Ted's Blog: Fan Codes

May 2, 2017

So, last night in Boston the Baltimore Orioles were in town for a weekday series with the Red Sox. Now, I usually would not bring up the Red Sox or the Orioles, but the incident last night was pathetic. Boston fans yelled racial slurs at Baltimore outfielder Adam Jones, who is black. Racial slurs are never acceptable, but yelling them at people on a field during a sporting event is even more ridiculous. I mean, you cheer for Boston and they have black people on their team so do you hate them as well?

Racial slurs are a bottom rung of sports banter and not allowed. I also wonder if this makes the jackass in the stands feel better about himself because they make the whole city of Boston look bad. In the past, I have said some things myself that I regret to players about their personal lives and my friends said,"Hey, Ted, that's over the line." Maybe Boston needs some more friends like mine to keep them in check.  

This all started when the two teams in the series played and Manny Machado slid into Boston's Dustin Pedroia very hard at second base and injured him. Now, in baseball if you hurt one guy then the other team is going to throw a baseball at you, but not at the head. See, in baseball it is fine because of the "unwritten rules" to plunk a guy, but it should be done quickly and not at his head. Machado knew he was going to plunked, but it was late in the game the next night and thrown at his head.

I gotta say as I type this out it, seems crazy that throwing at people is still a thing, but hey baseball..you do you. Anyhow, after the ball was thrown high at Machado's head, a brawl almost broke out. This was just last weekend so it carried into the series this week. Fans had been going at each other online but in the Red Sox defense Pedroia reached out to Baltimore and seemed to say enough is enough, lets play baseball, but the fans could not let it go. I have already talked about the racial stuff but STOP throwing stuff on the field.

As someone who has been to countless sporting events in all different sports, stop with throwing things on the field! It is never Ok and while I am all for cheering and booing, the players should not be in danger. Over the years, I have seen when a coin gets tossed from the stands at a soccer match and it helps nobody. The player can get hurt and it makes your fans look bad. Cheer loud, be proud, but don't thrown stuff and nothing racial..should be simple. I am annoyed that people still don't get this. Have you seen examples of this at games too?