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Rarely does a man want to do the whole couples thing on a holiday like Halloween.. but when you're forced into it, you'd hope nothing like this happens to you or your old lady- this is part 2 of that conversation

Sabres Captain Brian Gionta Previews Season

Who better to join the Break Room before opening night at the Key Bank Center, than Buffalo Sabres Captain Brian Gionta! Brian Gionta Previews 2016-2017 Season
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The Fight to Be the Most Loved Parent

The struggle to be the "cool" parent is one that never really ends... Duffy started a debate in his house all because he wanted to be the most loved parent for a day: The Fight to Be the Most Loved Parent
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This week's Break Room Hate Mail comes in from Alicia who thinks we were being unfair to her friend that was recently in the news. She says she's looking to take legal action against us for simply quoting what was written in the story.

Hear what Alicia had to say in this week's hate...
Getting caught up in a lie is never good.. but when it's someone else's lie, how obligated are you to protect it?

Duffy found himself in that exact spot after his daughter came home with some interesting news. This is part one of that conversation