Thrill's Big Brown Blog Bears All

July 18, 2017


So, every station at the Entercom Radio cluster (4 stations total) have moved to new studios in a new building...except us. We still have a week or two before we join our counterparts in our new digs.

That said, a lot of the residual crap from our coworkers move is still scattered through out the building...stuff like old desk chairs, office phones, random crap here and there.

For whatever reason there's a jar of leftover honey (probably for those tea drinking types) in the kitchen. As I'm filling my glass with water, I realized that I'm just staring at this bottle of honey because it's a plastic bear. And it looks f**king stupid.   

Then I wondered why bears are used so often to sell us stuff. Yeah, I get that bears like honey...but they also like eating trash straight outta the can, so, you know, f**k a bear's opinion on what I should eat.

Still staring at the weird, little, plastic bear and I started thinking about bears trying to sell us other the Charmin Bears.  

Sure, they seem friendly (although you know damn well they'd maul you to death) but who thought that bears were the way to sell us on toilet paper? It's toilet paper.   People wipe their ass. Having a family of bears tell me that the paper doesn't stick to their butt fur does nothing for me. It makes no sense to me.  

Smokey the Bear makes sense. He doesn't want you to burn his f**king home to the ground. Duly noted. Also, Smokey, unlike Yogi or Winnie, is kind enough to wear pants!  

Yeah, that's where my mind went today while looking at a jar of honey.  

There's something wrong with me. I know.

Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!