The WHO To Set Up 'Residency' In Las Vegas?

November 14, 2017

Bobby Deal | Dreamstime

British Rock Legends The WHO, have been saying 'Farewell' since the early 1990's...and, they are about to say 'Hello' to a lengthy 'residency' in Las Vegas! That's a good thing, considering that this past Summer's tour by the venerable rockers was a blockbuster critical and financial success! PETE TOWNSHEND and ROGER DALTREY never sounded better, and their energetic and career-spanning performances sold out almost everywhere they played. The Who also performed all of their legendary Rock Opera 'Tommy' (a rarity!) for a UK charity benefit this past spring, and recently released the DVD of the show, again to much critical acclaim!. With all of this happening, and the fact that Townshend and Daltrey are really enjoying themselves, the 2 original members and the rest of the band members are planning an extended stay in Las Vegas now that another British Rock Legend, Elton John, is closing out his long run of shows in Sin City. This last Who tour will probably be the last 'large-scale' jaunt for the 2 original band members who are now both in their 70's, and while they are opting out of playing large venues in numerous cities, they are apparently very keen on the idea of setting up for a more lengthy run of performances in one place. That place just happens to be the Colosseum Theater at Caesars Palace, where The Who played a string of shows earlier this year...  According to an article in the UK tabloid, The Daily Mirror, promoters in Vegas are eager to have another high profile act step in now that Elton John is wrapping up his residency there, and the source for the story claims that "Elton is leaving, so the promoters and resort wanted to bring in an act of equal stature. Their shows this summer were a critical success and a sellout, with Roger’s voice sounding better than ever. They enjoyed the gigs and unique opportunity of a residency and were open to repeating it for a longer run. The talks have been going well and there is a genuine hope that a deal will be done." Apparently, all that needs to be worked out is the length of the residency and The Who's compensation. While Elton John racked up a total of 450 shows over 13 years, The Who are planning on a much more modest duration of 2 years, and it's speculated that the payday for The Who could be close to $46 million. Rock On, Pete & Roger!