Ted's Blog: KD and the Warriors

June 14, 2017

Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors just won the NBA title and people are not happy about it. I like Kevin Durant though! Number one: Because he is from PG County in Maryland where I grew up. I should mention Kevin grew up in a totally different part than I did, I grew up in PG, but in College Park. The other reasons I like him is because he is a good dude and I have a buddy that coached him in high school and always said what a nice dude he was. The main reason people are getting on Kevin Durant is because he was and is a great player that decided to join an already powerhouse team in the Golden State Warriors. I get the idea that some people think an athlete should stay in the town he started and win there, but why not jump to a great team? I think Kevin Durant really wanted to win a title and saw that, with Golden State and Cleveland, he had to make a move. How many times could he go to the playoffs and run into the buzz saw in the West that is the Golden State Warriors? I also find it funny because it seems to me Lebron James started the 'super team' thing we see in the NBA right now.

When Lebron James left Cleveland and went to the Miami, I was one of the people who thought it was crazy that he left his hometown to build a super team. I do get and believe that players are free to go to any team for money or title. Now, back in the day players stayed in one city and played there the whole time, but super teams were around then too. Some people drafted good teams back in the day and had tremendous success which you can also call a super team. Lebron James went to Miami and won his two titles then went back to Cleveland and won there as well, but now we almost forgot about his going to Miami. Kevin Durant wanted this title and he got it, he will always be an NBA Champion and no one can ever take that from him. Now, like Lebron, I think Kevin Durant will go back home after another title run and try to win one with the Washington Wizards.