What Do YOU Think Happens When KISS Is Told To NOT Do Something...


March 13, 2017

Eros Erika Dreamstime.com

By the time of their 1999 "Psycho Circus Tour," KISS had already been rockin' around the planet for more than 2 dozen years. One would think that, after achieving that kind of sustained success, KISS would pretty much get to do what they wanted, in terms of their 'Live' show. However, in advance of their March 1999 show in Bremen, Germany, KISS were instructed by the local Fire Marshall to NOT use any of their considerable fireworks and pyrotechnic effects at the show. Naturally, the fellas in KISS were not at all pleased with the directive, nor were the thousands of German fans when informed shortly into the performance by PAUL STANLEY. But,..."The show must go on!" and it DID go on, right after Paul Stanley told the crowd,“I want you to know something. They can stop the bombs. They can stop the fire – but they cannot stop Kiss!”  And as the video shows, it was still a very "explosive" show! Rock On!