up with a big fumble minutes later as he. The Buccaneers take over and then. Winston finds Mike Evans in the end zone for a touchdown with about three and a half minutes left to play and Buccaneers to 27 to twenty lead but. Tyrod Taylor comes back with a big. Big throat he Dionte Thompson. With 844 yard pass and then finally the bills go back and tied game with this LeSean McCoy touchdown. Second and one at the Tampa Bay seven yard line three wide outs on the field to the right side. Andre homes for the left they'll run. That tied the game and then. On the very first play from struck on the next drive for the Buccaneers this happen. Two minutes 28 seconds on the clock a lot of time and this time around. In the second. There's snake. Fires that he's like a musical line of scrimmage and he kept appealed and whatnot that apparently. Bill would cover up recovered. Trey light coming up with the fumble. And he forced the fumble to give the bills premier field position to take the lead they kill off to a six on the clock Stephen house can hit a thirty yard field goal and then. The Buccaneers try one last ditch effort but they can't come up and anything in the bills hold on for the thirty. To 27 win taking a look. It's in the express mark stats of the game Tyrod Taylor goes twentieth 33 for 268 yards and touchdown team is once in thirty to a 44 on that EC joint sprain. 384 yards three touchdowns one interception and one fumble the shot local and the ground 23 carries for 91 yards and two touchdowns while in the air it was Dionte constantly either way for receptions 107. Yards woman Thompson getting of course the only touchdown. In the air for buffalo up next for the bills is a meeting with the Oakland Raiders at Muirfield. Next Sunday kick off next week is at 1 o'clock right here along the Buffalo Bills radio network. Around the NFL the this update this game rap he's brought to you by. I'm Britain will some of the Buffalo Bills three and are now though. Look at traffickers there Kramer. It's still pretty much know will be come around as you're heavy traffic areas are in the streets surrounding the stadium. Not much congestion on the series just yet as traffic hasn't really been able to get to that point congestion from the I ninety eastbound though is start the formal. Around six miles of that. So if you are looking at a little bit more traffic congestion this time around. This traffic update brought you back through a collision make the right decision insist on crude a collision I'm Dierker for the Buffalo Bills of radio network. Food. 3847. Welcome back to new air field perfect weather. And he really fun game that ends up in the bill's quick memorable day. We show with a Bulldog here we'll take your calls and 803055188550. To 550 were late getting to that. Partly because. There he went a little long in the press conference monologue here we are let's go to the phones Benton. Is with us. Brian if you could give him that please ban go ahead hi. Yeah. First a lot of time Lester here. Just like Satan out do you believe. Believe. But we can't that this team is going to play outside again and it really think this year. There aren't that they. Do you believe their goal of the playoffs. They have a chance surgeries got better. With this wind but I'm not assuming there now I I I I believe that today. And the result in the way the result came. Is the kinda game and the kind of result we conduct it can renew your face. A little bit. In in their ability to kind of flip the script and not. And it's not like you're down all the time this is a game the bills led from what the six minute mark of the second quarter until. Mike Evans catches that and they got tied eventually element Boston coverage on OJ Howard but it when he quantity in ten minutes to go. I wouldn't blame him. A stadium full fans for feeling like. I cited soon it would goal. And an Avant catches a touchdown and I'm losing in college quarterback who doesn't have any kind of a track record of success in this situation. Is coming out on the field. And then he makes a broad one wide open guy who prior to this two day you'd never. And the next thing you know. The game's tied to anybody and her typical. But they got a ball right back and it just it's a it's a bit of wind that I think. Can make you feel good about maybe this team being different and other bills teams but I don't know what that means you don't play. It's a loss. That would rise mean knots on the other side I mean you have the lead like that all the other things that went wrong for Tampa turnovers. You have the league with three and a half minutes. And OK they tie you but it's still your game. Until that fumble by Humphries missile it's Tampa's game until that Bobble other after score their backed up. There are button they'd have a pretty good look at overtime. At that point 221 he laughed out in its high first down. And then that fumble. Then you have. The Taiwan Jones run which you were he on your defense mean you would just hate we hate that play you know they're gonna run. And who eat. Right and he's he's got a bottled up there he gets the eleven distorted not. Like so it. That's. It's it's kind of what. What you said leads me to think we've had what we've had dozens of both shows got dozens of those games where like I'll call can be you couldn't do this one thing or one of my classmates right. And for me that's Tampa today and that's I think how a lot of games those are your perspective and your you know attitude or whatever but it's a lot of these games and up. Is. Which team did the thing that would leave huge right steaming. About the result of the game and in the box but a couple of blunders year. This would really hurt. Yeah that Taiwan Jones third down conversion calms right out of the two minute warning. So talking about scoring to Pasadena I'm not targeting the bill should put the court touchdown in particular at all aboard. But the reality is they they scored so quickly Tampa had been knifing through Buffalo's pass defense all day long so papers got the ball back. Al dale like the game when he Tampa field goal is these are the waiter comes. They hit the ball on the tour over there and then its fiscal two minutes to go you're settling for a field goal. And the same scenario is about on full what Taiwan Jones saved you from that. You know he he big that you were able around the clock down after that. Even with a couple of Tampa timeouts mixed in and get themselves to where campus just really had desperation time and time on the other hand on the ball again so. The both ladies are the place that I think we we would say my team. Never makes it we'd be overstating it but who got plenty of examples of them failing in situations like that to do just the right thing. And they did enough of just the right thing there. In the end. It's time in this game and yes save his next item. To me there. Okay notes them. That might be shot off so we'll see if we can take a break here and maybe fix that bills thirty. Buccaneers 47 bills for into New England for into New England hosts Atlanta tonight Miami for into. Somehow. Miami dollar and 48142. Half maybe fourth quarter the jets today seventeen on answered to win 3128. The jets from that loss. Fall to three and four bills called again next Sunday. For the raiders who went to three and four with their win Thursday night over Kansas city Kansas City five into. Buffalo foreign to. Just saying. We back here coming up from the stadium where the bills beat the Buccaneers today many more of your calls ahead. This is the buffalo know this is Buffalo Bills football.