Week 5: Buffalo Bills vs. Cincinnati Bengals Highlights

Sunday, October 8th

Tough loss for the Bills this week in Cincinnati.... Here's all the highlights from the Buffalo Bills Radio Network.


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The bill today the scoreless Cincinnati second drive start their own 43. Andy don't those were three wideout Joseph mentioned in the backfield play action fake commit to help go deep get a degree wide open. What terror during the morning. 77. You're good at the end point was that the daddy Furman people like 33 article pointed to. Rain has let up a little bit we'll get them the way it is up. Get a six. After a nineteen yard line to the right one left to snap. On the laity should look for box Civil Rights Act gets across is one in the cut down. And about the 43 yard line but as perfect on the tackle those third down and a couple of yards to go over buffalo here. From their 22 yard line snapped a little old tyrant it will fit they're gonna run it in up the middle associated McCoy gets the first down up for the 27 yard line a victim of forehand yards before John what you went down from nice run of the little buttons on report. Played big time around this time has all day long players outfielder went wide open that's expected the 47 and his knocked out of bounds in Cincinnati territory. At the 49 yard line at 24 yard hook up. Sean Williams finally brought him down. First down at the again on first down play action. To spend time around we'll. Left quite sure if caught by the time in O'Leary had only areas filled with a frown deepens incidents territory and that thirty yard line that's a nineteen yard bad. Did nick O'Leary. Nick did you write down buffalo drive started back to their fifteen that got the first out of the Africa tour title for the sake he had to bring him down got to give all the guys coming up it's at 31 yard receiving how good. The north side of Paul Brown Stadium on the left hand. Purposes snapper. Holtzman is the holder 31 yard attempt for how to get the build up the Ford expected good. It is not a way it is up it is good and the built around the scoreboard with ten seconds left in the first quarter drive started all the way back. At their fifteen yard line your meal is the lone setback now for the Bengals. It with the tight end in motion to the left side that you Sama the snap hook left little double reverse coming the other way. The film director Darren bring him down. It is Erickson who was right down the back of the 33 yard right Mike I dare stick it out and brought him down for a loss to the body they lineup Bernard wide of the right side. AJ green in the slot left side the film trying to get lined up on defense here. It is myself there. Marcel Darius and count Williams team up on that sent back at about the thirty yard line and lots of by it and stand golf. Bring that spotlight Bernard what except. It's pretty good luck profit 35 o'clock report might not write about but stopped just short of the first down marker at the forty yard work for the well. Rather the roughing the man after they stop it short about three yards short of the first down states. But Jerry Hughes gets called for roughing the fans are we've 1110 peppers dad go. It's an off Nixon died TP. At the buffalo one yard line that's a yard pickup and the Cincinnati first down they finally had to report different. Thirty yards from the right hand. Good yet another way and that kick is good and the Bengals. May get a seven point lead again maybe it. The first that kind of the center he's got support behind the we'll check back. The front runner right side of the clock we didn't find brings up the middle of it back around the ball comes out. And the comfort coverage to 37 yard like Jordan build foul ball that his feet and jumped on top. Down there offset I formation DiMarco the pullback this net. Boy left side stops and starts to affect the right guys up the middle and get up to the 41 yard line. My yard pickup or McCoy Dunlop on the snapped with a single second of five from their 41 was that ironically action. History behind it folder a couple of good box. Across the 45 probably don't feel that he is brought down at the 48 yard line O'Leary get seven but as perfectly bring it down. Three wide out here are the three. Cincinnati 45 Tyrod takes. There north giant Coca buffalo could have been on the way those would free up corners on the field to reach right now. In the slot. Walk back into victory and my thought. Well like cricket he did it again Mike with the advance in interception. Defense field. Look look right now what's left after circle. Right right fired right side is a fourteen yard line and shut down. Take a little left back slot. We can't let it. And ten seconds left. Tyrod Taylor dropped. Affect them they have. The second six. Shotgun snap quickness at all. You can't find a felon. That was cut down the foot yet at the 35 yard line to tackle if I can reach right they said she'll Bernard out of the backfield why to the left side. And now he'll lines up. There's an up back at today he said were if you don't lose it don't look up the middle passes. It's not bite the hands of Dick spring. It took Jordan wire interception for the bills buffalo has declined for the second time in this samples that they snapped a little old mind game. Ericsson signals here yet. He yard line. We'll market got a good. In the big way we've got a time out on the field with 1018 left third quarter the bills and ankles tied it ten it's his Buffalo Bills football. Dangled from their 35%. Don't know what's up field in trouble pressure rolls left quietly outfield as. The 47 yard line the basket only to Ericsson. Who's got the first down at the 47 yard line to pick up but well you don't look. It's the first down went down with the buffalo 38 yard line you don't take this. It's a handoff sexson drove quite a little bit more probably to bring into the bubble like 5 o'clock. But fire. Yeah. Now multiple flags on the way. After the end of the way. Like to watch it right side this man. My act up a couple of parts down. It was a live with 350 left to play the reporters that he. Umpires don't open the I was absolutely halt down. By the defensive back that's that's a no brainer here we go from dead center in the middle of the field with 38 yard attempt was even announced yeah. You sect. How is kicked into the white wedding clog it up and it is thought and the tie is broken. With a minute 54 left to play in the third quarter the bills for the first time today. Take the lead they'd lead at thirteen to ten over the Cincinnati Bengals. It is now here comes the Rust Belt in the pocket looking to bring down its spot for the local 35. The five feet above the ground. It's kind of fun. The play but they wrote them down with a three yard line he got there yesterday at his wife. And they picked up all that pressure much of the coming up the middle. Angle spread it out now with three wide outs mix in the lone setback for example they'll make the five yard line this nick. It is fixing to get. At this point Jeff is on the way this stuff. Third inning bills for their own 39. Bring the Bengals by four. It went down back of the 35 yard. Career in Cincinnati. On the way there may be. Brandon Tate with a spectacular punt return a forty yard return who ran tape of bills that our ports down at the Bengals as well snapped Tyrod. When the Fed. His dad the late Jones came out for the kids but ended up. Number five will Jackson we'll just run by going 48 yard. Courses southern side of the ball round. I don't six left on the clock. Of his victims on the way it is tough it is good and it is closer now. The Buffalo Bills and a field goal to make it a one point game they trailed Cincinnati 1716. With the fifteen. Way as the Buffalo Bills with the third down here we go where six special with the buffalo team. Goes down by one point. Don't want to. He lied to the right side of the previous right across from him this man. The breaking up and take a look back now to what kind of Google would temporarily pulling. Is down bullets hit is not the way it is not in good. At now the film vilified for over three minutes and 33 seconds left to.