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Does Rooting For A Bad Sports Franchise Make You A Better Person?

Is Kimmy's claim true? "Being a fan of a losing sports franchise makes you a better person in the long run" Does cheering for a losing sports team make you a better person? — Break Room 96.5 WCMF (@wcmfbreakroom) April 19, 2017
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Break Room Hate Mail - Angry Grandma

If you drop your kids off with their grandparents for the day, how much of a say do you have in how they babysit?
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The "Man Duty" You're Ashamed You Can't Do

Tommy says every guy should have basic "Man Skills"... but maybe he should take a look at himself before dishing out advice! Does not knowing how to golf make you less of a man? — Break Room 96.5 WCMF (@wcmfbreakroom) April 18, 2017
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Smoking With Your Kid

Maybe the best way to learn responsibility is from a parent.. even if it is technically illegal
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 The guys finally get their revenge on Kimmy after finding out what THEY LOOKED LIKE to strangers last week! Kimmy's seemed to be pretty unanimous..


You'd think the worst parenting advice to take would be from Tommy Mule... but he might just have a point here!

Duffy needs help navigating his new father/son relationship.