Buffalo Bills - 10/8/17 Post-Game Hour 2

Sunday, October 8th

Hour two from the Buffalo Bills Radio Network post-game show following week 5's 20-16 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday


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Buffalo Bills dropped to three and two today with their twenty to sixteen loss to the Cincinnati Bengals. The bill's talked a lot during the week about slowing down AG agreed to he broke loose twice. Andy Dalton goes with three wide outs to mix it in the back field. Play action fake commit to help don't peak at eight tickling wide open. In buffalo territory but what. 77 yeah. That was the first score of the game green did have a big hand at three turnovers kept the bills and it is Cincinnati how deep the bills 388. 221. Just before the half green tipped the pass was intercepted by Mike hide hide now has he league leading four interceptions. On the year the bills turned that turnover into their only touchdown of the game. It would go or ten for the well. Say Taylor. Buffalo. That made it ten to ten at. At the half the bills did not move the ball in the second half they had just four of their 71 downs. In quarters three and four that opened the door for Cincinnati person goal let them make the five yard line this day. It is it's. By. That makes the touchdown made it seventeen to thirteen Stephen how estimated 28 yard field goal after the bills failed to punch it in the end zone despite starting. At the ten yard by the Bengals would add another field goal and that was all she broke. On the injury front the big injuries with Charles plate he left the game early with a left knee injury and was carted to the locker Sean McDermott says he's still. Being evaluated. Next up for the bills is the bye we still tied for first place in the AFC east after the back to back after that back to back home games against the Buccaneers and raiders. NFL scores from earlier chargers top giants 27 point two. Try to help 05 its three games worse than the other New York team the jets shocking everyone but the three into record DP Cleveland seventeen to fourteen. Also the jaguars beat the Steelers thirty tonight big bad throws five interceptions including two pick sixes and eighty surprised San franc it over time. 26 to 23. Three games currently in action Dallas is a fourteen to six lead on Green Bay brands up ten to nothing on Seattle Baltimore 24 to ten. On Oakland EJ Manuel starting in that game. For the raiders it's a baseball action today to Astros Red Sox in action and Ailes yes Boston LT 43 lead in the top of the sixth. This update is brought you by north tower automotive north tower automotive sales service and selection to the nth degree. For the Buffalo Bills radio network I'm Jody B Osce. This is the post game show which show that the bulldogs. Brought to you by northwest made the switch to northwest and get back to living. Soon. Mike's over the Bulldog your hosts this portion of the bill's post game show along the Buffalo Bills radio network is brought to you by independent health. From your every day to your unexpected independent health school Red Shirts are here to help. Bills three into now. A record that before the season. Most fans probably would've been happy with sign me up neo. Unless you know you thought well. Union hall two years ago when buys go. Well what's the point of you know being in the middle again and they I didn't think differently before this gaming that they're. Tracking toward the middle which is where we have all spent a lot of time. And we'll get through the year you know unless they. Win more seems like they did last week and almost did today. If that doesn't happen rules when you're talking about whether the progress. Such as it is important. There's been talk about. Character has been a lot of talk about to sort of behavior you don't if you will of the bills and you know like here's a game where. They really did make a lot of mistakes but they were good enough to score. Ultimately what kind of progress is made a mean it is some that's the story that that gets written differently week to week I think. And in the end you you used I think it's right to sit back when it's all over and me and I were were months from that. So there is no resolution governor on this but exactly. You know what is gonna qualify as progress but the defense Dawes looked to be for real to me. Yes they gave up big plays in and post a 400 yards again today just like last week against Atlanta. Although today it was mostly through the air worse last week at a tough time stop them of the the falcons running backs. But the defense is keeping scores down. And so that's progress. The negative or opportunistic. The balls on the ground or in the air and their part in a way to it and maybe a lot of that is just walk but the big to me. I feel I can count on them to keep the bills in games on the other side of the ball. Sure the passing game is challenging some of that is by the bills only hand in a movie players off the roster are sending rockets for example. So I am