Ask Joe Monday, June 12th

Monday, June 12th


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Welcome to you ask Joseph where Jo Stanley of Stanley law offices answers your questions and gives you real world legal advice welcome back Joan first question Torre today. Changes with health care have a Merrill little worried she has a newly discovered medical condition that requires prescriptions each month. And the cost of which is more than she makes working one week better job. What happens if obamacare is completely repealed and she is denied insurance what options to Shia. Well that that I really earlier question Mets political question but the answer is is that. If you don't have health care coverage in news. Lose it you're you're neutrality going to be eligible to buy or whatever is available at a mayor made that include prescription coverage unit may or may and that includes pre existing conditions so. I would talk to your. Congressional and senate. Representatives. To express your concerns where it's being put in this situation where you might not have any coverage and that's about all I can play at this. Port does not exactly illegal question sewing I appreciate your answer to that. Lex he just purchased her very first home the neighbor has a tree that's rather large and over hangs into her yard. A lot of the branches are Dan and she's afraid that they're going to fall on her car. She asked the neighborhood if she can hire someone to come trim the trees and she even offered to pay for it. But her neighbor has said that if she does that shall soon Alexi for damaging her property what should she do. Well and not a robot doses of the trees over your property that you can trim it. Period. But what you should do asunder certified letters. To this your neighbor and as early bad story is the best ever stories saying that you're trees and dangerous condition. And that it needs to be taking care of and it probably needs to be removed. And that I'm going to. Trim the parts that are over my property to avoid any dangers to be as best I can. And Q what happened you know I don't and other unfortunate scenario is dead neighbors are bad neighbors. I fully agree. Thank you very much Joseph we'll talk to an extent current.