Thrill's Big Brown Blog Bows to General Ow

August 17, 2017


I forgot to do the blog today. Yeah, got sidetracked with, well, the show!!! It happens every-so-often. I know what you're thinking; "YOU were distracted BY the show?!? We couldn't tell because you sucked as bad today as any other day!"   

I know this. I'm only saying that I was distracted, not good. Actually, I've been battling a suspiciously painful stomach all day. Had General Tso's chicken last night and it seems that the good general has declared war on my intestines. My stomach has been making all kinds of strange sounds...and none of them lend me comfort. Worse, I can kinda feel WHERE the 'general is marching' along my intestinal tract. Sadly, the general is refusing to jump outta my ass and into the toilet where he belongs.   

This is disappointing not JUST because I would like to feel normal, but because this morning I was confident that I would be rid of last night's dinner in an explosive display. No.  

I'm aware that you didn't ask to know any of this, but that's what happens when I forget to type a blog. 

Actually, that's NOT what happens when I forget to type a blog, I'm just gross today.

Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!