What's a 'Classic' Rock Album YOU'd Like to See/Hear Performed in Concert?

Rolling Stone Magazine Offers THEIR 'Performance Wish List...'

January 16, 2017

Peter Hermes Furian Dreamstime.com

I think it's a GREAT idea, and it's one that has been gaining popularity with a great number of Rockers & other performers...the entire 'live' performance of (one of) an artist's or band's landmark or iconic or just simply excellent albums! Some musicians/bands who have already done this (usually to commemorate a work's anniversary) to very favorable response include Steely Dan (Royal Scam, Aja, & Gaucho), RUSH (Moving Pictures), Bruce Springsteen (most of his early studio albums), and The Who (Tommy & Quadrophenia). Most recently, U2 have announced their intention to play all of their classic, 1987 album, 'The Joshua Tree' for it's 30th anniversary of release, on their upcoming World Tour. 

HERE's a link to read Rolling Stone Magazine's article & 'Wish List' for the performances of classic albums they would like to see: