Thrill's Big Brown Blog, Dog

July 21, 2017


We played "Big Dummy" today and, as usual, we got all types of humanity sifting in and out of the show. That's actually one of the true perks of the show..the cross- section of folks that pass through.

We had one guy who wanted to give a "shout out to (his) dog Murder Face!" No worries.

We felt compelled to ask why his name was Murder Face? Seemed like a reasonable question. Figured there was some story behind it, a reason why you'd call someone 'Murder Face'.  

The caller responded a bit hostility, which seemed odd and said, "I dunno, man, it's just his name!"

OKee-doke, amigo, we'll let it go. Sorta. We brought it up again on the air and that's when we got a text from the guy who called...and we felt like idiots.

His text: "Murder Face was my actual dog...sorry for the confusion."

Yup. That explains it. Our bad. When he said a 'shout out to my dog', he actually meant his dog.

I'm outta here.

Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!