arm. I'm maybe not that much different that I was last year as it pertains to our passing game witches I'm gonna struggle. The big change we were looking at here through five weeks the state can't rumble. And and they ran the ball they let the league in rushing and Taylor guest is a part of that and the competition that played especially last year when they got fat. Through with a really 300 yard rushing day against differences go and report Cleveland last year so you know it it it's it's always been somewhat. You know something that I I I don't. It over only. Excited about. What they've what the league in rushing two years in a row in first his first right and they are nowhere. Right now run run the ball really they are nowhere and that is a scheme change in a blocking style change. That might be as the season's story is being written. The same sort of thing that Rex did with a defense when he. I am I'm good at this this is how why do it I'm gonna drunk what you did which you know you were doing really good. I know better. On offense especially as it pains are running the ball this team was great. And I had to come in and change I'm gonna do over all the blocking scheme on and I asked these wind men. Who would work together for a couple of years to do different things than they're used to. And what are the results. That is all almost always what happens in the NFL although. Right sure. Well the other and a new coach not to hire a coordinator and say hey do your favorite is is the book from last year lying around somewhere. Kenya he's built just photocopied and put your name. You hire them and you get there are their visions. Bright such as they are with with them but I I think it is hurting them. Because as as bad as they are probably going to continue to be throwing the ball. If there at least running it. With some success which is not happening. That I think you've got a better chance to work your passing game in even as challenged as it's going to be but. They can't get McCoy going and I think that's really hurt them. 8030550. Or 188550. To 550 to join us series and next I am. I carry out or good thank you I'm I look at it from Virginia has such land that they connected up a couple of sheets. How would I you know I think Calgary held that the game was basically the same at last week. And a lot to be excited about our ignorance but obviously the opposite mutual work. What I was wondering about is Tyrod in the clutch situations you. I you know the difference maker quarterbacking a great quarterback. It's one difference. It can be learned. It you know. Or debate debate just apple app that. Mean. That's a good question I mean since since Taylor arrived there have been these games where Lee. You don't know what's downfield especially when you're watching the game on TV. But you have times like today maybe where you think that he's just not willing to take that shot that goes through my mind today. And has other times. To ask is that something a quarterback can get better that seems like a good question like why should it not be necessarily it's not speed. It's not size. You wanna think I'd wanna think that's something the could be coached up in a player but it hasn't really changed and this is year seven. For him in the league three as a starter even just the three you might wanna see that so. I think it's obvious that they are disadvantaged. At wide receiver and have spent the whole season another thinner than they were to begin the season. But you're still gonna need to make up those chargers were gonna need Big Easy for Regis and certainly those points. And this this is I set and our goal is probably destroy the fairest criticism of Taylor that when you need. Big plays late in the game he just doesn't seem like he wants to take the shot he he's a guy that he has. Built a reputation is somebody who doesn't throw interceptions and if you're gonna. Launch it late in the game trying to catch up and win then you're gonna have to take more chances drag it seems. When he did that today he threw wildly high into what appeared to be a triple covered C Jones. But there are three dangles around football with my band gets there now. I'd I'd cards are not gonna tell you that someone else had to be opened because of that. What do the math. How many guys are back where they use this is there a better match up somewhere. You know. On the field. Someone singled up maybe the powder gonna be right I mean with three defenders around the ball and mean. So what then who's the player right I don't disagree with you might be Kaelin clay. Right or I don't enjoy web get on the field for offensive snaps at receiver tonight there's that was something that was talked about as being possible going into this game. But that's where their act. It seems a lot there's a lot to consider you know you can you can be maybe harsher than were being on Taylor. At times. Buchanan. Solid you're making excuses for him a the truth is he's not proven to be up to these situations so far in his career and he hasn't always been disadvantaged. As far as who he stolen the ball to right now we definitely I think he has. So that's about a third you can cut it Cincinnati lost the bees in this game to be lost or two starting quarterbacks but they were they're kind of deep in that area about stole. Here's Tom with a solo time. You know. Would directly into star and the team I'll definitely would they have Burt I would go to C didn't. Think it would be another hour or more weight if you are where we just do nothing and then we get Russia graphic art. McDermott. A little bit of it almost all of it except on my guest right. Aren't you guys feel about it will be from coaching just overall in you'd think they'd better improvement that we have a fuel outlet receivers. Or you know all about awarding the X or something terribly Campbell made the joke but what else were coaching standpoint. Sure. I just talk about the so I just talked about this about a few minutes ago I think gum you know will win win win. You do get all the way down to it you know what he's what is improvement or how will he be judged on on all fence. That they have changed their scheme running the ball for the worse that's a coaching decision. Mean they they did that he hired a man who came in and changed how they were doing it and it's not working through five games really. So that that that lands at the door McDermott store. The defense is improving. You know the bill of a roster. Mean is it is it not. Appropriate to wonder if they're going to be a team that wants to run the ball. Should they not have a more dangerous backup running back and Mike Colbert. Which have been out of a more talented backup running back than Mike Tolbert I know he's a good guy and a leader and all the stuff and he's not someone who is you know and without some you folks I mean he he he's he's just not. Some on the dangerous. Us well to the story here is. With McDermott it's it's schemes always that. And a lot of it's over most of our heads but. It's more like culture that word in these kinds of things and I don't mean to be flippant to the callers question when he says can and ultimately his question became Candace coach make the playoffs arbor. And I said sure. Because like what is it about him where you would say definitely not like sure he could make the playoffs on. But I know I've never been the guy that's bought this idea that what their what their. Supposedly accomplishing Jose post supposed leaks and not in there we should all use usual comfortable. Not just fall for whenever there you know that the team's story is where the player story is. I've never been the guy that folic this is an important component to get good. I don't have good wide receivers and I can't throw the ball in north the single. Most common. Area where the bills have been bad and her seventeen year playoff drought is it's that. It's it's their passing game and they've had ten head coach is literally taught. In seventeen years he's the tenth one to stand on that sideline for gains and not all of them have been like Rex Ryan. Like a lot of them believe in culture they probably would also. So Lotto I get good I need good players I need more good players that's quarterback probably I think that's probably coming but you know. This morning you were three and wanted in first place and who's gonna sit there and just say constantly and it. Well I just thought I was in focus on that so much today what they were gonna do next year at quarterback we've certainly had when your conversations about it. So of course this coach can be a playoff coach what. You know they still ordered a need to be of the bills will need to be able to throw it. Some day to be a legitimately good team not just like one off playoff team which could still happen this year I do not think. The other thing will happen this year and never death even with Matthews on the field or play on the field I mean these are these were your best guys by default. You know they're not like weapons. And no offense storm to their fault they're okay third third you know their NFL players. But. You're not worried if your plane on the urges that there are there other team's best guy in our best guys who. Who knows what point maybe clay you'll be fine but. If if he's not in a Mathews misses the next game or to lose the bills' number one. Target and I didn't know. But maybe it's a Jones may be its nickel leery right like what do you what do you do when you prepare to play buffalo. And that's which are up against like you're just gonna do your thing and bushel on the Korean Taylor running are here you know your concerns. So. That's all beyond McDermott and as a coach is a game day you know coach culture and all that it's fine but. It's never to leave the thing that's gonna really matter ultimately here. You know. Does every. Championship sports team. Not get some credit for culture. It's winning and everybody's happy you don't have done is acting like idiots and and taken away from the team is doing all that. That's how well we're just gets written. But I don't think every winning team has this perfect culture they they probably would they have more often is talent. So I'm I'm the guy I'm I'm here to stand up for that. 8030550. Our number here is Marty next Marty go ahead. Hey guys this one I dropped bombs on a McDermott and and I hope we go back to last year is right and I really do like called an earlier this year. I wanted to he'd walk sister act that was actually amount with a Watkins traded with a walk in the trade. That we are an adult Whaley purgatory era. And then all of this they know that we are strapped. What do area with Hughes. Would McCauley. Spent forty million dollars what did you seek it from any of them. What are we what are we supposed to be learning though. Like so what whatever you're calling this error something officially that what does it mean. What amazes dog what it means to Doug Whaley had. Handicapped are playing so bad what's bad I didn't. For what every gift for I don't know why he won't leave you get them met you why but. What do you think his life. What I think is why is he had absolutely no Paul Brown met quarterback and he had ability and around it. Yeah I think that's right. Yeah or thought maybe it was something more sinister that you were you were thinking no I think that that's probe that's about right as what what they pour so much money into defense aligned his world was reported. I think that was his logic yeah. Well yeah he poured a bunch of money in a position that really don't win a match up well I'll. And I'm good defense event wins in the NFL Jerry Hughes is an excellent player and this kept members around nine million bucks. I got no problem immediately you're put Jerry Hughes on the list with with martial artist I mean I think you're a first step is Arnold Landmine. Guys think you're nowhere. That's okay that's an opinion that is exactly it's an opinion. You you'd think god did you think arias and Hughes are serving the same purpose for this team. Yeah they're they're on the scene throughout. Was. Yeah I don't think that in doing let's spend money on the front that I deal. A good hour and all over the place your users actually playing and every success he's good. And by a defense of envoy production standards he's nowhere near overpaid. And I'd be snowing here overpay. Read our usage your point there the other two guys if this team is gonna be any good. Those other two guys they still have the matter for them and they and they still can't medical and the bowl excellent players here's Austin next to lost and oral America. Bulldog your your what do you what do you think. I just disappointed I'd I didn't get resolution on where that was going. Then I think you could have declared no hustle it won't happen tomorrow it was aborted play word out here tomorrow you know with the sabres play tomorrow so we don't have our good afternoon show on Monday this week kind of rare Monday afternoon all I'm game for our sabers it. I go to hockey here's rob with a solo rob. Eight site site I got a appreciate you know. And I want to say like I agree with the last caller not the previous order Rula wobbled flop but. It's OK I can't even remember what the what. We'll felt was so don't worry don't worry about like really out of your Taurus you what are you articles about rob. Plus AM on each observer of the little you know I kind of agree you know McDermott inherited some stuff that I'm sure he doesn't want. You've got to pedal all the time to get rid of that. Are you know that he can't do what was brought over few years over. It goes and the running game definitely chart that's only got ethics. I think but. My my truth they won't tell you guys are talking about press conference and you know it cannot give me a story I appreciate and vacuuming story. Because. I don't say he doesn't give us a story on the looking for a story and be looking for answers the point of those press conference is what happened on these plays and he won't say because he thinks. He's being critical of his guys so look at what's the point. Right and I appreciate that right now at this danger worry that it's okay you've got a young team. Trying to build their confidence. He's trying to make sure that they know he has they're back now. This year for that lecture. I expect him revealed that a critical to the people. OK I don't put he might be wheel well area all saying oh I understand I mean I understand why thank you rob I understand why he's that way. And that's fine and I certainly know the argument for it by it I'm in the media and I'm a critic and I don't like it. So it doesn't mean the bills have to lose or anything super important but feel like these press conferences have some. Some value. And there were fair questions that this thing like what happened on the 77. Yard AJ green play and McDermott says I can't tell you. He'll tell you after watch film. You know we just can't tell you escorting Glenn who was active today but didn't start still left tackle the bills it's me that seems like a probably yes. But McDermott like cult will reevaluate were still evaluating that. And so a lot of guys in sports are that way and that's their that's their prerogative but you have to like it and I don't have to like it and I can. Just as he can say whatever he says to those questions I can say well thanks a lot coach because really we're just wasting our time here. If if you can't give straight answers to certain things that are really shouldn't be considered that controversial. 8030550. Much over the bulldogs here the bills lose in Cincinnati by a score of 2216. More coming up. This is the Buffalo Bills radio network. The Buffalo Bills post game show was. Being broken by northwest. Make the switch to northwest and get back to look like Geico. 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But slowing down AJ green but he had a huge stat line seven catches for 189 yards. And touchdown green did have a big hand in three turnovers that kept the bills and it Cincinnati how team to build 388. 221. Just before the half green tipped pass that was intercepted by Micah Hyde height now as he'd be leading four interceptions on the year the bills turned that turnover and the only tucked their only touchdown of the game. It would go there to the well. Buffalo. That made it ten to ten at the half the bills did not move the ball very well in the second half its four of their 171 downs in quarters three and four that opened the door for Cincinnati person hold him back at the five yard line this thing. It is it's. By. That makes Nixon touchdown made it seventeen to thirteen Stephen how ocean added twenty yard field goal after the bills failed to punch it in from the into. Still the budget into the end zone despite starting at ten yard line. Bagels would add another fuel of their own would not give the lead up final score twenty. To sixteen on the injury front the big injuries with Charles clay he left the game early with a left knee injury was carted. To the locker of Sean McDermott says that he is still being evaluated next up for the bills is the bye week still tied first place in the AFC east with the patriots. And the jets after that back to back home games against the Buccaneers and raiders. Couple NFL scores were earlier panthers' top winds to 47 point for the dolphins edged out the titans sixteen to ten despite getting only 92 passing yards. From Jay Cutler and Eagles crushed the cardinals 34 to seven. Three games going on right now Baltimore leading Oakland at the half to 44 to ten brands holding onto. Seahawks are just meat of the oval at the half Seahawks and rams are tied. At ten in the cowboys beat the Packers 21 to six to baseball action today to Astros Red Sox inaction and yelled yes. Boston holds the 43 lead in the bottom of the seventh they're trying to avoid. Going down three games and on the Yankees would do the same tonight against Cleveland first pitch that game is 738. This update is brought to you by north north tower automotive north town automotive sales service and selection to the nth degree. For the Buffalo Bills radio network I'm Jody BSE. Garza it's just injuries so Claes over top Garzon. Matthews is very you know DN Zeta compared producing these easily repeat. And so these are things going. That the cars are much so from my turn around step up. And make please start capitalize. When it ruled that the defense playing so well you know case toxin can turnovers that's little girl who wanted to each week. That's amazing plus user chances split. Shawn McCoy for the bills today rushing nineteen for 63. And receiving six for 26 had six catches is the most of any bill today. Recurring theme for them wide receivers in this game all together three receptions. Much open the Bulldog it's the Bengals when he and the bill sixteen filter three into. Tied for first with the patriots and the jets. In the AFC east Miami's two into a so after five weeks or raised about the same. And bills are off next week New England at the jets next week Miami at Atlanta. Next week. And we will not becoming. No I just sort of started a new Larry I'm no and I don't get out and a lot of that idea that we love to hang out your watch nor drink until much somewhere else I'm Mike. I am a little and make column anyway and I you know. Can be you missed. To. An appearance. Well let me know not here's Tim where does solo to have. Let that affect my car. Or read a book report delicate part of something the one where where Clinton has built we conceded it's going to be recurrent theme this year. With respect to. The opposite what she was inability to get your respect from the DP which make the conflict is crop land screaming and our only concern or criticism of McDermott wrecked out and beats his willingness to. Just let me do what I did decent and the field goal kicker let that would get them properly we will act on the water marks Dartmouth. And he really played it safe. By that it is pupil and reliable Iraqi this with connecting the tape off the court to stop the puppet looking at work this week we met Greek carneal was. And at Orchard Park return. I've Brandon can in the dirt could not convert that into that and once we interpret stick to a point in the game or the role it would outward. What little we it was a great political gain but it seems to me in McDermott is as part of willing to ride that you won't. And the field goal kicker in N in my humble opinion that Utah went form that are consistent winning an NFL. And what do you do quarter cost. Wouldn't guard Goodwin has gone election and he could get what you want about commitment or ability. He struck spirit will be the political hotline excrement and honesty and a wonderful that's not what the likelihood. Of the field being able to actually looked up what you blackness you. That we can have some respect it was quite probably opt for quite a while the duplicating them that respect and can do that. You know first I agree with everything you said about vests and men as far as your question goes. I felt like this was perhaps a pivotal game in this if they were foreign wanna abide. And really strapped like they are in terms of wide receivers then maybe you see them goal. Sacrifice a little bit of the overall future planned for this year I think most fans would want them to. Depending on what it would be much I don't know now and gorgeous constant injuries in the league so. How many teams really have somebody to treat you right you got to find a team that feels like they're you know. 56 weeks in the season there are ready to throw the towel you know might than it seemed that court like just logically. Just wait for the whole point who could've been it's a team that you would talk to the giants but Bordeaux Beckham brokers like today. Or broke his ankle one of the two he's done. Sorry we didn't know Velika might have been we're waiting here and act and his putting or don't recommend with like other guys but I think Sheppard was sort of this game. And bring the marshals are in this game for the giants Jin and 015 team with. They're gonna trade you Beckham but they've got you know. Big players they want to work something out I wanna draft pick your season's probably over. That they would have lost their first three guys right. So there are a lot of teams that we we talked about this one day on our local show here this week like if you want to do this could you do it and it was not easy to find a threat. Now three into and we're all not everybody but most of those I think are probably feeling more like. Okay Brubeck on earth a little bit maybe you knew. That they were getting away with some things they got a lucky the last schemer who so this is what had happened. And so maybe it makes less sense mean you also just lost the game nearly three and two now. Maybe to be less interest. In treating a draft pick say for a player to help I don't know when you know the people on both sides of that. Just even without knowing who the player might be your want to pick might. The idea. Yeah I think if you. Did you get you see this team get the foreign one and clay goes out the same time did they find their way to win this game. No and no they've lost clay for someone apparently don't know. What the story is going to be on clay is no that he couldn't walk and end and they could use the cart didn't block or had not heard anything about. If anyone saw him is in the locker room. Or anything so we knew we don't know but four and one with him hurt maybe. You more money see. A real effort made. It took just add to their receiving corps. But that it may be made and made that even if I didn't know but if mom your three and two little animal. How much of the difference really is economy you know there's that would be easy to talk is a lot of if you're thinking about 2018. All long to wouldn't bet your mind quicker building. You might be reluctant to even par with a fourth or even a little bit. Just to try to add someone this year like Al Holland apple you expect a player to be what are you trying to be on offense to begin with. You know a better question to maybe consider what this team is like what has happened to their running. And what are they doing at running back. If I run the ball ideally right we're gonna run the ball 35 or forty times a game. And I've got LeSean McCoy and Mike Colbert as options to hand the ball to. McCoy obviously that's all. Also pull over to me is not. The guy that should be the the that is that is not your change it change a peace. Dot. Or his change of pace but it's not ideal would be worst money little fast running back that everybody in the league see what I wanna dangerous go to the last two years the bills got. I think a total for the month seventeen touchdowns out of their backup running backs. The fourteen that you don't struggle farm output and they got seventeen touchdowns. Out of their running backs the apple products. Sorry that's not gonna happen this year. We're going there on a pace for the whole offense to score about seventeen touchdowns this year meaning you're gonna you're getting. Like one week here. Not exactly a winning a mile. What's pitches they Jones Susie Jones should be a big deal in this offense but he's had trouble catching the ball. And you know he's. He's struggling it was seen here he is in the locker room silken putts yo on hand. It's typical it's not easy. We're not wanting to make excuses so. We had all the pieces we needed to. Two to win we had our opportunities. That is that we just didn't finish in America when our chances. This is the most frustrating part but you got to give credit when things are good football team well coached. They have great players we'll address a lot of guys. Play and don't you know. I don't know man and that that's your opinion at this from Cannes film treatment. Back. I think. It's good to me do my job site. And first if it isn't any different game playing going into the second half knowing they were out they had they're secondary is as well coached coached or did the players excuse me. So we knew you know they had a rotation within their have guys that book. And play well so nothing really changed as far as that we should stay on schedule and keep doing her thing. Paid patter was that's something you guys kind of worked on through we know you might have a a chance there no is headed to salute not out of mounds but to some it was somebody called during the game I thought. When we always were. Those it's unstable it's it's Iraq that's that's worked throughout training camp we had opportunities I could save some more room on the sidelines if Tyrod. To better space to the ball so start me. And Stan excuse well enough and an opportunity to put my team I can do martyrs. This loss comes right. I don't think could be any different if you know read place among the next week whether we won or lost. I spend your rigorously for hours on it and then you move on soon learn from it and just keep keep moving forward. Noticed maybe a vote both Terry Lloyd. After the game I know we can get it let up a couple big plays and sometimes that's tough as young guy you entered a few weeks ago what you would do notice. Mean it's finding its AJ green and adjacent phenomenal player. Washington news and using cause. You can. Then the guys down the catch a couple passes you name it Truex phenomenal football player this entire team trusts and eleven deaths I think he's won the best corners in the lead so I mean. Watch us hasn't wavered and I'm pretty sure this team still believes in trays and you continue to be a phenomenal player for us. So I mean. You look at the touchdown that we do both things he's done well. Article I'm not sure I've talked Sonia. Like I said I still have confidence in. I love and death is going to be a great player for us and I'm excited to see what it really doesn't future. Have you how do you block out their frustration is is an gamers do that receivers and maybe produce you know with the amount that they were wants is how do you not get frustrated at this point. It's it's football and in the going to be ups and downs. For me coming and some missed my rookie year I've seen a lot into. You know first round game like this it's just a bunch of stuff we've just got to trust the system and just the players that you're playing with. And playing with some great guys and these these veterans who have great job of being great leaders and soon. For me issues just believing in. Believing in our process you know it's really pressure right now to las what does it say about this team to be in the game you're in with a chance to win silky and to all the injuries and yeah going through today I'm anxious. Testament and who we are. And then we have this player out we lost a great player and and Charles. Praying and hoping that he's okay. But I mean we had guys step up I think nickel you're getting great job for us Logan Thomas and did some good things. So on these test men who we are just keep pressing forward keep moving forward. Like I said that we had opportunities and capitalize. He's got to go back to defend CU we didn't do well and and this just move on from there. Zeta-Jones of the bill's losers in Cincinnati today twentieth sixteen our locker room report. From Cincinnati with silken putts you brought to you by life storage it's your life. Story. With care final segment of the post game show next voice over the bulldogs here this is the Buffalo Bills radio network. Hate fans being their lives to support the bills and new era feel this season. Always find your meals tickets from the official ticketing partner Ticketmaster and the NFL ticket exchange. Only Ticketmaster has verified tickets and a 100% guaranteed. Yes you win every time other sellers can only guarantee they'll give your refund if they sell. 