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Review: BOB SEGER At Blue Cross Arena, Rochester N.Y. 9/12/17

In a word: Outstanding!

September 13, 2017

Wow! I am SO glad I went to this show! I would anticipate that the sold-out crowd of 10,000+ would be in agreement on the quality of the BOB SEGER performance on what is probably his last (large scale) concert tour. It was almost 31 years (!) since SEGER's last appearance in The ROC (also at the War Memorial, as it was known then) since October 15th, 1986, and he did not disappoint! With few exceptions-'Face The Promise' (from 2006), 'The Fire Inside' (1991), 'Roll Me Away' (1983), and 'Like A Rock' (1986), the entire 2 hour show showcased most of Seger's output from the 1970's and 1980's 'Against The Wind' album, and believe me when I tell you, no one was disappointed and most of the night was a giant 'Seger-Sing-A-Long!' Clearly thrilled with the ecstatic and enthusiastic response from the audience, Seger dashed from one side of the stage to the other to play to the adoring crowd, at one point stopping to catch his breath and remarking that he didn't want to 'have a heart attack!' The song selection and pacing for the show was excellent (see the set list below), and the Silver Bullet Band (with long-time members Saxophonist Alto Reed, Keyboard Man Craig Frost, and Bassist Chris Campbell) were supremely supplemented by a tight, 4-piece horn section and 3 female back-up singers, making for a huge and glorious sound. Major highlights were the 3 selections from 'Live Bullet,' with a hair-raising sing-along on 'Turn The Page,' and a no-holds-barred rendition of the tandem piece, 'Travelin' Man>Beautiful Loser.' From the opening 'Roll Me Away' to the encore closing 'Rock & Roll Never Forgets,' the crowd's enthusiasm and excitement never waned, and after the final note was played, and the final bows taken, all of us Seger fans left the Blue Cross Arena completely thrilled, happy, and exhausted. An outstanding show! Rock On!

BOB SEGER Set List-Blue Cross Arena, Rochester, N.Y. 9/12/17

Roll Me Away/Tryin' To Live My Life w/o You/The Fire Down Below/You'll Accomp'ny Me/Old Time Rock & Roll/Main Street/Come To Poppa/Her Strut/Face The Promise/Like A Rock/The Fire Inside/We've Got Tonight/Travelin' Man>Beautiful Loser/Turn The Page/Ramblin' Gamblin' Man

ENCORE(s)-Against The Wind/Hollywood Nights/Night Moves/Rock & Roll Never Forgets