THE WHO Get Ready For A Las Vegas 'Residency!'

6 shows scheduled for mid-Summer...

March 16, 2017

Darren Brode |

THE WHO, with just 2 original members left in PETE TOWNSHEND & ROGER DALTREY, will play 6 shows in what's being referred to as a "Residency" at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas this Summer.  Coming on the heels of the band's 2 very well received/reviewed shows at last Fall's 'Desert Trip-Indio,' The Who are the latest in a continuing pattern of well-established Classic Rockers to play extended runs in Sin City. (Def Leppard, Santana, & Elton John are among the others who have already done this...) The fact that Pete Townshend is still in favor of performing 'live' is somewhat surprising, since he has made no secret in the past about his 'disdain' for concert performances. However, one of the reasons for his new-found enthusiasm for playing concerts stems from his observation that there is apparently a whole new generation of music fans who are coming to the shows, and discovering the timeless appeal of The Who's music... In a recent interview in Rolling Stone Magazine, Pete Townshend remarked, "It's much nicer to play our music to younger audiences, who really haven't grown up with it," Townshend said. "That's what struck me about the last five weeks of the tour; we were playing to a much larger number of younger people. I just feel, like, 'Wow. I'm alive to see a new generation of people really get this stuff.' It's just a real kick."