Why I Love 'Live' Albums

September 8, 2016


A 'Live' album, IMO, is still the best 'Souvenir' that a music lover can have from a memorable performance. Of course, in the present day, there are performances available on DVD's, YouTube & other on-line sources, 'Live' streaming, etc. But especially in the case of performances from the distant past, the live album has always served as that touchstone of a memorable show, to be enjoyed over and over again, especially if it was one of YOUR favorites! (I should mention that it is incredibly AWESOME to be able to enjoy the sheer amount of archival performance footage from European TV shows that's available on line!)

Songs performed in concert, for me, take on a whole different feel--the songs can "breathe" when taken out of the sometimes sterile environment of a recording studio. There's more "life," and a presence to the songs, no doubt enhanced by the energy of a concert crowd. That same energy helps to electrify the song, and in the case of a slower tempo song/ballad, it adds an intensity to the intimacy of that song. Now, there are bands & performers whose domain is in the studio, just as there are performers who really thrive in a "live" setting. And, there are those performers/musicians that manage to "nail it" in BOTH environs!

I could list LOTS of the bands/performers that "do it" for me, But the great thing about MUSIC in general, is that while it resonates with EVERYBODY, it "touches" each of us uniquely and differently, and a great 'Live' album remains IMO, the best keepsake from a memorable concert/tour.

And...this month, 96.5 will be paying "Special Attention" to some fantastic "Live" albums that are enjoying some milestone anniversaries: BOB SEGER's "Nine Tonight," LYNYRD SKYNYRD's "One More From The Road,"  & RUSH's "All The World's A Stage!."

Rock On!