Yes, 2016 Claimed A Great MANY Rockers (& other notables) BUT...

Was it all that 'unusual?' Maybe not...

January 6, 2017

Mohd Haniff Abas |

You can't argue the fact that 2016 was a particularly brutal year in terms of the amount of musical performers, artists, & icons (music, art, film, etc.) that passed away...No sooner had 2016 started that we were hammered with the deaths of GLEN FREY, then DAVID BOWIE, then PRINCE...and there were (too) many more deaths that followed. This 2016 "Celebrity Death March" continued right up until the final day of the year, with the death of TV actor, William Christopher, who portrayed Father Mulcahey on TV's "M.A.S.H." The losses of last year left many people shaken and upset, and many commented and ruminated on the seemingly endless news stories about yet another famous personality who had died, but...was it an "abnormally" large number of deaths? You might be surprised about the conclusions reached by a team of M.I.T. researchers who 'crunched the numbers' and came up with some theories about it, and also offered up some 'expectations' for the year ahead.                    

The complete M.I.T. study can be viewed HERE:

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