YOKO ONO To Receive Song Writing Credit for "Imagine..."

JOHN LENNON 'Lobbied" on her behalf in 1980...

June 15, 2017

F11photo | Dreamstime.com

Of all of his solo compositions, JOHN LENNON’s “Imagine” from his second solo album of the same title, arguably remains the former Beatles’ most iconic and enduring song… Since its first appearance in 1971, the songwriting credit for “Imagine” has belonged solely to John, but that is about to change. According to Variety Magazine, Lennon’s widow, YOKO ONO, an artist and singer/songwriter/performer in her own right, is expected to be added as a co-writer of the song. It’s a move that JOHN LENNON himself advocated for back in 1980. At a recent meeting of the National Music Publishers Association, CEO David Israelite acknowledged that the process to add Yoko’s credit, while not yet confirmed, is already under way. One of the major results of having Yoko Ono added as a songwriter to “Imagine” is that it will extend the amount of time before a song is considered in the “Public Domain,” normally a time period of 70 years. After that amount of time, a literary or musical work is free to be duplicated/performed without any fees paid to the original creator of the work. It also means a continued income stream to whoever holds the copyright, however, given the enormous income-generating status of anything related to THE BEATLES, there is certain to be some measure of legal wrangling over the maneuver.