Ask Joe: September 2017

Tuesday, September 26th


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Welcome to ask Joseph where Jo Stanley of Stanley law offices answers your questions and gives you real world legal advice welcome back Joseph our first question today for you Joseph Lex he was on her way to work and she was rear ended while sitting in traffic. The car that hater Caver of state insurance card and asked politely not to call police. She took the other driver at their word for it and called the next day only to find out that they no longer had a policy win debt company what should she do. Well I never do that anyways but. Hopefully chievo license plate number of the driver's license number of that person's real name. They can be tracked down and you can find out who's their insurance company is or they didn't have an insurance company. And she should still file please report out of this kind of law bring you you can you don't necessarily have to despite reports. Please report to proceed is towards styled police report. That's a PlayStation. And at least document situation. So bid to pad she's hurt and this she's got to property damage issues sheep may need to talk to war. Basically get as much information at the scene as you possibly can collect. Well I hours really hit it probably so that there's please reportedly get a mandate to do it I don't wanna be bothered by it. Things like that happen unfortunately there are people out there in the world that are not necessarily trust working. Out last weekend Mike and his girlfriend and Mike's girlfriend got a call and she left the bar she drove herself home when they were all supposed to drive home the next day so they're gonna ride chair also. She got pulled over and took a breathalyzer test after telling the cops she didn't need to but the officer insisted that she did. The officer then said he is going to searcher car. She asked why I haven't done any thank at that point she was arrested her car was searched and she was forced to take a breath lyzard. The officer's body camera was not on so it's his word against hers. What's your voice for her. I'm not sure that she got arrested at port did you get arrested for an error there was good VW ride they're fighting over her car or. That's a starting point assuming he cherished her. With DWY a patent it was Plavix with based on some to go to the bra applies here and that's. Maybe maybe daddy could search her car. But you need to contact a lawyer for that kind of situation she is determine a lawyer and under those circumstances averse to suspect. You know things that happened and really did have somebody package rights. They're more questions here than answers. Yes. Tim's neighbor's dog was in the yard while his kids were roller skating. And a neighbor's dog has invisible fence but it busted through and did as kids. They ended up going to the emergency room and they ended up with a couple thousand dollar bill where to go from there. That's what those interest bigger trouble law about dark bites and is it's been it's daughter knows or should know that the Dario is dangerous propensity is rather about as a cents. It doesn't matter who stricter reliable for the dog bites it's celebs question. Unfortunately most people are not just about whether they're dark as dangerous capacities. And that's disappeared too word is. That Bedard is to have any kind of inclination to do you bet thanks. That's not necessarily just one boy so. And that scenario I'd. Told my neighborhood to determine overhears the bills to turn it over her home mortgage homeowners insurance company had seen what happens in May have to talk to a lawyer about that also. And finally today Marisa wanna sushi joint to a grocery store to buy some. And little did she know it was expired she ate it she got sick very sick and it up in the hospital. What responsibility does the grocery store have and that's an area. If you can prove that you get sick from. It's or did should not have been sold but and other strict liability issue another order Serbs for the should have been sold its contaminated dole supporter whatever. I have handled these cases are the most difficult time to prove. In any food poisoning case serve adulterated food case is that that actual item cost arm. So. You know it is still that's some of the sword lefty contested. As we don't know jedi call myself an hour anything else. But clearly if you can prove it. And are entitled to be compensated for the proof is literally in the in that it supporting him but it's in the Sergey. Thank you very much Joseph talked to you next week either governor were you to.