Ted's Blog: NBA Finals

June 5, 2017

The NBA finals have started and it is again the match up we have seen the past three years, the Golden State Warriors taking on the Cleveland Cavaliers. Honestly, I am kind of fired up for this. I think a rivalry is good for the sport. Two years ago, the Golden State Warriors got the best of Cleveland and won the NBA title. Last year, as most of us know, the Warriors went up on the Cavaliers 3-1 in the finals, but then King James happened. Lebron James basically took over that series after the Warriors kind of talked some trash on him in a postgame press conference. It was one of the greatest comebacks in NBA finals history and it burned the Warriors bad.

In game one, the Warriors look like the team to beat again this year and should win this series. Golden State added Kevin Durant in the offseason, who is a beast and scores at will, but it's hard to count out Lebron James. Last year was just the same story, as it looked like Golden State would just roll over the Cavaliers, which did not happen. Now, with the offseason addition of KD they should win, but when a team relies so much on jump shooters getting hot I still worry. Game one of any series to me is not always the greatest barometer of how the series would go. I cheered for Golden State a couple years ago, but this year I feel like I am pulling for Lebron James and Cleveland. Lebron has had some up and downs and some did not like the way he first left Cleveland, but also nobody in history has had the pressure on him that Lebron did. Remember that his senior year in high school, all of his games were televised. I can't remember an athlete ever having that kind of pressure on him. Now that he is back in Cleveland and has already won a Championship for them, what else does he have to do? He also passed Jordan on the list for most points ever scored in the playoffs! The guy is a stud and I am not counting him or Cleveland out just yet.