ZZ TOP's Billy Gibbons Plans 2 LP Releases This Year

A 2nd solo disc & revisiting The Moving Sidewalks

April 24, 2018

© Randy Miramontez | Dreamstime.com

After his obligations with ZZ TOP are met (Vegas residency, Blues & Bayous Tour w/ John Fogerty), guitarist Billy F. Gibbons will not be taking it too easy...he's got plans for (hopefully) 2 album releases before the year is up. His first project will be the follow-up to his first-ever solo outing, 2015's 'Perfectamundo,' which saw the talented Texas Guitar Slinger reach back to his roots for an album of Cuban-inflected music (early in his career, Gibbons studied with Latin music icon, Tito Puente) that he recorded with his band The BFGs. Gibbons & The BFGs also toured briefly, and recorded and released a video of their visit to Cuba. Having satisfied his muse for his blend of 'Rio Grande Mud and a Havana Moon,' fans can expect the next solo outing to make a return to the bluesier roots that have been his hallmark for decades. In a recent interview with ABC News Radio, Mr. Gibbons remarked, "Following the success of Perfectamundo, which was our stab at taking a piece from the Cuban influences … the fans said, 'Okay, we've done this Cuban thing, can you go back to your bluesier roots?'" he said. "And we've decided to do just that. So, hopefully summertime we'll see something BFG and blue coming out." The second planned release is sure to excite fans of Gibbon's earliest rock and roll efforts, with the Texas psychedelic, garage rock outfit, The Moving Sidewalks. A 2013 reunion with The Moving Sidewalks to promote a new compilation set went well enough to warrant recording some new music with the group that Gibbons hopes will see the light of day later in the year. Rock On, Billy F. Gibbons!