Film Footage of VAN HALEN's 1st World Tour Surfaces After 41 Years!

25 minute video from 1978 shows a band on fire!

September 17, 2019

Cindy Ord / Getty Images


41 years after the fact, previously 'lost' video of VAN HALEN's very first world tour has recently surfaced on YouTube. The band's performance from September 22, 1978 (opening for Black Sabbath) took place at the Selland Arena in Fresno, California, and although clips from the show have previously 'floated' about,  this marks the 1st time that the 25-minute set has been shared. Van Halen had just released their debut album earlier that year, and as the Van Halen News Desk notes, "This video shows what an unstoppable force the band was in the early years. You can see that no rock band was ever as fierce, energetic and as entertaining as these four boys from Pasadena. There’s precious little footage that proves this, making these clips a real treat!”  The success of both the album and their performances on tour ensured that moving forward, Van Halen would no longer be an opening act, and the ferocity of their live shows was no accident, as Eddie Van Halen noted in 1980, remarking, “The only thing that sells us is our live show. "Actually, everything we do is the complete reverse of other people. We applied all we ever knew, which was our live show. We never knew much about recording [and] overdubbing.”