Vinyl Version Of RUSH's 'Rush In Rio' Live Set Due In January

Original CD/DVD version released in 2003

November 20, 2018

© Clay Macartney |

Despite all previous (and frequent) proclamations that 'Vinyl is dead,' all music lovers know that to be false, and if anything, there's been an ongoing resurgence of both vinyl album sales and popularity. As a matter of fact, there are many new recordings (and reissues) as well that simultaneously release vinyl versions of of those releases. However, that's not necessarily the case all the time, and RUSH has recently underscored that point with the just-announced January 18th, 2019 release of their 2003 'live' set, 'Rush In Rio,' which was originally released on CD & DVD in 2003... The new vinyl reissue (on 4 180 gram vinyl LPs) is presented in a heavyweight gatefold jacket and comes with a code that allows the music to be downloaded digitally as well. Rush's performance in Rio was the final night of their South American leg of the 'Vapour Trails' Tour, and saw the Canadian prog-rock masters deliver an incredible, impassioned show in front of 40,000 maniacal, South American fans. That performance ranked as the 2nd largest crowd that RUSH ever played for, with the biggest crowd ever (60,000+) happening the previous night in Sao Paolo, Brazil. The original recording also boasts a superb mix that was sans any overdubs or splices. See the track listing on the 4 LPs below, and pre-order the vinyl of 'Rush in Rio' HERERock ON!

Side A:
"Tom Sawyer"
"Distant Early Warning"
"New World Man"
"Roll The Bones"

Side B:
"The Pass"

Side C:
"The Big Money"
"The Trees"
"Closer To The Heart"

Side D:
"Natural Science"
"One Little Victory"

Side E:
"Secret Touch"
"Red Sector A"
"Leave That Thing Alone"

Side F:
"O Baterista"

Side G:
"La Villa Strangiato"
"The Spirit Of Radio"

Side H:
"By-Tor And The Snow Dog"
"Cygnus X -1"
"Working Man"
"Between Sun & Moon"
"Vital Signs"