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Tommy's Tip of the Day: Funeral Money

Video Categories: All WCMF Videos Related Show/Host: The Break Room So, where do you stand? Do you include gift cards/money in "sympathy" or "get well" cards? — Break Room 96.5 WCMF (@wcmfbreakroom) January 31, 2017
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The Creep Cap (1/27)

WARNING: Do not listen to this if you are easily disgusted.
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Why Would a Guy Be Sensitive About THIS?

One man got a little sensitive when his friend pointed out his doppelgänger.. And now the two aren't speaking.
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The "Sexperement"

Duffy is calling "CONSPIRACY THEORY!".. He believes his wife is training his mind to not like sex... but he's missing something obvious!
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Tommy thought that the chickens roaming his yard was all in good fun, until he realized he had a HUGE problem on his hands..