Ask Joe - November 16th

Wednesday, November 16th

The Novermber 16th edition of Ask Joe - a listener writes in with questions.


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I'm here would show Stanley from Stanley lob assists for ask Joseph and Debbie We elicit rage here they said I really wanna get a divorce. Something but there with some and they know not go down without a fight out before they file. He's concerned about being left with nothing. He says on the stayed home dads were too young kids. But in addition to that my wife had a much better credit than I did when we got married so the home the cars everything's in her name. Will I be able to recoup any of this so that I can live data de force us to connect could or should do you prior to senior divorce lawyer. Well I think a lot of you're just reverse situation. Stay at all obvious both law protects volt. And I've really what you should do is. Senate appointment and at a council with the divorce lawyer if you understand what your rights and responsibilities are. There's a lot of things if you plan get a bit of course you should really get their counsel. Right away adventurer. Whatever you need to do that gets done. For these in your wife's. Hires a lawyer and does whatever he's got it himself. He's protected and need to get really good legal advice. Depending what it is exact situation as but just because you want to working spouse doesn't mean you know cat and he has a property. Sure sounds like sooner the better the way. It. A listener wrote and they said my family owns a local restaurant and a recent customer had a bad experience and again blasting them on social media including FaceBook Yelp and more. Com where there's a ton serve you know dark tone of positive reviews as well. Mom we reached out to the customer in an attempt to address the concerns offering them the money back and a substantial gift card to feature visits. We realize it's the customers opinion and their right to free speech but at what point does become slander or libel. And can we do anything to stop the witch hunt this customer started. Well that that is always a problem. In this state digital world. Person all of that. It defamation which is you know written word libel spoken word but. Whether accurately you're responsible. It is it's it's it's not true. And actually there's other standards involved and that but the first I guess is it sure what they're saying true in the anti defamation. Okay. And soul try to stop somebody saying something that was true you can. And yours now if they don't and that it's natural. You can. Take legal steps but it's very difficult very expensive to prevent. Internet. Statements of that nature. And you know it is it's one of those things that I think it's part of the cause of doing business or did you just put a cap met on the web sites. They're posted and say look adversary we try to make it up and you know. I don't produce much else you can do because I think you're going to be spending money and time and effort roaring about something you really don't have control. Yeah much speech she prodigious you know trying to with kindness here yep absolutely Joseph thank you so much as always we appreciate your time. Except that we can't you should thank you very much you better. Jim a question for Joseph let us now and we'll see if we get to it ask Joseph Debbie