ZZ TOP Cancels Remainder of Their Tour...

DUSTY HILL's medical issues halt the '2017 Tonnage Tour...'

October 18, 2017

Judith A. Brown | Dreamstime

There's a disturbing 'trend' lately of Heritage Rockers having to either postpone or outright cancel their tours due to illness/medical issues...First BOB SEGER (pinched vertebrae), then SCORPIONS (vocal issues for Klaus Meine), and now ZZ TOP has announced the cancellation of their '2017 Tonnage' Tour due to medical issues affecting Bassist/Singer, DUSTY HILL. Mr. Hill has an 'undisclosed stomach ailment' that has concerned doctors enough to advise the Texas Rocker to "lay low" for a while. This is not the first time that ZZ TOP have been forced to cancel shows, and again, it is due to medical issues with Dusty Hill: In the past, Dusty fell on the band's tour bus and broke his hip, and another time, he accidentally shot himself! ZZ TOP has issued the following 'official' statement: "Upcoming scheduled dates on ZZ Top’s current tour are temporarily suspended and are arranged for immediate rescheduling. ZZ’s cornerstone bass guitarist, Mr. Dusty Hill, is addressing a tummy ailment and is following a directive to lay low for the next few weeks. Whew!" On a slightly more upbeat addendum, the statement also read, "The band rocks 2018 and to then blow it out in 2019 as they celebrate a big “50”…! Once-in-a-millennium."  Additionally, it was noted that 2018 might also bring with it some new ZZ TOP music..their last studio LP was 2012's 'La Futura,' and Guitarist/Singer BILLY F. GIBBONS, responding to fan's questions on his website (billygibbons.com), acknowledged that they are indeed, working on new music. And as far as the band's 50th Anniversary goes, Billy Gibbons was quoted as saying, "We’re starting to ponder an appropriate answer. Playing louder is what we’ve come up with." Stay tuned, and Rock On!