VINCE GILL Will Play w/ The EAGLES at Classic West/East Shows!

Country Great Will Sing 4 Eagles' Classics...

June 19, 2017


Country Musician VINCE GILL will appear with THE EAGLES at their upcoming ‘Classic East & Classic West’ shows in July…It wasn’t all that long ago that The EAGLES confirmed that they would indeed, perform without founding member, GLENN FREY, and at the same time announced that they were “keeping it in the family” with the addition GLENN FREY’s son, DEACON, filling in for his Dad at the 2 concerts. Now VINCE GILL, a hugely talented performer, singer, songwriter, and guitarist in his own right has been added to The EAGLES’ line-up! GILL is a tremendously talented guitar player, and has been a guest at ERIC CLAPTON’s ‘Crossroads Guitars Festival’ for a number of years. I have no doubt the Gill's inclusion in The Eagles line-up will provide consistency in The Eagles classic sound, especially by being able to play the memorable guitar parts that were formerly played by FREY in many of the Eagles’ songs. In a recent interview in Rolling Stone Magazine, Gill also let on that he’ll sing 4 Eagles songs: ‘Take It to the Limit,’ ‘New Kid In Town,’ ‘Lyin’ Eyes,’ & ‘Heartache Tonight.’ Also in the interview, Gill perfectly (IMO) sums up the important  place that the music of The EAGLES occupies, not jut in popular music, but especially in Country music. He says, “The Eagles had a bigger impact (on country music) in that more people chose to emulate them.  You don't find many of (bands of the 80’s & 90’s & solo artists) them emulating George Jones or Merle Haggard. I find it interesting in that country music never embraced the Eagles, yet they had as profound an impact as anybody that's ever been in country music.”