WCMF's UNKLE ROGER Inducted to Rochester Music Hall of Fame!

February 23, 2017

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It was announced on February 22, that WCMF's (former) Overnight Host & Local Music Advocate, Unkle Roger "Unk" McCall will be a part of the 'Class of 2017' inductees to the Rochester Music Hall of Fame! Although Unkie has not been around for the past 13 years (his 2004 murder remains unsolved...), his popularity, the fond memories, and the unequivocal love for the Man has never waned in the years since his death. It's common knowledge that Unk was the "Beacon of Light" for local musicians and bands, giving them a voice and an outlet for their music on the WCMF 'Homegrown' show which formerly aired on Sunday nights. Additionally, Unk was the voice in the night serving Rochester's sizable "C" Shift/overnight Work-Force on his "All Night Rock & Roll Cafe." During the overnight, Unk was free to 'deviate' from the scheduled programming and treat his listeners to some fine, fine, music, and of course, his clever & witty repartee. Unkie is still missed very much by many. The Induction Ceremony will be held at Rochester's Eastman Theater on Sunday, April 30th. Tickets for the April 30 ceremony are $20 to $60 and are available at the Eastman Theater box office or by calling (585) 454-2100. Online purchase is available at rochestermusic.org

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