What are some of the 'Best' Rock Documentaries?

Here's a list for consideration...

December 15, 2016

Oxlock | Dreamstime.com

Rock Documentary films have always been (IMO) a great vehicle for shedding light on, exposing, and telling the stories of great Rock Bands and Performers, and fortunately for music lovers, there is no shortage of these types of films! With the Internet, it's also now possible to find many of these documentaries on-line that were produced years and years ago, before the genre became popular, and featuring artists that may have long ago faded from memory. Sometimes these 'Rock Docs' take the form of performances, biography, or a combination of the two. For the fans of the artists and performers, it provides yet another avenue to learn about and enjoy those artists and their music!

Check out 10 of the 'Best' Music Documentaries: