What...is 'Zeptember?!'

(Why, it's a month-long Tribute to 1 of the greatest Rock Bands EVER!

August 29, 2017

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"A band SO big, they get their own month!" THAT is what WCMF's 'ZEPTEMBER' is all about! Zep is, was, and remains one of the most creative, unique, hard-rockin', innovative, and influential Rock bands ever to enter a recording studio and play on a concert stage, and in our humble opinion, deserves such an honor! Seriously, it's a month filled with LED ZEPPELIN features, live shows, Saturday editions of "Get The Led Out," and CD giveaways.

  • LED ZEP music (2-Fers, Blocks, 'Deep' cuts) EVERY day on the 'CMF Work-Force!
  • CD Giveaways (both on air and on-line at wcmf.com) of "LED ZEPPELIN-The Complete BBC Sessions!"
  • A chance (for all CD winners) to WIN (at the end of the month) the 'Super-Deluxe' version of LED ZEPPELIN IV!
  • Weekend Features: 'Get The Led Out' every Saturday at 12 Noon! ZEPPELIN concerts (from various stages of their career) every Saturday night!

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