Wait...WHAT?! A NEW album from JUDAS PRIEST?!

The Metal Gods are in "the early stages of recording."

February 3, 2017

Serban Enache | Dreamstime.com

In a recent interview, JUDAS PRIEST singer/front-man ROB HALFORD has revealed that the veteran Heavy Metal outfit has started work on a NEW album! This will be the first new recording from Priest since 2014's 'Redeemer of Souls.' The band has also previously (March 2016) released the live collection, 'Battle Cry.' In the interview, Rob Halford says, "it’s a joy making this PRIEST record right now.“ “This one that we’re working on, it’s coming together pretty quickly, but it’ll be a long way off until the final crescendo, just because we’re so fanatical." Since Priest is NOT currently on the road, one hopes that they'll have the time to finish the new album sooner than later! Rock On!

More about the upcoming NEW Judas Priest album: