Buffalo Bills - 10/8/17 Post-Game Hour 1

Sunday, October 8th

Hour one from the Buffalo Bills Radio Network post-game show following week 5's 20-16 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday


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This is the post game show which show that the bulldogs. What do you buy northwest make the switch to northwest and get back to living. Hi everybody much over the bulldogs here on the bills and radio network the bills lose in Cincinnati. Twenty to sixteen. A lot like. Their last couple of games except they lost. Close winnable you don't. Turnovers were big. Today they got three. And were right there with a chance to drive and win but the bills first turn over of their own since the first drive of the season. Is the last time it touched the ball today in the Bengals go on to win so bills three and two patriots three into jets three into. Here in Miami and still playing hoping for two and two that's where Iraq. And the bodies here are some bills allow a vote a week off the return to action with two home games starting a week from sun are two weeks from Sunday Tuesday when they will host the Tampa followed by the Oakland Raiders. So three into at the body. You I think would have signed for that I would've I don't need government to decide for themselves. But you know the week to week nature of the NFL makes agrees. And you win a game against what you think is a really tough Atlanta team last week. And want to be able prank on beating a team that isn't as strong as Atlanta but. It's the NFL and they've got a great receiver he clay bowl game and that to me is the difference maybe in these two games. And I didn't have their guys last week. For most of the game Julio Jones the Bengals did have their guy and he's singularly the difference in this game. AJ green just went off in a 77 yard touchdown to start the game and been a big reception at the end of the third quarter. That set them up for another touchdown and there's your game. I still don't feel like I have this team figured out a meaningful Horry in any interest anyway I mean figured out like. They're okay they can win sometimes. Every game has just spent like a bounce here or there. And so it's not surprising to me that they lost they were three point underdog all my fort stories games the deal late game. Is the only one out of five that was at all really different from. Expectation biggest Denver you push after that but. And it's just sort of what the NFL is that they still do not have anything down on the field to bail them out. And Tyrod Taylor is a part of that you know he said. Some good days a couple of great wins here the last two weeks. And has gotten a lot of credit here's a game where are sure fans everywhere like just you know save us by buying something down the field. And it never did come so twentieth sixteen Cincinnati. Is the final bills fall to three and two. We will look now at the express Smart stats of the game check it out express Smart not your average. Convenience store. Taylor on this day. We have twenty for 37166. Not two not atypical really. He's been completing a higher percentage of passes probably one touchdown to Brandon Tate nice catch. One interception in two basically seal the game for the Bengals LeSean McCoy nineteen for 63. And he leads the bills and catches. Six for 46. Nick O'Leary five for 54 after the Charles clay injury. Point two for 31 of them goes out with a leg injury wolf CF Sean McDermott tells and tells are giving about that. I mean you knew. Today you were living on the edge when you go into games as with Charles clay is your top target for its. Write to me we we you could have expected bill to be challenged. To move the ball through the air with any kind of regularity in a game in which you're Jordan Matthews even is not some dominant receiver but he's their most accomplished wide receiver he's out for maybe a month or more. After thumb surgery so I've got us. You know what I got here if I'd got Brandon Tate catching a touchdown clay is really the goat who got security blanket he goes out of this game pretty early. And it didn't look good to me he couldn't put weight on that leg and kind of getting carted off Woolsey how definitive. The coaches I wouldn't expect him to be too definitive about it at least not right after this game here we hear from him shortly but. You're not gonna be able to move the ball through the air probably even with clay in the game without them I mean you're just really. You're really in top shape. We don't we won't know until we get a real look at. You know later in the week what Taylor may have seen. But it's entirely believable to me that I'm on a day like this they're just wasn't a lot available to him on the field it. Announcing on CBS did. Mean out what they thought was a missed opportunity. On what I ended up being their final possession on first down there was a player up to Taylor's left open. That Taylor did not pull the trigger around and they ended up taking its sack there and ended up kind of in in a top down and distance situation he throws the pick. So there's one instance where they highlighted someone who may have been open. But a couple of other wide shots that they showed of the bills receivers downfield and. I just I saw angles. You and that is done I think pretty common and it makes sense. Which you know the the biggest criticism all of Taylor is they say this is somebody that. Think she doesn't get enough credit for his skill sat around even get mostly from bill's fans. Is that he won't take a shot. And they have lost close games where you end up wondering like YE deny six year old day and not see. And the first half and you know leader rod in this game they just. Yes. They are thin or just bad at wide receiver but people think. And so like there's just not a lot going on but. When it comes down to the end of these games. It's just what it is you know always accused gonna have to find your way to try be arts. And if you don't have good rigorous and Watkins anymore or have even Jordan Matthews or Charles played OK I know it's hard. But you know they just sort of been there been quite a few where these games with Taylor in 20. And a quarter years whatever it is 35 games maybe nobody started. And a lot of armor like this where did you just drive I just need a pipe I need to take a shot here. And it doesn't come. So while I'm you know they're sort of long on that interception like I mean really odd spot. Missile there's been a lot of this is like that I think this is sort of the big the biggest criticism of them and for the most part fair. But. What's the bigger problem with the bills on offense it's it's got him. It's just the thirst is not playmakers. You don't look boys your play maker teams know that he's the one guy and he is really not so much all season. Warning a sixteen wrangles the rest of us that Cincinnati AJ green seven. For 189. A touchdown. And a formal also two interceptions in the office and so that's a good day. Overall Patrick. I mean I tell you guys they overcome the mistakes that he's responsible for he makes the two biggest plays of the game on all fronts for the angles. This every seven yarder that got to the end zone and the forty years it was 44 yards. That got them down in Nixon scores are on the next play after the young quarter ended and they started the fourth quarter with a touchdown. So yeah I mean I think it's I think it's a could it. You know the the mistakes could hurt them but ultimately the bills weren't able to really capitalize on that Lisa not not effectively enough. To you know get get enough. Off points one offensive touchdown today Brandon take. One last week near the defense of touchdown last week and some field goals. Just not enough that I got up office. Are right we'll hear from Sean McDermott shortly whenever he's ready. 8030550. You're 1888550. To 550. The numbers to call Bengals over the bills twenty to sixteen bills three and two there was a real. Opportunity here. The guest of beatable opponent most teams are beatable in this league real opportunity here I was. Who who knew I was gonna end mean to be people tell you today immediate call us to tell us you knew they would lose. They probably were the same way OS two games and the bills won those two games you know. What have more here's Sean McDermott first. The question the game I ever gets hurt her fame. Well you know we don't it's it's every lose a player like that like Charles and you know what we adjust is what you do you just in next man up and and you make the most thought nick did some good things and forms that do more to both the wide receiver corps before this season. A company's gas companies that know no. We're going that some companies. And what. Keep working keep working at which they keep work learn from the tape. And and as we got to do you gotta play better coach better and that's what we do it for being so poor. What what's stopping it means to let me look at the tape hand. What we said last week in and get a better feel there's there's throwing and catching yours protection it's all. Such as one area who we gonna get better. Your receiver who was shipped to run. Concerted effort to keep. Just try to take with the defense has given Aniston and make plays. We incident make enough plays and opportunities to make some plays and we make enough plays. And those we got to take our look at the film and and learn from it. As coaches and as players and and accusatory management for. It's that. Writes her own. What. He loves there was we got we guessed we're gonna cash in those situations and take advantage of field position. You know we won the field position battle and we can take advantage of it in certain situations so we can do better job there. You did. And then they can do anything defensively they're in the second half immovable the first 55 with him on third down in the second half it just seemed to spur for you guys they can do anything different on the on an aid to state they play good solid defense that's a good defense and you know we have to learn like a similar from a and you know. Continue to improve our. Active what was behind that. And just look at the guy combinations that she's. Just look at China found that the best combination for and that's this is where said the other day you try to figure out your team finally eighteen. And you really don't at times and know your full team until. You know mid October then October so that when you're going your plan late November December. You know we get the right guys and so we just look at a combination right there was glad. You're right relief. It really hasn't. This you used. You don't look involved that really put your office. It the receiver situation I think it's true with any offense if you if you become one dimensional. That's not good so we've got to make sure we can run the football and and let our style of offense and there's been times when we've done it sound there's been times and we haven't. And and so we've got to continue growing get better. Yeah there was related murders or. It was you know before we get escorted you guys know as we brought him back and put him in the starting lineup and then. We have seen in setbacks so right now it's about taking a step. He felt like. A step was getting in uniform. Being the third tackle. Warming up getting his mind right about playing and then and then we we we go from there so there. We'll evaluate that as him for. He's played this could be voice. If you can't fault. Well it between those two plates and trailer. Well we all I think we all did. I would hope we all did and you know like a simply got to play better and we've got to coach better I've got to coach better. And that's what that's worth that's what it's all about is growing and Tracy young player. To your point and it's really good things out there and you know there's there's some technique heirs or some alignment assignment things we have to look at him. And you know that's what the films that's what the films for. I want us was there are supposed to be held or it was a lot or when it was supposed to be somebody. And I just look like a good throughout the catching hand we make got to make sure runner from the position. And on top of those routes. That's not excellently defense. It is too late is that he's 30 internal battle that tied the game where coach feels just can't lose. Well those. Who like us literally went take advantage of those opportunities that's that's what taken and always for and I usually take the ball away. At that point you said 30. You know here in usually you're pretty good shape and so we got to go back look at the film. Evaluate. What we do well at night we what we didn't do well and and also evaluate fundamentals. You know and in a lot to learn from this from this game. And now we've got to use it as we continue to grow and build with our football team. Injured or if it kind of and still go still under valuation. Into his was left me. Let me and so Stoner valuation and its future. Penalties and leaving out an overwhelming number receive when they came really. You know bill that would four times her you know bad times worry me whether it was. Given them a first down or taken back and appreciate your own petroleum was you know troubling was the C. Well we execute you've got to stay in rhythm and and when you get penalties it's it's never good weather there. I don't know if there's a good time or bad time but your point you know breaks at the rhythm of the offense and so we've got to do better job there. It's acts was that. Or receivers yeah or higher all long protection breakdown of what all of us. You don't have to look at the shell Josh has to be honest with you but in general it's never usually just one. Area and so that's way too many I will say that that's that's way too many so. Nickel back in and do their job there. Currently in the U three and two's still clippers on the black. Well I think I know this guys have worked extremely hard and we've made a lot of progress. Never. It never is much as you like as was clear today and so my biggest focus right now is learning from this game and and moving forward and continue to grow continue to build as a team and look to take the next step next next week in week after. Thanks guys. OK Charl McDermott got some tape to watch apparently what what when when is one of these news conference is going to be the one may be it's just too early. We're like somebody actually just sort of presses him on anything. Because he can't tell you like anything bad that happened in this game he's just like will triple keep trying I got to coach better. He can't tell you with forty Glenn is still the left tackle the bills. Look valuing it but what Kenny Britt what does he really tell you when these things ever. In five in five weeks in Europe like one interest thing. Assessment of solving this happened on the field after the game mean. Well. Like I mean I bit I go oh it is and how these guys wanna be positive and and McDermott might be in an extreme case of that like. What is the point here are usually one of the writers sort of gets annoyed. I'm annoyed. Well I like to know why would AJ green is running free for 77 yards and a touchdown to make it seven nothing Cincinnati in this coaches asked how that happened I'd like to hear better than like I can't tell you. We'll keep trying I c'mon what are we doing here why don't exist each other. But that the writers ask each other what happened on the play because he's not gonna tell you what happened on a 77 yard touchdown after the game is now or knows that he just won't always. Right he's got and it's not just a collection and what's so dangerous here. White got beat whether their rituals that help over the top you don't you you can you can tell us abdominal what competitive disadvantage of putting yourself and these don't these criticizing one of the players refuse to do that I think that's how we things supports which you know that's your thing OK but there. A much stuff talk India must not asking I don't think it gets Henri Rousseau of pressing him until the third there but their record is this bad. The only smoothing things have been pretty good to three until. So there at the body and they've got a winning record and that's kind of a surprise and so he still to sort of middle East Coast thing. You know in terms of how people are addressing his right you know Duncan. You're so wise all. Well I've been here awhile sorting this sixteen Cincinnati will take your calls after a break much open the bull dog here this is the Buffalo Bills radio networks. Instead bagels and the Buffalo Bills their second loss of the season the bagels had a huge day for AG green he got going early. Andy Dalton goes with three wideout Joseph mixup in the backfield. Play action fake to mix and don't go deep got AJ green wide open. In buffalo territory the white. And five touchdowns. 77 yeah. That was the first score of the dirt of the game green ended the day with seven catches for 189 yards and a touchdown. Despite the huge stat line he made a couple big mistakes to help keep the bills and it. Gulf winds up in shotgun. Those with three young corners on the field to reach rights now in their in the slot. Stand. Talk back and it took me. Big green and Paul Kirk as he did they. That Micah Hyde interception near the end of the first half that was his fourth of the season the bills got a couple more turnovers in the game green involved in both of them. Yet pass that was tipped that was picked off by Javon Hoyer and also this fumble. We don't teach the shotgun snap fakes the handoff sets up the broad plan to have a little good ones play to agree to the bubble like five all but. It scooped up by buyer that the pop out yet what it was like the warning now apart back. Not at 47 yard line. Eight Jay three bought it at about but yeah. Stephen how should converted a field goal on the ensuing drive getting the bills their only lead of the game however Joseph mixing touchdown capped off a Bengals drive right after that would seventh place for 75 yards. In the fourth quarter they would not give up the lead again. On the injury front the big injury from the games Charles clay he left the game early with the left knee injury and was carted to the locker Sean McDermott says he still being evaluated. Next up for the bills is the bye we still tied for first place in the AFC east after that back to back home games against the Buccaneers and raiders. NFL scores from earlier panther stop alliance 2724. Eagles crushed Arizona. 347. Dolphins bounce back with a win against the titans sixteen to ten. Jets shocking everyone with a 32 record DB Cleveland seventeen to fourteen jaguars beat up on Steelers. Thirty denied Big Ben verse five interceptions including two pick sixes couple games and action right now Colton 49ers are tied at 23. Eight minutes left to go in overtime in that game. Grievance hitting a seven nothing lead and the raiders they are in the first quarter also in the first quarter Seahawks and rams are scoreless Packers and cowboys just about to get under way. Some baseball action today to Astros Red Sox inaction and yelled yes Boston holding on to a 43 lead decking currently in the bottom of the four. This bill's game wrap up brought to you by independent help from your every teacher unexpected independent health Red Shirts are here to help. For the Buffalo Bills radio network and Jody B Osce. But three wide outs to mix in the backfield. Play action fake to me to help facilitate. That's exactly why don't look. In buffalo territory the white. Independent and then. AJ green didn't big game. For both teams he had a fumble he had two passes thrown to him that one office sans one much easier than the other. That ended up being interceptions bills have been very opportunistic this year and it looked like it could be another game word like they just got all the big breaks. But ultimately Cincinnati diddle more and 12216. Mike show over the Bulldog here on the official bill's post game show. 8030550. You're 1888550. To 550 to reach us bills now three and two. Next week off and then it's Tampa and Oakland a year back to back. So all things considered but not so bad. Pretty good even. But you know I think what we saw today. Used before we get into an into phone calls. It is just just howl little. Room for error there is for the bills I mean they just can't he can't give up big big yards big plays the defense is gonna be pretty tight. And for all lot of the Dave most of today they did a pretty good job. But two big plays that an elite player burned them on. And that's really it's politics you know you got your three turnovers. The bills don't have. The firepower to really capitalize on them at least regularly. A couple of tough penalties. One of the trauma court rom that that don't read the bills. Looking to be set up an important pretty nice field position down in society territory. It was an cheap call over the holding call humbled and Thomas in the open guy. Worried at the point where McCoy he cuts cuts through the line of scrimmage so you know this gonna happen they just can't you can't. To make big plays away when you get down which you rarely do from the softens. And you can't give up cheap points you know worrying about it. AJ green is delighted that it's it's spooky or something that you just can't can't give up 77 yard touchdowns. And they did and that's it you lose. Are the bills and the bills had just been called for holding on a play I would definitely hold the next play mean. One reason why it seems like and one writer asked John McDermott about this that the timing of penalties was bad at that may or may not be true but the Garnett McCoy play it's why you got to play. So it was OK maybe you hold some more company that I can actually do some thing on offense that's explosive and good. I've only being a little bit cheeky by that I think you know I don't wanna call. Holding on you over and over that he yelled at by the announcers were going too many penalties even if they were actual actual bottle these. 8030550. Is our number here is Xavier where thus size eager go ahead. Failure there not a pretty MacDonald like renting we have to move that we have and fast I respect that markets with a solo mark. Daily dawn okay. Given the start of the season they'll take where we're at the atlas today are. My main two points. For the past. I would like to see are coaching staff is something I thought here we go again. How does gonna get a chance to really do something you do on kick if you run the ball lands that asset. Then the other point on. We've had bad receivers in the past them because of the change in the years that the figured out how to be creative and move the ball arm I'm looking to see more creativity out of the are. I think tellers and aptly arm he told the ball to our. But we're gonna just patents on three hour passes on Saturday morning at second and Arnie arm. Peter need to do that as well we got to use it like I think Alison. That that's an interesting comparison to Gailey I think that's right Gailey was there was what he was really good that. And I don't know if this guy this coordinator is good at that guys don't and I don't have that in his background I have good running teams you know. But I don't have like a cold Shearer Beverly I look at and think why they're gonna figure out anyway is almost almost doesn't matter what their personnel is shifting comparison you think of. He Taylor. Taylor Britney. To back game by game. But one carries for three yards is I mean I can't imagine he's got many days that aren't that bad or worse as far as having an impact. Running the ball. You know we know his passing is going to be limited he gets credited with on and 66 yards thrown the ball here on the day at the test before the sacks come off. And and they drop back 37 times today to have him only one at one time. Is kind of stomach. Really I mean usually if you're if you're gonna get close to forty opportunities where you dropped him back to row. I would expect him to end up turning I don't know several of those in the running it's. Here's Chris next actress. I got on great things. They got from a look at the play calling it something like we're running the ball and I don't understand shaking their version 3.5. Big game. At seven yards and you've played. Replay but the first down what what's the deal. I don't got is not Google. Notes not good. If Mikey he's almost look at any team if that's the Matthew wanna use you look at any team in the NFL almost and so the same thing they should run it on every play because yeah who runs and I'm 33. Anymore but mobile most seemed valued at 33 you're spreading it out and everybody knows you're throwing it. The audio I I don't know what. They are so far. I think it's it's some thing that is going to probably be talked about I would anticipate a lot during this week off but the bills are about to have. It is that they are not anywhere near the running team that they have been. The previous two years I mean there are just not giving production. Out of the running game in the fact that they have. Failed. To. Get McCord really off. And they've won three of their five games is almost stunning to me considering their lack of proficiency when it comes to throwing the ball. The injuries just the roster of lack of depth that they've got as far as pass catching options on this team. There's almost no way I would expect them to have a winning record with as little as they've done on the ground. It blows me away and actually that their depleted they have a good record. If they want the day this way like the Cincinnati it doesn't get that one more play to beat them. Not not. If the bills are driven on top of their touchdown with a touchdown drive the role that would have been different but if they did sneaked out of this game like 1613. Or someone like that. Is that you're laughing to the post game show us what book this season does this mean the bills have not been good through the years for the also not been especially lucky. And like this is so far been a year where there are good enough and their getting breaks and if that it happened one more time. It might have felt like this is just gonna keep happening I don't know I mean I'd tend to not be that way but put them. Would've been funny. Don't like the McCoy fumbles and angles are all relative but to their thirst Jordan mills and her aides at the tip passes from green just go right to Micah Hyde like. Nice there's Jordan nice living. For some reason like five yards at a record don't feel like I could get some guys eat big thing. They've been can they be getting ounces yet you almost can't say anything but really it and I think what I what I've learned through five games is that I I would expect there to be a lot of games that look like this game. And there have been written right there are there any. They've got a chance can I squeeze out a play. Somehow. From my offense give me give me in the end zone once more cricket is earthquake and a commitment we just. If I don't OK go by four. It's somewhere all the way they may follow the way you did the court runs sands are not holding of corruption mr. Whatever and Taylor completes a pass their you know on first down at the border would have been with the Bengals twenty some yard line whoever. Am young women have. And so I'm sort of now only five games of it was sixteen to you don't have to play the season. Five games and I I think this is this to our they're gonna be in tight games. Can they get a place. Buried a three way tie for first as it happens. It should it's his jets patriots and bills are three ensuing Miami's two wins who now Miami beat. Tennessee sixteen time and the jets and patriots play next week so you'd have one of those teams. Probably New England. Move ahead of them probably. It's a road game for the right I don't know. Jets about that three in a row much over the Bulldog Ural take more of your calls in a moment on the bill's post game show the Bengals beat the bills today twenty. 216. This is Buffalo Bills football. It's not that big city and upsets of the broad plan to have a little bit when he struck by debris into the bubble like five all but. There scooped up I admire that about about. Not at 47 yard line. Hey. Look good for a while the bills end up falling to Cincinnati. It's what he's sixteen bills three into bundles two and three no bills game next week. They are home in week seven sued Tampa Bay Tampa Bay which only played here once what do you do an excellent. You know cut and watch some football we do that every zone to come in here and says confusion here watch other games we'd do one thing that would be perfect. I've I I had Altidore monsoon weather off the bills brought to another artist and oh USA legs it all right Ryan want to I'd missive to find out front weren't sitting in the room with apple to apple got a lot of could operate my own remote. So. Our here's a look what does solo look. I call all my eyes aren't that Greg are more economic and my point. Oh. Wait wait Grassley. Three in Allen asks me I had a lot to like my actually go. Patrick what great great when and where are. I don't think you have to worry about it nor is gonna accuse you of Luke don't worry about. It's fun it's a fine point did your thinking about being in the race. You'd rather have the conference games are going to be three and who you would rather won the scheme in the Atlantic into the movie and game aesthetically. Motive whatever early column. News her to. Ever hit it felt good I mean that's that's the NFC champions. And you know we we would break them more highly than we break Cincinnati's it would felt like a nice win for the little cargo Michael saved my good plays drive scamming you can't really do anything about it but sure when it's also and done you'd rather have the Booth the I guess. I I am I mean we can't operate in the current. I mean. I don't wanna be. But I mean I think that impairment of sports sixteen points and that no person or people. Our offense. The want to and what some what that's what how they report reap the I mean I mean so a lot worked rated humor now why you hit somebody else a shot. What are you what are you really saying that you want him to start the next game. Yeah you're looking at new items are okay doing anything which I bought out here are about should not be our starting quarterback that your. But why not just do it now. On this what we hear after losses sometimes we even here I wish they won today not last week. You know like. I don't know. I I don't look at this offense and assume. All the quarterbacks would have much more success especially. Fifth round pick rookies and that's just me. I don't assume that and I'm not the guy who says I really don't want to be the guys say it but maybe a different quarterback I've not the guy who says they either. You know they wind and Taylor goes when he 126 or I'm sorry it's an NFC team but a team that was in the Super Bowl last year. And like we don't hear Nathan appearance name and then pretty much you have. Not exactly the same office performer took you took the guy. You took the two guys. Last week. Play who caught two bombs and Matthews who scored their touchdown off the field. And you know it was it was a little worse yeah I like it okay big Jewish threat just had your fun and you're fine after they lose say it called to say they shouldn't do other. Quarterback in and after they win say enough I think the difference in this game today is quite simply that Julio Jones didn't like last week and AJ green didn't quite. And that's it. So yes. Is it hard to win in the NFL when your offense only produces 221 yards yes yes it is. They weren't much better on offense last week. They want because the I think judging Taylor that way is his arch. I you know the future with the image certainly but at least on certain. And nickel or it may be it is certain maybe it's certain that he's not their future. But. I have a very hard time pinning all of this today. On him that there's not. Much out there. For him to work with our profits in the just isn't I think knowing you well enough and I I think I know like you know well enough to not put. Their losses all on the quarterback just you wouldn't put their wings on the quarterback what does that. No no one watches them beat Atlanta in a game where they scored defense a touchdown and go well well covered Tyrod Taylor oneness is getting in the nobody does that. When they lose and these are things happened what's the complaint the complaint is I wish my quarterback would have gone more last week room. This literally happened. And like you know that's just sort of way it works last week it was the Angeles and lastly to the show it was fans calling in to say when do we sign him to a long term contradict it. Today it's Windiz Nathan Peter and play. You know just like. I don't have had your fun it's just boot just amusement park ride that missile is. Yours nor more Husain norm. Hey how are yours okay thanks. Illicit I have to disagree with some of the things you guys are saying about Cairo. I think the defense has been put in the offense. In a chance to win every game that you already need to step up in place you know I guess you are playing great because be consistent with that. It seemed like you know I obviously you have some injuries on the offensive. You're receivers but you don't you're not gonna know how these guys are election told the ball to them. Lindsay Jones. The army protocol normally complexity Jones who they throw the ball to what he drops it like Kim barker maker maker who norm who else do you have in mind. BJ Jones in the second round pick they traded up for a miserable old enemy can't catch it. Who who else do you do you have in mind you mean when you say they should throw the ball their receivers who are way. Ansari. NFL players. But you know what they're on the spoon and they're playing so that your your get the money to place so you gotta you've got to. Does that doesn't make them good doesn't mean they're gonna be open to them and they're going to be available mean look I I I don't look old Blake to make it easy for the quarterback. All right usually I think oftentimes in this league you win lose whether or not do it depends on whether or not your guy can do it or not. But I don't know what he's got to work with right now. This game to me it's not that much different the last week's game. Harry senate but the difference in this game as the bulls last week's game is they had a receiver that went off last week those guys got hurt. So but that's what I'm deal worth. You know if he's tall. They have a problem on often it's I just don't know all that the problem. Ends at Tyrod Taylor's throwing look I would like to be able to say each I would like me to use that point and focus on Jones. Because he should be of value in this office he is a second round pick. The bills did a really cool thing I thought in the first round entry down in the end up with previous white who should be the latest lesson. And how there is great value in doing that not to mention in the first round pick. Of the chiefs that they got. You know that they got for next year the whites a nice player he he could be a rookie of the year contender in the league and he traded down seventeen spots. That the second round the following how well the straight up in the trade up for Zeta-Jones which is like what dog Whaley would have gone. And now through five games Jones is the keys or drop a week and they don't throw the ball that often. If Jones were not dropping the ball I would be here right now he would be my guy for this is late and saying this every year total bull anyway. I feel like that be more like that guy. The ball over anyway look don't you try and more look a goody is like it's even though that was the first for Detroit forum he's really good looks too. Jones can't catch a and if you wanna assume. Guys that they call Lott to script they Wear uniforms and get paid. Their four they'd be good players I think you're wrong you know I think that the next man up sounds really good and to Spotify world football coach. I mean maybe I would I would subscribe to don't want my team to believe and it. Because. That we noticed where rapist a lot I'm I'm working with you know I've I've got to count. Our non the next man up to do the job. That doesn't mean the next man is going to be capable to win the job I mean it just doesn't. It's very hard I speak to draw definitive conclusions which is what he usually got a sound like when you're talking about this stuff. Based on what you see on TV but there's. There's not a lot going on out there wind Taylor's checkered past. I I'd I really I don't think there's a lot when Arnold was hardly geysers running open there's no doubt. There's no doubt toward August 16 Cincinnati. Much over the bulldogs here more post game show next this is Buffalo Bills football.