Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills HC Rex Ryan Hangs in the Break Room

A man we've been waiting all camp long to hear from - Buffalo Bills Head Coach Rex Ryan joined the Break Room Tuesday morning! Listen to what he had to say about family dynamics, fun at work, and where he expects this team to be moving forward: Video of Buffalo Bills HC Rex Ryan In The Break Room...
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Buffalo Bills Receiver Kain Colter in the Break Room

He's a man who is on the path of changing college sports for athletes all over the nation. Buffalo Bills Wide Receiver Kain Colter joined the Break Room Thursday to explain why college athletes are not being treated fairly and what he plans to do about it going forward. Video of Buffalo Bills...
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The Break Room Meets the Most Interesting Buffalo Bill in the World

Duffy couldn't have been more excited to meet who he calls "The Most Interesting Man in the World". That would be Buffalo Bills LB Lorenzo Alexander. As a man of many talents, one of them involves his unique workout routine which he explains to the guys in this clip: Video of Lorenzo Alexander...
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Buffalo Bills OC Greg Roman Hangs in the Break Room

Buffalo Bills Offensive Coordinator Greg Roman joined the Break Room Tuesday - FULL INTERVIEW BELOW: Video of Buffalo Bills OC Greg Roman Video Categories: All WCMF Videos Related Show/Host: The Break Room
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Break Room Buddy Ronald Darby Talks Skittles and Training Camp

Buffalo Bills defensive back Ronald Darby has become a good friend of the Break Room as he heads into his sophomore season. Tuesday morning on the show, he explained why he carries a backpack full of skittles at all times. Video of Ronald Darby Loves Skittles Video Categories: All WCMF Videos...
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Buffalo Bills RB James Wilder Jr Joins The Break Room

The Break Room kicked off Friday morning with Buffalo Bills running back James Wilder Jr live from training camp at St. John Fisher College! One of our favorite stories to come out of the day - A case of mistaken identity.. Video of James Wilder Jr - Mistaken Identity Video Categories: All WCMF...
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