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Happy Birthday Paul!

Happy Beatle Birthday to Paul McCartney! Paul's Rocking 76 and still looking and sounding great! We should all look as great at 76! I never forget Paul's Birthday as it is also my Wedding Anniversary date. Yes, I know I'm a Beatle head but that is purely a date coincidence. This is my favorite Paul... Read More

WCMF Classic Concert!

Last week, I was going through almost 50 years of WCMF History. I came across this gem about the Kinks playing a birthday bash for us! How about that-the Legendary and most underatted band in all of Rock's history, The Kinks jamming a birthday bash for WCMF. That's very cool! Wish those Kinks... Read More

Van Gogh My Ear!

My whole life I've be plagued with severe ear blockage due to Wax. Yes, Stax of Wax in my ear. It's a vocation situation for sure. I've tried everything and nothing works. So every month or so, I go to the Doc and he yanks out the Yankee Candles in my ears. The procedure is ok but the cost, time... Read More

The Battle of Cold Pizza vs Cold Chinese Food!

The Battle is on! Pizza vs Chinese Food? Or for the College Foodie in us all-Cold Pizza or Cold Chinese food? My answer- both and in the middle of the night. Try it, you'll like it! Video of The Ultimate Leftover Food Showdown Read More

Burger Season!

It's officially Burger Season. Everyone has an opinion when it comes to the perfect Burger. I love 'em well done with crispy bacon and sauteed onions! My Dad would down 'em bright red. They called that the J Edgar Hoover. If you really want burger guidance, Gordon Ramsay is your man. Check out his... Read More

Happy Birthday Classic Rock Great!

Happy Birthday to The Great Steven Van Zandt-Little Steven-Miami Steve, Soprano guy-Silvio and Bruce Springsteen's guy...He hits 67 today! Steven is one hell of a guitar God, songwriter and Classic Rock expert. Steven, you're the best! Keep Rocking! Here's one of my favorite tunes from Little... Read More

Album Anniversary Day!

47 years ago today in Classic Rock and Roll History....The Great Elton John performed his album "11/17/70" from the studios of WABC FM in New York City. He recorded this legendary album in front of a crowd of 125 people. The show was hosted by the late Dave Herman. Check it-This LP is truly an... Read More

Fall Back!

This Weekend, make sure you turn your clocks back-"Fall Back." It's one hour you will get back into your life. Yes, An additional hour of sleep! So, before you hit the sack on Saturday Night-Go back an hour and think Floyd-"Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day!" Video of Pink Floyd -... Read More

Name That Meat!

What is in this meat? I was supposed to be eating a Gyro platter but Not so much! It's like a hybrid meat. Unknown to mankind , a UFO of a meal- alien to a Foodie! So bad, I may never go Greek again! BTW/ it's pronounced "Yearo" Not "Gyro"- Gyro this below. Now that's Meat! Video of Gyro City -... Read More