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The region's first place team in health care quality and safety. Tough to make enough plays office. Opposite of responsibility. Is it just wasn't that great office performance. What's opportunities. It looks as I've done through to convert a couple of turnovers and defense and a good job in this ball very sour taste that's just there's office. Didn't play the way we needed to to win this game just heard this. A. Tyrod Taylor. I don't Cincinnati's defense very good I don't expect honesty from. You know sports but really that's why we're here right there if they're if they were on this all the time. Then they would need us there that there should there should ensure that the pretty good they're OK and sure we are they are they the same when Adam Jones goes out. Or or corporate network ozone like. Sixteen points he's he says there like it's. Again like they always do like we need to do better in new should you should. I don't wanna hear about a good since an issue as the host. B a team that when the other team's two starting cornerbacks leave the game. You'd hoped to be a team that can in some way shape or form exploit. Kate use it to your advantage with her you hurt your opponent is weekend at an important. Point of attack. Can I find a way to make network for me know so much no. Scared scared do. They're not bad the biggest issue is what the bills are often think a lot of defense as well look good against that. Passing game. They should you know and have are they all good but Carolina whatever I don't electable thing but. Twentieth sixteen Cincinnati today much open mobile blog on the bill's post game show bill's three into. And they have next week off. Wait games you have Seattle in the rams and the third quarter ten time. Baltimore leads in Oakland 2410 EJ Manuel played that game for the raiders is a touchdown pass. To Michael Crabtree today and Dallas leads Green Bay at halftime when he won twelve the Packers have missed both of their extra points in that game that's good for. Them nor can anyone twelve. We mentioned how O'Dell Beckham has is the broken feet below. Say the giants. Giants are 15. And there on Sunday night next week at Denver. But that's too late to change via I believe this rate how does that look to NBC oh and five year old Beckham. Cautious Morse that Beckham isn't there oh yeah their their record. Yes because you don't eat even if at all and five of Beckham might even. These someone who would do something this week that would make headlines and be increasing from you Michael often complain. I need the ball going to be 26 times gamer somebody did something he notes he's a personality and he could explode. Because there are having such top year instead he's a non factor he's out and there are remarks. That's not good playoff team last year here's David without side David. I don't get it. They Alpert I'm calling your islet yet every you know usually at the right guys moat that I'm not. I agree that caller there and that McDermott and the whole lot of archive likely in this new lot. Pattern Rhonda deep sadness specialty was absolutely a date that that can't think. I disagree though I think we'll look too far here and it's navigate. Don't absorb that you don't have chocolate for the majority of the game what we want Tyrod any offense to do what it's like what what it's supposed to do. And the passing game that he didn't do it. I don't know if I think I didn't but he sit down the date for this game expecting much more so. I don't know price but I think but I think like we do look at the first or not that's right I mean a first or game yet Matt UT not often a lot. You ought to I think he and I I don't know I'm not well. Trying to figure route could ask you that what are we trying to figure out. If he's good or if this team is going what are your what are we trying to figure out. I'm trying to figure out that's where the direction if you had a and I don't think it in the in the bad direction expand our. I'm sitting there headed in a bad direction I'm more inclined to think they're got to go they're not own any direction that that was how I felt before the season started that it's get through this year and then draft a new quarterback and see where that takes you. I'm not so I'm not assuming that that's changed really. I would say they'll add to that the thought that somebody pops up so I think that the organization probably lean toward maybe not make you a little. At this point after the Cincinnati game and opposed to if they went for a one they would make a move. I don't know I think I'd. If some the comes up I still are at a it would make no sense to pat on somebody. And perform well it's it's it's hard to talk about this with just no specifics at all. It'd be hard to pass up on what will probably never know what's on likely you'll see these trades very often is also. The good trade deadline is following so you don't have to do with this week I to Iraq by this week. And they are injured community if clay is out for some duration the original Matthews is going to be out for some time. So it would make sense to get a guy in here are to be ready to go when they get back after whatever amount of time off from mountain. Twenty to sixteen Cincinnati the final I don't think they're headed in a bad direction I'm just not convinced are headed in and importantly good correction that's all. Much over the bulldogs thanks for listening will have more post game coverage with me Geary on WG art in buffalo next. This is Buffalo Bills football.