Ask Joe - November 30th

Wednesday, November 30th

The Novermber 30th edition of Ask Joe - a listener writes in with questions.


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And we Joseph Staley from Stanley lob as his answers your questions. I'm ask Joseph and Debbie We get a question from Janet Janet road and she said that she's going through a divorce and her husband is close to take her off on all their mutual loans. Mortgage auto home equity Sarah. Bomb there's not a deadline put on this but proceedings began about six months ago and still not done. What do you suggest that she should do how to she forced him to follow through on this. Well I am assuming that the divorce decree isn't done. That is part of the country says. XYZ has been completed by X days. Usually. I mean and you know what he brings what you off notes that in itself property your tickets paid off by other sources. They don't usually voluntarily just let somebody opt out out of the goodness of art because. Quite what that meant. So that's one of those things she discussed what their lawyer make sure she pushed against what's gonna take place who has to do what. And what are. That it actually can happen and you can have somebody promised they're gonna do some competitors no enforcement mechanisms that. The problem America do it. Yeah that's nothing has zooms in rhythm now. Yeah how bad it in again you're asked him to a bank to do something better has nothing to do with them afterwards record at banks are very reluctant to let people lost. Austral hoax so to speak. Couldn't get an extra people to sort somebody defaults on the law. Walt chair. Are we analysts are that wants to know about a possible injury case his brother in law's a four man for another family members contract in business. He was hurt on the construction site and wasn't sure if he could or should pursue litigation. Obviously it's a touchy subject with the family situation. On Padilla and yes suffered a fairly significant back injury and what were your thoughts on that. I've always talked to by you know these kind of cases all the time and he should talk to a lawyer about the situation. About oil rights are what can happen what can happen. And I mean what are the things are as if you can't work anymore that it's not really touchy in terms of your employment. And that every business has insurance all these claims are insured so it's not like you're gonna go after the that's definitely business in any sense. You have to really consider what's important that you how to protect yourself if you can't work anymore. Particularly. Gambling in construction cases are very complicated. You really should talk to lawyers are always right so are that it can decide what to do it I'll talk to order. Decided to do anything pleasure we we owe it to paper options. Great standard announced yet. Joseph thank you so much people really do appreciate you guys take in the time to answer these questions form they refresher course in Parnell have more for you next week. I'm anti genetic.